Was this just a dream? *on hold*

When 15 year old Sophie falls asleep in a forest one day, her world turns upside down. She meets her favorite book characters as her journey begins to find her way home. She needs all the help she can get from these people (if you class them as that).

The Hunger Games, The Morganville books, Twilight, Divergent/ Insurgent, The Fallen books, Harry Potter (future generation), Doctor Who and The Fault In Our Stars.


6. Tardnapped

Okay. So Morganville is really freaking hot. I mean damn I'm going to literally melt if I do not find some shade now. Remembering the directions in the books I had read, I found my way to the Common Grounds for some tea. It wasn't busy for it was now 3 in the afternoon therefore it was neither lunch rush nor afternoon rush. Or just any rush in general.

Oh my giddy aunt. Is that what Oliver and Eve look like? Holy mackerel. Eve is so... petite and fierce at the same time. You know how umpa lumpas are tiny and at first you think what the f*ck, then awe, then they look at you like "don't mess with me biatch"? Well that's kind of how I perceived Eve at that time. 

Then Oliver looked like a chain smoker hippy with a hard, chiselled look. I don't know. They are just different to what I thought they'd be like. 

I walk up to the counter and order a cup of tea to have in. But then I realised I had no money. Oh sh.... I mean sugar. Which is what you have in tea sometimes... 

"Excuse me, did you hear what I said? That's 1.95 please." Eve asked. 

"Um... about that...  I kind of have no money. Or anything actually." I said awkwardly. 

"Oh... here, it's on the house." She smiled at me. "But, I would like to talk once I finish my shift. Which is in like fifteen minutes. Do you think you can wait that long?" She asked. Why does she want to talk?

"Erm... Thanks and sure...?" I say and take the coffee. I sit in a small booth in a corner of the shop on the nicer seats. I literally had nothing to do but drink my tea slowly for the next 15 minutes and watch people come and go.

Eve and Oliver had a small argument over who should clean the tables. Eve won. She came over to my booth holding another two cups of steaming liquids. 

"Hey there so I know this is kind of weird asking to talk to you but I'm just curious about a few things." She said and set the cups down on the table.

"Thanks, again. For the tea." I say. "So what do you want to know exactly." 

"Just.... How can you come to a new town without any money? Are you homeless or something?" She asks. 

"How do you know I'm new here?" I retort. I take a sip of the fresher tea and oh that tastes good.

"Trust me here, I know everyone in this town. Every new comer stays for about a day or so then leaves, in a coffin or speeding down the road; shaking." She tries to scare me. Too bad I basically know this town too thanks to the books. 

"Oh, right. I'm just passing through to be honest." I say, unsure. "I'm seeing how far I can get without anything but myself and the clothes I'm wearing." I lied. Well.. I could be doing that if I wanted to. "But no, I am not homeless." I just kind of can't find my bearings in this world to actually get home. I wished to say. 

"Ahhh, I see. Relying on people's kindness. I'm glad I could help you with this." She smiled happily. "Where are you off to next?" 

"I don't know to be honest. I guess I'll find out." I shrug and listen to the radio in the background of the shop. It's starting to get busy now. 

"Hey, if you want anything, I'm here to help. Good luck, mi amiga." She smiles at me. "So long! I've got to get home now before my housemates wonder where I've gotten to." She stood up and so did I. And for some strange reason; we hugged. "I hope to see you again!" 

"Yeah, ditto." I smile at her as she leaves. I sit back down and sigh. I guess I've got to get going too. 

I take my tea with me (it was in one of those paper cup thingys so it's all good) and start walking in the opposite direction Eve went in. 

The heat hit me like a ton of bricks when I stepped out and made my tea taste funny. Unfortunately, I had to throw it away. :( 

I walked and walked and walked until I came to a deserted park where I could sit down for a bit. There were a set of swings which I sat down on. And then I stood up because holy crap my backside feels like it just took a trip to the burning pits of hell.

I decided the near to dead grass was my next best option to sit on. I sat in peace for about 10 minutes, surrounded by my own thoughts. How am I going to get out of here? Do I just keep walking until I find some kind of home? 


What the hell is that noise?! Oh my God. It can't be!

A blue box started appearing before me and I couldn't have been happier. When it finally landed, there was silence. 

"Doctor, don't you dare!" I heard a man shout. A man... the Doctor normally has a female companion. Unless... Could it really be Jack Harkness? I am going to meet Jack Harkness.. my ovaries cannot take this. 

"Sophie?" The 10th Doctor sticks his head around the door and I smile widely. 

"Um... yeah?" 

"I've been told to come and take you somewhere. Now come along, I don't have all day." I get up and walk up to him.

"Go where?" I ask. 

"You'll find out." He smiles widely at me and steps aside to let me in.

Holy mother of pancakes I am inside the Tardis.




A/N sorry for not updating in ages. I needed something to write for now and this is the first thing that came to mind. I've honestly got no plan for this so this is going to be fun. 

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