Remeber me?

Ashley grew up in Mullingar Ireland with her best friend Niall. But when Niall attends x-factor their friendship starts to fade. A vacation to England doesn't only bring her back to her missed friend but also to someone els, and it brings her very close, but what is someone's get hurt becaus of that?


6. concert

2 ours before the concert, one our to get ready. I jumped in the shower, brushed my teeth and dried my hair. Should I keep it wavy or straighten it? Let's keep it wavy. I opened de closet and took out a jeans shorts, a white top with a pink blouse, a pair pink sandals, and to make it complete some matching bracelets and earrings. 

'Time to go!' My mum said, knocking de door of my room. I took my purse and left.


 My mum hugged me and left again, she knew I didn't need mummy to go to the concert. I walked in the arena and because I got another 30 minutes to kill I decided to walk around. A secuertieguard stopped me. 'Excuse me, are you Ashley?' I nodded slowly. 'You can come with me.' I followed him, he took me backstage. 'Where am I?' I asked a bit nervous. 'This is where the artist chill before they go on stage.' He smiled. 'Oh and I'm Paul, so if there's a problem, call my name and I'm there.' I smiled. 'Ok.' 


I heard a familiar voice coming closer. Calum and Ashton! 'Hi Ash!' Calum sheered as he came running towards me and hugged me. I giggled and smiled at Ashton. 'I'm going to look where Michael and Luke are hanging out, I'll be right back!' Ashton said and he left the room. 'So, are you ready for the concert?' Calum asked, obviously exited. 'Actually it's my first concert.' 'Oh really, it's going to be llooouudddd!' I shuckled. Calum popped himself next to me. I feld my heart beating faster. 'You must be exited to see your best friend perform for the first time.' 'Yeah...' I sighed. Calum wrapped an arm around me. 'Don't you worry, it will be alright.' With that the other boys came in, not only luke, Michael and Ashton, but also Louis, Niall, Harry, Liam and Zayn. 


'Hiii Ash.' Louis shouted. Niall gave Calum a stern look and he quickly took his arm back. why was that necessary? they all sat down and started to chat. I feld useless and counted the seconds untill the concert. 'Something wrong?' Louis asked. I shook my head. ofcourse not, only my best friend acts like he barely knows me, I bet he doesn't even notice I'm here.


'Time to go boys.' Paul said in the dooropening. The lads of 5SOS left. 'I will lead you to your place in five minutes.' Paul said to me. I nodded and he left to. There was an akward silence. 'Are you mad at me?' Niall asked. 'Not mad, just hurt.' I said without looking up. 'Please don't be, I care about you.' I sighed. 'Really?' 'You can follow me.' Paul said walking in. Without saying anuthing els to Niall I left the room. No I didn't feel good with it, I was dying for running into his arms but if that isn't what he want I shouldn't do that.


I was leaded into the actual arena. Front row, wow! the next moment the boys of 5sos entered the stage. I enjoyed te them singing so much, and I couldn't help but stare at Calum. He makes me smile, makes my heart race. Before they left to make place for One Direction Calum turned around to look for me, when he found me he waved with what must be his biggest smile and followed his bandmates. What is happening to me, what is that feeling in my stomach when he looks at me?


After a short break the boys of One Direction came on stage. But I was with my mind with someone els, I was with my mind bij the darker boy from the previous boysband. the girls around me started to scream like the place was on fire. When it was over, Paul leaded me back to the 'chillroom' where all the boys were sitting. I plopped myself next to Calum. 'Hi girlie, did you enjoy the show?' I nodded heavely. 'You guys were great, I'm officially a 5sos fan.' Calum smiled. But then I looked over to Niall who heard what I had said, ofcourse he was hurt, and I feld bad inmidiatly. Should I say something to him? But soon, without saying a thing, Niall turned back to Zayn to talk about the concert. 


'I need to go back to the hotel.' I said. 'To bad.' Louis said, pouting his lip. He stood up and gave me a hug. 'Why don't we go with you? Where do you have to go?' Harry asked. 'The underground, my mum is picking me up there' 'Oh alright, let's go with you.' We walked together, Louis talking to Harry, Liam and Zayn. Ashton, Luke and Michael were talking and I started a conversation with Calum. I started to feel more and more cfortable with him. We laughed and giggled.


I turned around to see Niall walking alone. I slowed down so I was walking next to him. 'Why are you alone?' 'No reason.' Niall said short without looking at me. I looked at him, trying to start a conversation but he didn't say a thing. 'I'm sorry I bother you.' I said with sorrow in my voice, I walked faster so I was walking next to Calum again.


'Here we are.' I said. Calum pecked my cheeck. 'See you. Can I have your phone for a second?' I gave him my phone and he typed something and gave it back. when I looked at it i saw he saved his numerber in it. 'Thanks.'


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