is it me or him

its been a year since me and james were friend but things started to happend to me and him expecallty me i tured into something i didnt want to be or so i thought


1. the live with no return

             its been a year since me and James first meet we were best friends but one night James and i got into a fight because he was taking it to far that night i ran so fast i almost fell i also ran into things i shouldent have there was this guy waking . he look lost  i walked up to him i asked " are u lost i can help you if u are ?" the man said in a deep cold voice " iam not lost iam looking for you " i looked at him in wonder " i have never seen u before in my live how can u be looking for me" i asked "let me put it in English for your dumb human mind your human. humans have blood . so of course iam looking for u " he said " if u need blood then u must be a ......." that's when he struck me i woke up with this odd feeling in my body i look around that ally i was in i tried to remember what happened to me and how i got here but nothing was there nothing came to me its like i was brain washed to forget i wonder what happened to me to make me forget iam sure i will remember later so i got up and stared to look around town for someone who can hep me find out what is happening like maybe a doctor or some sort of surgeon that can look at my body i walked and walked well you get it i walked like all day and i mean all day just walking i felt this kind of strange energy in me like i feel the need for ....for ... blood .... i didn't not just say that why do i need blood like what is wrong with me today i knocked on my head a few times to knock some sense in me i continued to walk that's when i see James across the street oh joy i thought he seen me he stared to run over " James what do you want " i asked "i want u bria OK i love i want to be with u forever " James said " aw James i hate you i wont see you later OK " i said that looking in his eyes " yes bria i wont see you later " James said  and walked away that was weird i thought i wondered what happened to him he dose not give up that easily this is a weird day i should get home plus its staring to get dark i walk to my house well here goes nothing i walk the door "bria where the hell were you last night" Jeremy asked " i was staying at Caitlyns sorry i forgot to call"i said "bria you had mom and dad worried sick and me don't do it again" he said "i wont" i said a little to  loud " you better not now go to your room mom and dad will be home soon" Jeremy said with threat in his voice  fine i said i ran up the stars alot faster then usual its like i was up here in a heart beat well time to hit the hay i got to sleep only to find that my memory came back to me i had a dream of what happened i woke up with a startaling knock at my door "come in" i yell "its meee" caitlyn yells back " oh hey iam in my room"i say as caitlyn  comes in " whats up " she says "i had the most craziest day yesterday" i say " tell me about it" she says touching my hand " bria your freezing" caitlyn says " i am,caitlyn iam cold i run super fast i can tell people what to do and they listen... am i losing a little color in my skin " i say " umm yea a little why ?? whats going on "she says i explain everything that happen yesterday " bria u don't think that guy was...." she says " i think he was and he bit me so that makes me a ... a .... a vampire !!



plz tell me what u think of it so far ik its the first chapter idk ho i did on it so plz comment and tell me if all u guys like it i will keep going with it 

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