Remeber me?

Ashley grew up in Mullingar Ireland with her best friend Niall. But when Niall attends x-factor their friendship starts to fade. A vacation to England doesn't only bring her back to her missed friend but also to someone els, and it brings her very close, but what is someone's get hurt becaus of that?


3. four boys

I woke up early and my mum would still sleep for hours. I wrote a sticky note and left it on he nightstand. Time to go exploring. London is so big, where to start? I just decided to went to the parc. A little but further there were four boys singing and playing the guitar. Some people stayed to wach, some looked and walked on. I liked to wach them. One of them, a darker type was playing the guitar while singing. The other three were singing to. I stood up and walked over, yup they're really cute. After they were done singing the people slowly left. 'Hi girl!.' One of the boys said. I turned around to see the darker boy smile at me. 'Hey I think it's.' 'Yeah....' The boys were discussing something and I didn't understand. 'Something wrong?' In asked inconfident. 'No, you just remind me of someone.' The darker boy said. I tilted my head, because I always do that when I don't understand someone. 'I'm propably wrong, I'm Calum by the way, and this is Luke, Ashton and that boy over there I Michael.' I smiled. 'Hi, I'm Ashley.'  


The next time were were chatting and I got to know they were nice boys. 'So Ash, are you from England?' Luke asked. 'I'm from Ireland, just visiting.' Calum smiled like he just discovered something, he poked Luke's shoulder and said something in his ear. 'Why don't you ask her yourself.' Calum answered a little bit to loud so I could here it. 'Ask?' I tilted my head again, it's a habbit, and Calum copied me. 'He!' I shuckled. 'Her accent reminds  me of Niall.' Michael suddently said. Did I hear that right? Did he just say Niall? Did he just say that my accent reminds me of him? There's no doubt that he talking about Niall Horan. 'Niall Horan?' I asked to be sure.'  'Yeah, you're a fan?' 'I...uhm.' I looked down and wished I could just advoid this question.



'Should I do it? Should I attend x-factor?' Niall asked while he was playing with the strings of his guitar. I jumped of the chair at his desk and walked towards him. 'You have to! You are so talented!' Niall smiles at me and looks back at his guitar. 'But I only sang for you, I don't know if I can do it for others.' 'Niall you have a voice like an angel! You shouldn't be shy!' 'If I go, whill you be right behind me?' 'I will always be right behind you Niall.' 


I snapped back to reality and saw Calum was still waiting for my answer. 'Uhm, I'm kind of a fan...' I sighed silently. Maybe it's my fault we grew appart, maybe I wasn't there for him when he was climbing to the top, maybe I was just jealous. 'Are you ok?' Calum asked. His dark brown eyes gave me a special feeling. 'I'm okay, don't worry.' Calum smiled and he managed to make me smile to. 'S-so One Direction is in the O2 huh?' I asked. 'Yeah, they're rehearsing right now.'  'How did you know? they wanted to keep it secret to avoid crazy fans running in.' Luke asked interested. 'I bumped on Josh.' I said, barely hiding a smile cause I actually ran into him. 'Josh isn't very subtle.' Ashton chuckled. 'So you know Josh?' I asked. They all pulled a face like I asked if the earth is round. 'Ofcourse, we performed at One Direction concerts.' Calum said. I feld I was going red, I should know this as a ''fan''. But in reality, since I lost my bestfriend I banned the band completely out of my life. 


'Are you going to the concert?' Michael asked. I shook my head. 'I was to late for the tickets.( I lied, I actually HATE lying, but sometimes you need to to avoid complecated situations. So it has come this far it caused me te lie... 'To bad, I guess you're a Nialler girl.' That hit me like a knife. 'Did I say something wrong?' He sees I'm upset, normally I can hide it very well but not when it comes to Niall. I looked away and sighed. 'Are you okay?' Calum asked, he laid his hand on my shoulder. Was it normal that it feld so good, Calum had something that made my heart race. 'Ashley?' I looked him in the eyes, my lips started to shake. I knew if my lips start to shake and I try to talk that I would start crying. 'I-I'm okay.' But tears prooved otherwise. 


'You're not.' Calum said. Before knew it he pulled me into a hug. Then he asked something I did'nt saw coming. ' it possible you know Niall from a very young age? Because if you are who I think you are I have to bring you to Niall.'

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