Why Is Love So Complicated?

Laura, Isabelle, and Jourdyn are BFFs and they don't fight at all. Everything is alright for them except that they have MAJOR crushes on these cute boys. They think they will never like them back, they think. They are going to learn that they were wrong and that having crushes on them is a BAD thing...


2. Getting Ready

    Jourdyn's P.O.V.

 ~Next Day~

 I woke up remembering 'The Promise'. I am really shy and like to stay in the shadows; not getting in anyone's way. I walked up to my closet and opened the door. After about 7 minutes of looking through my clothes, I decided to wear a pair of ripped jeans (I have TONS of jeans) and a black tee. I put on my clothes and slipped on my white Converse.  I brushed my hair quickly. I didn't put anything in my hair because I like it loose. I ran out of my room to brush my teeth and eat breakfast.


  Laura's P.O.V.

 When I woke up, I hurried to my closet. I have to wear something cute so Harry and Liam would want to talk to me. I picked out a pair of floral print jeans and a ruffled pink blouse. Perfect, I thought as I looked in the mirror. I brushed my super curly hair and put on a white head band and some pink flats. I looked really good. Good enough to talk to boys. I walked out my room ready for the day.

  Isabelle's P.O.V.

 As soon as I woke up, I hopped out of bed. I remembered 'The Promise' we made yesterday. I have to wear something pretty but comfortable, I thought. I decided to put on some jeans and a sweatshirt. I don't like wearing skirts or dresses; they make me feel uncomfortable. I put on some random sneakers. I brushed my hair and pulled the sweatshirt's hood over my head. I walked out of my room and sniffed the air for signs of breakfast.

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