Remeber me?

Ashley grew up in Mullingar Ireland with her best friend Niall. But when Niall attends x-factor their friendship starts to fade. A vacation to England doesn't only bring her back to her missed friend but also to someone els, and it brings her very close, but what is someone's get hurt becaus of that?


15. back to normal

Everything was going back to normal. Going back to school still wasn't my favorite thing, but it was my last your so it was ok. It was wierd bieng back in my own country. It's so peacufull and quiet here, totally different from the busy and noisy London. 


I stood up, thinking it would just be a normal schoolday. I streched my arms and stared to chenge clothes. 'Ashley!' My mum shouted from downstairs. Time for breakfast, pancakes. I joined the breakfasttable. 'I can't pick you up today so I asked someone els to pick you up from school.' My mum said. 'Who?' 'You'll see.' She smiled. I took my backbag and shoes. 'I'm going mum.' 'Alright sweety.' 


It was just a normal day at school like always. Sarah greeted me with the usual 'Hey Loser.' But for some reason I didn't care. Before going to class I opened my phone, no texts from Niall or Calum, normally they text me every morning. They classes were long and boring, and the people gossiping about my out loud didn't make it any better. So I was relieved it was lunchbreak. I got my plate and wanted to go sit at the table I usually sit. 'No not her loser.' Ciara said, she was the only one who didn't act shitty to me and let me sit at her table, but the got her in their gang to, now everyone was against me. Just some couple of months, I cant do that. I put my plat on the table and sat down. Time to check my phone. Still no messages, not from Calum and not from Niall. I sighed and put my phone back. 'Who would text you.' Stacey said as she sat down at the table opposite of me. This was clearly the only pace left, otherwise she wouldn't sit clos to me. She was quickly joined by her friends. I ate as fast as I could and then left, I didn't want their comments on me.


The whole day passes by and still no texts, no calls. Maybe everything is going to be back to normal, back to the time before I visited England. The last class was over and then I remembered someone els than my mum would pick me up, but who in the world could it be? I walked to the parcinglot and then saw tho familiar faces. No this can't be true, yes it is. 'Calum! Niall!' I yelled at the top of my voice. I ran into Calums arms, he picked me up and turned me around, he gave le a heartwarming kiss when I stood back on my feeth. In was so happy. I turned around and Niall hugged me very tight. 'We are here to pick up a girl called umh...Ashley Peters.' Niall said in a serious voice. I poked his shoulder and giggled. 'oh my god I missed you guys so much!' Now I noticed the almost veryone was looking at me, some of them yelles Niall's and Calums name.' Calum winked at Niall and he smirked. 'What's going on?' I asked suspicious. Calum took me hand and pulled me to the middle of the parcinglot where the whole school could see us. Everyone stopped and looked at us, came out of there cars. Calum grabbed something from his pocket, it was the necklace he gave me in England. 'I let the lock fix.' He said with a big smile. 'Oh god Cal...' I smiled birght as he hung it around me neck. 'I love you.' He said. And before I could respons he pressed his lips against mine and wrapped his arms around my waist. With my eyes closed I enjoyed the moment, I moment no one could take away from me. As we backed of I turned around to find Niall drawing some autographes, I ran and jumped on his back. Yes, he didn't saw that coming. He grabbed my legs and I wrapped my arms around his neck and he ran around with me, causing a lot of jealous faces.


The boys stayed for two weeks, then left again, but It was what I needed to finish my schoolyear. Before they left Niall gave me something, an usb stick. 'I think you should look at the pictures and movies on it. I smiled. 'Thank you Snowflake.'


I was alone in my room and a bit lonely, then I remembered the usb stick. I put it in my laptop and opened a folder filled with pictures of me and the boys at concerts, in the parc, at the carnival, I stared at the kissin picture of me and Calum. It was a really cute picture, I kept smiling and presses 'print'. But this wasn't the only folder on the stick, there was another one called 'Nialles scans' Ofcourse I opened it. In the folder their were hundrets of pictures of me and Niall before he went to x-factor, photo's from when we were babies, from when we were toddlers, from when we were kids and teenagers. I teered up and printed one of me and Niall when we were eleven years old and hugging with both of us smiling bright. I also printed a group photo of all of us, One Direction and and Five Seconds Of Summer. I took the thee pictures and hung on the wall. Never gonna forget them, and I will see them back soon.

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