Bethany Willims

Bethany is a girl who is outgoing and adventurous. She tries everything to explain her life to her parents, but they just don't understand her the way she wants them to. Read this to come with Bethany in her wild adventures to help her parents understand her.


2. May 16, 2011 5:43 pm


    OK. So I finally told mom that I'm pregnant she was all sorts of happy, but it's hard to say this but I was confused. I thought she would be angry, but surprisingly enough she wasn't. Jess told me that his Mom and Dad would pay for a lot of the baby stuff: baby food, the crib, etc. Mom gave me a check of $2,400.00. I told that she needed to keep it but she insisted that I keep it to pay for whatever life brings me. I told myself that I would use this money for emergencies only.

    When I told Jess I had told Mom about the news he was kind of all down like he didn't want me to tell them, but I mean he knew they would find out sooner or later I told him this " I know that you think that that was probably a bad idea, but it wasn't they are going to find out when I start getting bigger." "I know, but you could have just moved out before then," He said. I just hung up then, why would he tell me something like that, he loves my parents, my parents love him. His parents are the ones who hates every single girl he dates!

                                                 -Bethy xoxo

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