Remeber me?

Ashley grew up in Mullingar Ireland with her best friend Niall. But when Niall attends x-factor their friendship starts to fade. A vacation to England doesn't only bring her back to her missed friend but also to someone els, and it brings her very close, but what is someone's get hurt becaus of that?


16. epilogue

I finished school and when I was Nineteen I moved to England, mym mum lives there to now. Not only me moved to England, but also the boys of 5sos, they bought a house together so now I love together with 4 boys in one house. One day I wil leave the house with Calum but for now everything is just perfect. I enjoy touring with One Direction and Five Seconds Of Summer, the music bussines really facinates me. I also sang together with Little Mix, they are now four great friends, also Danielle and Eleanor are great friends.


My life for now is perfect, I have the best friends in the world, I have a job as dancer thanks to Danielle, I have the sweetest brother and the best boyfriends in the world. No one can take that way from my anymore. And one Day I will marrie my perfect boyfriend, but not yet, for now I have to enjoy bieng young, wild and crazy. 


Yes I can say I'm very lucky, and very happy, my life is perfect.


The end 

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