Remeber me?

Ashley grew up in Mullingar Ireland with her best friend Niall. But when Niall attends x-factor their friendship starts to fade. A vacation to England doesn't only bring her back to her missed friend but also to someone els, and it brings her very close, but what is someone's get hurt becaus of that?


2. Big Ben

'Look!' My mum yelled when we exited the underground. I was looking at a majestic tower with a giant clock. Also the building was breathtaking. 'It's beautiful.' I said. We visited the Big Ben and the London Eye, what I didn't really like because I'm afraid of heights. 'Are you hungry? My mum asked. 'Kinda.' 'What about taking the underground to the O2 and eat at Nando's?' I got a knot in my stomach thinking about that place, it reminded me of a lost friendship. 


'This chicken his delicious.' I nodded. 'So, I have a suprise.' My mum said, reaching for something in her pocket. 'Concert tickets?' 'Not just random ones, they are for One Direction!' I sighed. 'Aren't you happy?' 'Yeah, but I'm not really a fan of them.' My mum gave me a wierd look. 'You don't look the band your best friend is in.' 'My best friend? We don't even talk anymore.' 'Don't overreact, you're going to love it.' 'NO mum! Niall doesn't care about me anymore, he has his band and his fans now!' Because I didn't want people to see me crying I left the restaurant, nobody has to see me crying. While running I bumped into a guy. 'Are you ok?' He asked. I quickly dried my tears. 'I'm okay.' 'Are you sure?' He lifted his sunglasses and then I regonised him: Josh! Josh Devine! That means they are all here: Zayn, Liam, Harry, Louis and ofcourse Niall. I wanted to walk away but Josh took my arm. 'Wait a minute... you remind me of someone.' I gave him a confused look, how could he know me? 'I think you mistake me with someone els, I'm not even from England.' He smiled. 'I was thinking that because of your Irish accent.'   'Ashley!' I tunred around and saw my mum walking towards me. 'When are you going to learn you can't just leave dring an argument.' I turned red in the face, does she really have to dp this in front of One Direction's drummer? 'Ashley huhh?' Was all Josh said. I nodded and followed my mum out of the arena. 'Mum you really emarassed me!' I yelled. 'I embarassed you? You ran out of Nando's like a five years old and then I find you talking to an random guy!' 'He's not a random guy!' 'It doesn't matter! Let's go to the hotel so you can calm down. 


I was sitting on the train, looking out the window. I wish I had a friend to talk with, but sinde three years ago nobody really talked to me. There are pretty mean people in my class. I'm lonely all the time and I'm bullied al lot. My mum doesn't know about that, it's something I deal with on my own.


'Should I dye my hair?' Niall asked. 'I think blonde is pretty cool.' I nodded. 'When I'm twelve I'm gonna dye it blonde!' 'Why not pink?' I giggled. 'I take blonde and you take pink.' Niall chuckled. 'Yeah, let's just go for hazel.'


I was in bed thinking about the last years. When Niall left my life became empty. No friends in my class or in my school, not even in my town. no hobbies, no close family. Nothing to do. My guitar started to collect dust in the corner of my room. Because I had no one to play with people in my class saw me as an easy prey. Girls just were really mean to me. The boys pushed me over or tried to hurt me in any way possible. ''Niall left you because you are a stupid, ugly, boring attentionwhore.'' were things they said. I sighed and wiped away a tear before I drifted to sleep.

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