Bethany Willims

Bethany is a girl who is outgoing and adventurous. She tries everything to explain her life to her parents, but they just don't understand her the way she wants them to. Read this to come with Bethany in her wild adventures to help her parents understand her.


3. May 21, 2011


    Arggh! So much is going on with my family! My parents want a divorce but, it has been really hard for me I have been stressed I don't know what to eat or anything. Mom wont help me because she's either to busy finding a job, cleaning, or saying you got yourself here you can deal with it! Some nights when I'm in bed or the shower, I just lay there, or stand there, thinking about all my flaws and sometimes I cry myself to sleep. Please I just somebody to help me, if only grandma were still here with me.

    Dad has to get surgery because of his drinking problem, I mean I am 21 and I haven't drank yet or nor will I. I don't want a bad influence on my kiddo or anything.

    I'm thinking of getting my own place, but I don't want Jess living with me just yet I want to get settled and then maybe he can just not sure yet.

                                     -Bethy xoxo

P.S: Sorry I haven't wrote for awhile too much has been going on.

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