Bethany Willims

Bethany is a girl who is outgoing and adventurous. She tries everything to explain her life to her parents, but they just don't understand her the way she wants them to. Read this to come with Bethany in her wild adventures to help her parents understand her.


5. Feburary 14, 2012


    I had Sarai today! She is soo cute that is probably because she was born on Valentines day. Today I also get out from the hospital Jess told me to go to this really fancy restaurant. I'm so excited I had her today she sleeps a lot which is good, because she is taken after her Momma! My mom doesn't like the thought of being a grandma, but she is only 42 she isn't that old.

    Dad had his surgery today it didn't go as well as planned he woke up from Coma later than he was suppose too. but he is okay now.

                                     -Bethy xoxo

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