One Thing (1D)

Inspired by the 1D song.


3. Don't Know What It Is

Kate was a fraud. She wasn't pure, she had already given it to someone else, so she was worthless after all. I disposed of her like I did with the man, I let the acid eat her flesh and then I kept her skull. How many women do I have to meet until they get it? She said she didn't know what it was, what I was talking about, but she was lying. She wasn't pure. I burned the rest of her bones to ash, dirty like her soul.

Speaking of my girlfriend Kate, I saw her again today, at the coffee shop on the corner. Beautiful, pure Kate. I still can't get her out of her head. She was talking with a friend. How dare she spend all her time away from me again? I bet she's cheating on me again. I know what I'll do. I've had the preparations for a long time. It's simple. I finger the rag in my pocket. I'll preserve her beauty, her purity, jar it up and preserve it and save it for a long winter and eat it up.

The End

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