Was this just a dream? *on hold*

When 15 year old Sophie falls asleep in a forest one day, her world turns upside down. She meets her favorite book characters as her journey begins to find her way home. She needs all the help she can get from these people (if you class them as that).

The Hunger Games, The Morganville books, Twilight, Divergent/ Insurgent, The Fallen books, Harry Potter (future generation), Doctor Who and The Fault In Our Stars.


3. Katniss and Gale

A/N This is before the reaping btw so yay! Prim lives and so does Rue... but she's not involved in here.

Sophie's POV

"Who is she?" A female voice said.

"I don't know." A male voice replied.

"Shall we wake her up?" Said the girl again.

"Might as well. She can't stay out here." The male voice said again.

I was poke with something repeatedly in the arm. "Ugh." I groaned. No one disrupts my sleeping time. 

"Come on, miss. You can't sleep out here." I open my eyes and see something that must be my imagination. Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne were crouched around me. How the...? This isn't real. It can't be....

"Are you alright?" Gale asks. I stare at the God in front of me, mouth hung open.

"How....?" I trail off looking between the two. 

"Excuse me, miss, but what are you doing, sleeping out here? Were you hunting?" Katniss looked worried. 

"What? No... I ..." I said and looked around  me. 

"You're not from here are you?" Gale asked and I shook my head. "What district are you from?"

"You've got the wrong idea, I shouldn't be here-" both Gale and Katniss let out a venomous chuckle.

"No one should." Katniss says.

"I mean, I'm not from a district." They look at me with confused yet bewildered expressions. 

"You must be. I mean, everybody is born in a district. Unless...." Katniss thinks. "How about I take you back to my house?" She asks. I nod. Oh my elephants, I cannot fangirl!

"I'm Sophie by the way." I say and hold out my hand for her to shake. They both look at me confused. Feeling stupid, I pull it back.

"I'm Gale and this is Katniss." Gale said, pointing at them. Oh so how I wanted to say I know.

"Nice to meet you." I say, remembering my manners my mother taught me.

"You too, Sophie." Katniss smiled at me and started walking through the forest.

As I look around,  I notice the forest isn't the same. Nothing is. There are deers here. There never were back home... 

Back home...

Where is that now? If I'm in a dreamland of The Hunger Games, then where is my home. 

Is this a dream? It only hope it is. I can't stay here forever. I need to go home before my mother gets back. 

How did I get here? Only God knows now. 

I was led to an old, run down shack. That's all that came to mind when I saw this. This, is not a house or even a home. It's just a shed.

Katniss opened the door and a small blonde girl ran up to her. Prim. I felt tears in my eyes. I know she's going to die soon. It's already been written and there's no changing the authors words. 

"Katniss! Did you bring any food?" Prim asked, not noticing me behind Katniss. 

"I've got a bird. But that's about it I'm afraid." Katniss kept her smile on her face. Prim frowned. 

"My goat gave me some milk as well, maybe we can have milk and bird for - who's this Katniss?" Prim asks finally, eyeing me suspiciously. I guess my choice of clothing isn't very district 12 like...

"Prim, this is Sophie. Sophie, this is Prim." Katniss said and shoved her bag containing the dead bird onto the small wooden table.

"Hello, Sophie!" Prim smiled and went up to me, hugging me. Oh my god, I really can't do this. 

I stiffened as hard as wood. I guess Prim noticed because she moved back at looked down, embarrassed. 

"Sorry." She mumbled. 

"What? No, no. It's fine. I'm not the hugging type of person. I'm sorry." I lied. I love to hug. Hugs are the best because they're free and one of the greatest things you can give a person. Hugs can count as comfort, a sign of love or friendship.

"Oh okay." 

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