Was this just a dream? *on hold*

When 15 year old Sophie falls asleep in a forest one day, her world turns upside down. She meets her favorite book characters as her journey begins to find her way home. She needs all the help she can get from these people (if you class them as that).

The Hunger Games, The Morganville books, Twilight, Divergent/ Insurgent, The Fallen books, Harry Potter (future generation), Doctor Who and The Fault In Our Stars.


5. Myrnin

a/n this is set after midnight ally :D

Sophie's POV

When I could reopen my eyes, I wanted to close them. But I couldn't. The scene around me was petrifying. A lab. Chemical bottles. Test tubes. Bunsen burners. Everywhere. I can't believe I got kidnapped in my own dream! This is so stupid. I just wanted to go home or wake up.

In the corner of the room lay a huge spiders tank. And inside was an actual spider. Where am I?

I try to stand up or move at the least but I'm weighed down my ropes. What the actual hell? "Myrnin?!" Someone yelled. A door opened up reveling a girl who could be mistaken for a twelve year old. "Myrnin get your butt up now! We've got to finish my lab project!" The girl yelled. 

She wore blue jeans with a college top saying TPU on the back. Wait a minute, that sounds familiar. The girl wore a pixie hair cut and her hair was dark brown. 

"In here, Claire!" I am guessing Myrnin said that. The girl - Claire - turned around and that was when she saw me struggling to get free. 

"Myrnin! Get in here now." She yelled and ran towards me. She dropped her canvas bag onto the floor and pulled a silver knife out of it. My eyes widened and my blood went cold. Seeing my reaction, she said, "I'm just going to cut the rope. Hold still." She instructed and began  cutting the rope. 

"Claire stop! I need her!" An old tubby guy. He was dressed like an 60's throw back and wore bunny slippers? Wow.... I've been kidnapped by a hippy! "Let go of her, Claire. She's for an experiment! Not my chew toy." He exclaimed and was all of a sudden at Claire's side. How did....?

"No Myrnin. Let her go or I'll stake you in your sleep. You crazy old fool." Claire said. Why would she stake him? Only vampires get .....staked..... oh. Now I know where I am! Morganville. Half full of vampires who are all more or less bipolar. And half full of humans either too scared to move out of town or just too lazy to save themselves. Idiots. 

"Please don't, Claire!" Myrnin jumped back as Claire pulled a long stake out of her bag. Crap. She can't kill him!

I wanted to say something. I really did. But I couldn't! The stupid tape overload. 

"Let her go then Myrnin. I pretty sure we can do your experiment without hurting a human. The poor girl isn't even from here!" Claire exclaimed. 

"She wouldn't live long enough to know everything anyways. She'll die from the chemicals before anyone can tell Amelie." Myrnin said like it was no big deal.

"MMM!" I screamed through the tape. 

"Myrnin!" Claire yelled at him. The delusional vampire pouted.

"Fine." He said. 

"Thank you." Claire breathed. She started cutting off the rope from around my hands. It felt so good to feel them free again. "I'm so sorry. He's not normally like this. Please don't call the cops." Claire pleaded. 

I took the tape off my mouth, wincing every now and then. "I wouldn't have anyway." I said and rub my hands. Claire cuts the rope off from around my ankles and I wiggle them a little. 

"Really?" She asks surprised. 

"If it isn't normal for him, there's a fat chance he will be doing it again so what's the point?" I say, standing up. 

"Thank you so much. I'm Claire, by the way." She smiled. 

"The names Sophie." I say kindly back. What am I going to do now? I can't exactly stay around in a town full of vampires!

"I love your name." She smiled at me. 

"I think yours is better. I mean Claire, Claire Danvers means a lot around this town." I said then realized my mistake. Seriously? I did it again. -_-

"How do you know my last name?" She asked. Time for another lie. Just bloody great.

"Well, my Uncles friend is your physics teacher. And apparently, you are really smart." I smiled nervously.

"Well, thanks I guess. So does this mean you know about vamps?" She asks. I nodded. Her phone started ringing. "Sorry! Excuse me for a second." She says and answers it. "Hello?....I'm at work.....no......Myrnin went a little OTT ..... kidnapped a girl.....I KNOW!.... No need to shout babe...... Is it okay if she comes to dinner?.....yay! .... thanks..... I love you too." She said and hung up. One guess, Shane. 

"Sorry about that. But wanna come over for dinner? Shane's make chili dogs?" She said.

"If it wouldn't be a bother." I said. OHMYCARROTS! I get to meet yet another sexy beast.... what? I didn't say anything.... be quiet and stop laughing!

"No no! It's fine! I just asked and Shane said he's made some extra anyways." She smiled. 

"Oh okay." I replied.

"MYRNIN!" Claire yelled even though he was only in the corner of the room.

"RIGHT HERE NO NEED TO YELL!" He answered. Claire rolled her eyes at him.

"Whale, I'm going home now. I think we'll just do this tomorrow. And no more kidnapping girls, okay? Oliver will more or less stake you if he finds out." Claire warned him.

"I know I know. Jesus woman, back in the olden days, men ruled everything. They'd be giving threats out to women instead of the other way around. Things ran a lot more smoothly then." I rolled my eyes at Myrnin now. Crazy old mofo. 

"Goodbye." Claire said and tugged me out of the space and out into a woodenly area. Maybe the hunger games worlds are through the forests?

"Strange one, he is." I say as we start walking down a small dirt pathway. 

"You'll warm up to him soon. Trust me. He isn't half bad." She said. 

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