Was this just a dream? *on hold*

When 15 year old Sophie falls asleep in a forest one day, her world turns upside down. She meets her favorite book characters as her journey begins to find her way home. She needs all the help she can get from these people (if you class them as that).

The Hunger Games, The Morganville books, Twilight, Divergent/ Insurgent, The Fallen books, Harry Potter (future generation), Doctor Who and The Fault In Our Stars.


2. The Woods

Sophie's POV

'It started with a whisper, and that was when I kissed her, then she made my lips hurt-'

My phone blared it's music through the silence of my house at 10:00. Ugh, this is too early for me to be waking up. I just want to sleep forever. I'm pretty sure dreaming all the time would be phenomenal. All though, what would happen when I get a nightmare? Would I just live there and suffer for all eternity? Or would there be a light to guide me back to wonderland?

I got up out of the comfort of my bed and looked around my blue painted room. Clothes scattered one corner and a few empty crisp packets hibernated on my desk under my jumper. I really need to tidy up. 

Shrugging it off for yet another day, I change into some skinny jeans, a superman t-shirt and purple converses. I skipped down the stairs and saw I was home alone. On the fridge was a note written by my mum. 


Called into work on emergency. Not enough staff on

call. Be back at dinner time and remember to feed the cat.

Love you lots

Mum xxxx

Oh joy! I'm going to be at home alone for 7 hours. With a fat cat that can't even jump onto the table anymore. "Polly?!" I yell, looking for the cat. There is around 3 places where I can find her; in the garden sleeping, in the living room sleeping or in the kitchen eating. 

Seeming that she wasn't eating, I cross the house the the living room and find her curdled up on the settee, sleeping. I told you so. "Come on you lazy cat. I bet you're fatter than Garfield. And he weighs like 8 stone!" I poke her jelly belly and she opens her eyes. "Food time." I tell her and pick her up, leading her into the kitchen and putting her down on the table where she eats her cat biscuits.

I check the TV for any good shows to watch and see nothing. In the end I decide I wanted to go for a walk. I've not exactly got any friends to hang around with, because I haven't. I've got friends on the internet from chatzy's and Wattpad, but no one else who I can actually meet. 

 It only takes 15 minutes to get to the forest. And I'm glad it was a short walk because the burning sun was melting me. Well, not really but you get the idea. 

The forest isn't huge but it isn't small either. It use to be a landfill site until it got over loaded with rubbish and the bin men had to find a new mile wide hole in the earth to dump all the rubbish in that isn't recyclable. 

As I enter the forest, I get the feeling of safety. Warmth. Love. Home. 

I may be a bookworm, but I love the outdoors. Nature is my only friend that can go with me everywhere. You cannot take nature away without taking away air. 

I smile as I find my usual spot to sit. A large and overgrown tree makes a large shadow, fighting the warmth of the sun out. 

Birds chirp and you can faintly hear the calling of an ice-cream van. I'm not in the mood for ice-cream though. I'm a girl who would pick fruit over a life time supply of chocolate and sweets. I don't really know why though, I like fruit better. I guess it's because it's natures food. It's not contaminated with sugars and fats. 

Plus, I'm vegetarian. So that marks quite a lot of my diet. 

I start reading a new book called The Book Thief. It's actually an old book that was published in 2006. 

After reading for an hour, I can feel the lack of sleep over taking me. It's power took over my mind and put my body to sleep.

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