Why Is Love So Complicated?

Laura, Isabelle, and Jourdyn are BFFs and they don't fight at all. Everything is alright for them except that they have MAJOR crushes on these cute boys. They think they will never like them back, they think. They are going to learn that they were wrong and that having crushes on them is a BAD thing...


1. The Promise

   Laura's P.O.V.

  "Hey Jourdyn! Truth or dare?" I ask my bestie. "Hmmmm" she mumbled and gave me a look that meant 'I don't trust you on this so I'm going to pick truth'. "Truth!" she finally answered. I knew it! I thought for a minute. Suddenly, I had the perfect question. " Do you have a crush on someone?" I ask and grin evily. She glared at me and finally fessed up. "Oh alright! Yes!" she exclaimed after a minute or two of glaring at me. I smiled. "Who is it?" Isabelle asked. "You guys really think I'm going to tell you?" she asked. "Please tell us!" Isabelle and I yelled at the same time. "NO!" Jourdyn yelled and crossed her arms over her chest. "Well, we'll just have to make you spill!" I told her. I gave Isabelle a look and she smiled, understanding my plan. We both got up and slowly walked towards Jourdyn. Her eyes grew wide as we approached. "I'm in trouble" she squeaked like a mouse as we got to her. We stretched out our arms to her and...tickled her. She laughed so hard she fell on the floor. "Please....stop...I'll spill!" she exclaimed in between laughs. Once she said that, we stopped. "Tell us" I instructed as we sat down next to her. "Fine! I like Louis!" she confessed. "I KNEW IT!" I yelled. "You guys are perfect for each other!" Isabelle told her. "You really think so?" she asked. "YES!" Isabelle shouted. "I bet he likes someone else. He doesn't even look at me!" Jourdyn exclaimed. "You must be exaggerating! I bet he does look at you!" I assured Jourdyn. "Every time I look at him, his eyes are somewhere else. It's like I'm not there." she sighed. Isabelle and I frowned. "You're not the only one. I have a crush on Liam and Harry.'' I confessed. "WHAT?!?" Isabelle and Jourdyn yelled. "Yeah, it's true. I just can't pick one! It's not really important though. They don't notice me either." I told my girls. "Niall doesn't notice me either." Isabelle said. We all sighed at the same time. "Girls, we can't just sit here, feeling sorry for ourselves! If we want a boy to notice us, we have to make it happen! Tomorrow, we talk to the boy we like. Deal?" I asked. I put my hand in the middle of us. Isabelle put her hand on mine and soon, Jourdyn did too. "Deal." we all promised.

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