One Thing (1D)

Inspired by the 1D song.


2. She's Got That One Thing

I've prepared for this day for a long time, ever since I met Kate.

I finished soundproofing the basement today. My preparations are now complete. I followed Kate home today, hoping to stall her with conversation. The bitch had the nerve to say "excuse me" to me, as though she didn't remember who I was. I'm sorry, did I call her a bitch? I meant my love. Hahaha. Sometimes I get confused and forget that she's more than that. She's mine, all mine, and even if she doesn't recognize it, I know exactly what to do to break her in. 

You see, my girlfriend Kate has that one thing. She has innocence, purity, the very thing I lack. I am unclean, impure, filled with disgusting sexual desires and bloodlust. But maybe if I keep her, touch her, I can be healed. Maybe. 

So I let her walk ahead of me, then before she could react, I pressed the chloroform rag against her mouth and pushed her into my car. I strapped her to the wall in the basement, and tore off her clothes. Her beautiful skin. I wish I could wear it, like a coat, gleaming white in the moonlight. So smooth. I trail a dirty finger across her belly button. Beauty. Purity. Everything I've desired.

I take my knife and begin carving. She begins to awake, screaming. I press a finger to her lips.

" love, it will be over soon." She stifles a cry, but is a good girl. Good Kate, good.

I flay a small piece of skin from her, and press it against my arm, shuddering in orgasmic ecstasy. The feeling is indescribable. Almost as if I'm being cleansed. Cleansed of my filthiness. I wipe a tear from my eye and kiss her whimpering mouth in gratitude.

"Please let me go," she cries. 

I shake my head.

"No Kate, I can't let you go." I smile, showing all my teeth to her.

"I've been going out of my mind, every day. Wondering why you weren't here with me. It's simple, really, I just have to keep you here and then all my problems will vanish." I slide the bloody patch of skin up my arm and my eyes roll into the back of my head with pleasure.

"My name isn't Kate," she whispers. "I've never met you before in my entire life."

I shush her again. She's exhausted from the excitement. I'll return in a bit, to enjoy her purity more.

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