Remeber me?

Ashley grew up in Mullingar Ireland with her best friend Niall. But when Niall attends x-factor their friendship starts to fade. A vacation to England doesn't only bring her back to her missed friend but also to someone els, and it brings her very close, but what is someone's get hurt becaus of that?


5. a place of silence

I woke up by my mum shacking me. I blinked and sat straight up. 'Tonight's the concert.' My mum said. 'Oh, and you better get ready cuick, someone's waiting for you.' My mum walked out and I rushed to my ensuit bathroom to shower, brush my teeth and put on my clothes. 


When I walked in I saw Niall sitting on the couch, talking to my mum. 'Nialler!' I sang as I swung myself on the couch and wrapped my arms around Niall. 'Goodmoring Ash.' He said. 'So Niall told me you guys are going to Nando's. 'My mum said. I nodded and grabbed my purse. 'No need for that.' Niall said. 'I'll pay.' I smiled and pecked his cheeck before we left.


'That's looks good.' I said, looking at the plate I just got. 'Where's the time we went to Nando's together every wednesday?' Niall said with sparkeling eyes. 'The last time was a week before you left Ireland.' 'So how are things going in Mullingar?' He asked curious. Should I tell him I'm lonely since he left? Should I tell him I'm bullied. 'Things are going alright, but I missed you.' I eventually said. 'I missed you to. So are thi,ngs going in your last year of school?' 'Fine.' Niall was looking right into my eyes, I bet he could see I was lying. 'Are you sure?' 'Ofcourse.' But the truth was that I could,'t wait untill it was over, untill I could finally make my own decissions. 


'Please tell me what's wrong.' Niall said. 'I don't have much friends, that's all.' I said, looking away. 'And Sara?' 'She...she acts like I don't exict anymore.' 'That's horrible.' I pulled my shoulders up, trying to look like I didn't care. After eating Niall took my arm, left the money on the table and took me with him. 'I wanna show you something.' He let go of him and I followed him. He leaded me to the parc where I met the boys of Five Seconds Of Summer. But in stead of staying there he took me behind a building, here was a small path. There grew a lot of plants, most of them with thorns. I was wearing a shorts with sandals. 'Umh, Niall...' He turnede around. 'Oh I'm sorry.' He wrapped one arm around my waist and one arm around my legs and picked me up, bridal style. I giggled and wrapped my arms around is neck. We walked trough a little forest and I could hear wather spalshing and streaming. We stopped at a hill and  Niall put me on the ground to climb to rocks.


When I followed him we sat on top of the rocks, looking down at a river. 'It's stunning up here.' I said. I sat down next to Niall. 'Sometimes I want to be away from the world, en this is the only place I can be on myself, without fans or paparazzi.' 'So no one els knows about this place?' 'No one, execpt for me and you.' 'Then I must be special.' I said giggling. 'You are.' Niall rubbed his arm, there was i little wound caused by a branch of a tree. 'Does it hurt?' I asked. 'Nah, it's just a-' 'Let me fix that.' I pressed my lips on the wound causing Niall to chuckle. 'You're a wonder doctor.' Niall said. 'So how are things now you are famous?' 'Great, I'm having so much fun, you can't even imagine.'  'Propably not.' 'So what do you do in your spare time?' 'Not much, just sitting on the couch watching tv.' 'Is there no one you can hang out with?' I shook my head. 'Since you're gone no one likes me anymore, they hate me.' I spat it out. 'How could they hate you, you are amazing!' 'I don't know Niall, I don't know...' Niall put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him.


'Niall?' 'Yeah?' 'Why didn't you call or text anymore, I feld like you didn't need me anymore.' Niall took his arm back so he could look at me. 'Sweety I'm so sorry, I was so busy ans everytime I wanted to call you or text you I feld like I was bothering. I feld guilty for leaving you I thought maybe I just have to let her live her life, she doesn't need me.' My heart broke in thousand pieces. Could he really sput me out of his life? 'So you your plan was really just putting me out of you life.' My voice sounded crackled because was holding back tears. 'Ash...I just didn't want to make you sad by only holding contact by phone and things like that.' 'So you weren't planning on picking up our friendship again?' Niall didn't answer. 'Good to know. But you have to know this: I never forgot you, I was dying inside, dying because I grew up with you, I saw you everyday and suddently you were gone. I'm bullied, everyday and it they don't keep it by physical. Every night I was wishing upon a star that one day you would come back. No I was never a One Direction fan because I was secretly hoping it would stop one day so you could come back. That sounds selfish and mean but In have no life without you Niall, Do you hear me? ANd while I was thinking about you every night you were just trying to forget me?!' 


I stood up and jumped of the rock. Niall was calling my name. But turning around wasn't an option. He just wanted to forget me. I ran back to the parc, away from Niall and saw the boys of 5SOS at the same bench I saw them before. Calum must have seen I'm upset 'cuz he inmidiatly came running towards me. 'Ash, why are you crying?' He hugged me and rubbed my back, trying to calm me down. I sobebd into his shoulder. Calum is so sweet, even do I barely know him know him. 


'What's wrong Ash?' He backed of a bit and lifted my chin so I would look at him. 'It's stupid...' 'I bet it isn't.' 'I feel like Niall and me are drifting appart and there is nothing I can do about it.' 'Niall won't do that, he's your best friend.' 'But he said he wanted to leed me my life without him.' My lip started shacking. ' matter what Niall said, he cares about you, there is no way he can live without you.' I faked a smile. 'Okay.' Calum rubbed my shoulder. 'You better get ready for the concert tonight.' Calum tried to lighten up my mood. 'that's right. I shoold go, see you at the concert.' 'See you.' Calum waved at me untill I couldn't see him anymore.

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