One Thing (1D)

Inspired by the 1D song.


1. Get Out Of My Head

I tried to resist it at first. I tried, very hard. But she was there, taunting me, cheating on me with that man. Kate, beautiful Kate.

I trace the outline of her face with my eyes, her beautiful bone structure, hollow cheekbones. I'd love to peel the skin from her face with acid and uncover her bones, her perfect bones. Why is she here, with this other man, when she could be with me? Why can't she see how perfect I am for her? Why can't she see how much I love her?

I've tried to get her out of my head. I've done everything I can think of, but I know now that she's the one for me. The only one. She has that one thing, that special thing I need. I need to protect her, stop her from potential promiscuity. She needs to know how I feel. She needs to know.

But I told her, she should remember. I've told her a million times, caressing her face. Or was it a dream? I chuckle a little.  I thought she was one of the voices in my head at first, too good to be true. But no, here she is, in the flesh and cheating on me, no less.

After the boy leaves, I'll follow him home. I'll paint my shirt with his entrails. I'll defile him. It's his punishment for touching my beautiful Kate, clean Kate, pure Kate. How dare he touch her with his scum, his refuse-laden hands. I finger the knife in my pocket. It's only a matter of time now...

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