Remeber me?

Ashley grew up in Mullingar Ireland with her best friend Niall. But when Niall attends x-factor their friendship starts to fade. A vacation to England doesn't only bring her back to her missed friend but also to someone els, and it brings her very close, but what is someone's get hurt becaus of that?


10. I miss you

Mum wanted to take me to a restaurant but I didn't feel like eating in public. I ordered a pizza and sat on the couch watching tv. When I was done eating, I put on a music channel, trying to get into a better mood. But then a clip came on that pulled my mood down inmidiatly: One Direction Little Things. I managed to look at it untill Niall's solo came on, I couldn't hold my tears any longer, they streamed down my face. 'Hon, are you ok?' My mum came to the couch and sat next to me. 'You should call Niall.' She said, laying her hand on my shoulder. 'He won't pick up his phone. He doesn't want me in his life anymore.' 'That's bullshit, you know eachother from when you were only babies, there is no way he can possibly put you out of is life, I know Niall better than that.' I sighed. 'I'm off to bed.' 'Ok, goodnight sweety, I'm seeing your aunt tomorrow.' 'Alright, All hang out with Calum.' 


I was sitting on the bridge where Calum and me shared our first kiss. I looked down at the wather, at the little ducks. Was I making the right choise? Calum walked over to me and sat next to me. 'Are you ok Ash?' He wrapped his arm around me. 'I don't know...I jsut don't know Cal..' 'Tonight at the concert I will try talking to him, if that's ok with you?' 'Yeah...' Calum rubbed my back. 'I love you.' I muttered. 'I love you to, and I always will.' 'Always? Even if I ga back to Ireland.' 'Ofcourse, You mean the world to me. I laid my head on his shoulder.


Calum hold my hand tight as he took my backstage. Michael, Luke, Louis and Liam where already there. 'AAASSSHHH!' Louis yelled with a big smile. We laughed when Ashton came running in. 'Whut?' 'Nothing.' Luke grinned. 'Maybe we should give Ashley another nickname?' 'What about sugerpiehoneybun?' Louis said. We laughed so hard. 'What about Ley?' Calum said, he was still holding my hand. 'Sounds good to me.' I grinned, and the others nodded. 'I'll call you carrot.' Louis said in the most serious voice ever. 'What's so funny?' Harry asked as he walked in. 'I decided to Call Ashley carrot, and they think I'm joking.' Louis explained. We talked and made jokes and then Niall came in. I inmidiatly disconnected my hand from Calum's. 'If Ashley is a carrot, then we have to watch out, Maybe Niall is going to eat her.' Michael said. But Niall didn't laugh, he didn't even smile. We sat there for another 5 akward minutes, the fun was gone. 


After the concert, me, Calum, Niall, Ashton and Liam sat in the dressroom. It was quiet and Calum thought it was the best moment to have a talk. 'Niall...can...can we talk?' He asked. 'No.' Niall muttered. 'Niall please.' 'I don't want to be alone with you.' 'You need to know that I never wanted to take advantage of your trust.' 'But you did.' Niall answered in an angry tone. 'I'm sorry, I was in love and...' 'I don't need to hear your excuses.' 'Niall, you're not youself.' Liam said with a soft voice. 'I'm not myself? Maybe because my heart is stabbed, maybe because the one I love doesn't love me back, but loves do one who used to be my friend!' 'Niall I do love you, a brother.'  I tried to calm him down. 'Don't shit talk to me, you don't need me.' 'Niall...' Luke tried. 'NO! I'm tired of this!' 'Niall! You need to calm down.' Michael said. 'You don't know how it feels huh? bieng stabbed in the back?!' By now Niall was crying, tears rolling down his cheeks. My heart was breaking, seeing him like this, I walked over to him and wanted to hug him but he puched me aside. 'Leave me alone!' Niall wanted to run away but Luke grabbed his arm. 'Don't go.' But Niall pulled his arm back and ran outside. I was leaning against the wall, with my face in my hands, sobbing. I heard someone coming towards me, he wrapped his arms around me and hold me tight. 'Niall is not himself right now, it's going to be alright.' I regonised Liam's voice. I Burried my face in his shirt. 'No, it's not going to be alright, they always say that but it only gets worse' I muttered. 


Liam pushed me gentely away, holding my shoulders. 'It's hard to understand what's really going on. Niall has never bieng heartbroken before. But he just has to give things a place.' I nodded and whiped away my Itears. Then Harry came running in total panic. 'Niall collpased outside!' We all ran outside and I ran to a Niall, laying on the pavement. 'Louis called an ambulance.' Harry said panting heavely. I fell to my knees and leaned over Niall. 'Please, please, Niall, I love you, please say something!'nI grabbed his hand and started to cry. 'Niall I need you!' They laid Niall on a brancard and gave oxygen mask, they laid him in the ambulance and headed to the hospital. I was still sitting there, on my knees. Louis dropped himself next to me and pulled me tight against him. My whole body was shaking. Louis picked pulled me on my feeth. 'Let's go to the hospital.' He said, tears in his eyes.


I ran into the room Niall was laying in. He was awake, tubes all over his arms. His face was pale, and now I realised how skinny he was now he was only wearing hus boxers and a green hospitaldress. His laugh was gone, deep dark cirkles under his eyes made him look even worse. I bursted out in tears in the doorway. 'Niall I'm so sorry!' I ran in untill I was standing next to him. 'I was a terrible friend, I'm so ashamed of myself, why didn't I see you this coming? Why was I so selfish?' I was interrupted by Niall taking my hand. 'Please...don't cry...I was selfish myself.' Niall sounded hoarse. 'I'm a terrible person.' 'No you're not.' Niall pulled himself up so he wass sitting. 'You are a brother to me Niall, I really can't live without you. I thought you had your perfect live now, with new friends, I thought you didn't need me anymore.' 'Ofcourse I need you, the reason I...I didn't make so much contact is because I thought I was bothering you, I thought she has a new best friend, she forgot about me.' 'Niall...I could never forget you, I cried myself to sleep almost every night, hoping I would see you back one day.' I saw Niall was tearing up. 'I'm sorry' ' He leaned over and took me in his arms. It wasn't as strong as always because Niall was weak, I could feel that, but it was the Horanhug I was yearning for for such a long time. 'Don't let me go.' Niall said with sorrow in his voice. 'I could never.' I said. Niall slowely backed away and laid down again. It was crushin me to see how weak he was. The others came in now to.


The nurse came in, checking Niall. 'You have to stay this night for sure, but you can let a person stay with you if you want.' 'I want to let someone stay.' 'Ok, I'll come and check on you later.' She said as she left. 'Ashley? you want to stay with me? Please?' Niall asked. 'Ofcourse.' Calum nodded firmely. 'I think you need some privacy.' He said. Ten minutes later, everyone was gone. 'Ashley?' 'Yeah?' 'You need to know that...I'm not mad at Calum, I was jealous and I shouldn't have act like I did. I've been a dick and I know it' 'It's ok.' I stood up and crawled in the hospitalbed, next to Niall. 'Do you remember that you slept next to me when I had a bed dream as a kid?' 'I sure remember that, you used to have nightmares a lot. And then I laid beside you, because we both knew it was pure friendship.' 'Ten years later and nothing changed.' Niall pulled me close to him and I laid my head on his chest. 'My brother.' I mumbled.' 'My sister.' Niall mumbled. And like this, we both feld in a peacefull sleep.

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