Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


27. ;

Harrys POV

   i watched as i let Liam ride with Kenzie. I tuned back to the Niall and Zayn, Zayn was pretty calm in these types f situations but Niall tried to hold in a few tears but it never worked and Zayn is the one he cry's too. "You coming mate." I nodded running to the car. "Mate, uh, why did you not go with Kenzie." i didn't answer, i didn't know why i let Liam ride im the boyfriend "uh we should call her mom." Niall said through tears. i grabbed my phone dialing her number, 

"hello harry. you realize its 3;30 at night." she said 

"you need to come to Arizona,"

"Harry whats wrong," she asked with worry,

"Uhm, Kenzie was uh," i stopped 

"Kenzie is Uh wHAT." she said louder

"Kenzie was raped." i finally spoke

She didn't answer for a while, i didnt want her too. "uhm, yheea ill be there as soon as i can." she hung up "She uh will be here as soon as she can." i told them. We parked the car and walked inside, "Kenzie Kaye and Eleanor Calder." Louis asked, "Uh, Kenzie is in surgery, and Eleanor is in room 23 level 4." My heart dropped as Surgery came to topic  "What is Kenzie getting surgery for." "Im not so sure sir, the waiting room is level 7. You can see there." I walked faster then normal to the elevator with Zayn and Niall.

  I seen Liam pacing the floor of the waiting room. "Liam." i called, He turned to me, "S-she is in surgery, he damaged her rib cage and is bleeding out. I swear if i ever find out w-who he is-" niall stopped Liam, "Liam, she is gonna be okay." I followed Liams eyes to Briana, He slowly reached for her, "You know, she has Kenzie eyes, they have really started changing since she is getting older." Liam smiled at Bri, We all sat down. Liam soon fell asleep holding Briana. A nurse came out, "Kenzies Family." I stood up, and she walked to us, "Kenzie is still in surgery, she is losing lots of blood," i looked down at my shoes, "but we are replacing it with donor blood. She is doing pretty good now." I smiled looking up, She walked back to the room she came from, "Should we wake liam." Niall asked, i shook my head, 

  The same nurse came out, I woke Liam and Niall who fell asleep, "Kenzie is fine, near the end she flat lined but we got her back." she smiled, I didnt know to cry or smile, "So she died but came back." Zayn asked, she nodded, "for 1 minute and 17 seconds." I felt my heart drop, "Can we see her." "Not now, We are moving her to a room and when she wakes ill get you ya?" "Uhm we are gonna visit Eleanor?" i asked the boys, "See if Louis is with her." They nodded, We walked off to the elevator, 

  Zayn knocked before entering, "Louis, Eleanor." Zayn asked, El was sleeping while Louis messed with his phone, "Hey, How is kenzie." honestly if el is sleeping he could of found us if he cared,  "She is in surgery,-" "SURGERY. what the hell." Louis shockingly yelled.  "Whoever did this  hit her ribcage causing her to bleed out or something," Niall told,, "is she out is she okay. Can we see her." "She is out, she is okay, and no," Zayn said rubbing the back of his neck. Louis sighed, "Well will you stay here for a minute," Louis said leaving Liam following., I sat down messing on the phone 

The nurse walked in Eleanor s room, "Kenzie is waking up if youd like to see her. Your Friend Liam is there now. just 4 doors down left." i got up walking to Kenzies room finding her name on a door, I walked in and Liam was sitting by Kenzie holding her hand, "Kenzie, i know you can hear me, just talk." Kenzie looked past Liam to me, Liam turned around. "she still wont talk." i nodded sitting "She is probably in shock still." i answered

Kenzies POV

  Im not in shock you dimwits, im embarrassed, cant you just leave it at that, im embarrassed, you all seen me naked, i was raped, im embarrassed. i didn't wanna talk about it, i just wanna see Eleanor, i wanna make she she is okay,, even if she is alive. "kenzie, " harry spoke, i looked straight not turning to him, not to see his green eyes. "kenzie, i know you can hear us. so please answer me." i looked down at my hands, they were black and blue and a little bit of dry blood from fighting him off.

         *flash back*

  i screamed as loud as i could, "LIAAMM." He held his hand over my mouth, "Its already done." he said in the phone, He hung up throwing it down, He slowly dragged Eleanor in the tub and came back i pushed him away multiple times till he lunged towards me. He straddled me ripping my clothes off, "if you just go with it... " he whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes, as he bent down and took my pants off. "STOP IT," i yelled kicking him, He fell back, i stood up going for Briana, I grabbed my ankle causing me to fall. He turned me over, "That wast nice," I closed my eyes, and screamed, "HEELPP ME.." He wiped a tear as he aggressively,  pushed in and out, 


       *End of flash back*

i closed my eyes thinking of just 2 hours ago, i just wanted my mom, no harry or Liam or even Zayn, i need someone who really cares. I felt hands on my thigh, I moved fastly, not again, i cant go through this again, i peaked and it was only harry who had tears falling, i started letting out sobs.. My stomach was in so much pain, My nurse came in, "She just moved to fast." Liam said fastly, "Its okay, kenzie" he finished, i wiped a tear, i closed my eyes letting the nurse do whatever she needed,

    Liam kissed my forehead softly causing me to wake up, "Sorry i didnt mean to wake you..Im going to get some McDonalds want anything, or what you got last time." i didn't answer, "ill just get you chicken nuggets and a coke." i want fries, i thought to myself. Liam dissapered out the door, and honestly, i dont wanna be alone with Harry. He stood up, "Im gonna go to the bathroom." i didnt answer, he stood for a minute, "please just talk, i need you too." I looked away, i heaard the door slam, i turned back and he was gone. I dont know what im doing now. Not talking, harry and Liam are freaking out because of it. I mean if they said something else then 'please talk' id probably talk... no i wouldnt, im just scared. i mean, Louis, my bestfriend seen me naked. i wiped a tear. The door opened i left my eyes closed, i felt an indent in the bed, i opened my eyes, Zayn.. "kenzie i know we havent really talked since you know, but im worried about you, we need you too talk." He whispred, i looked away, "please just kenzie, Eleanor isnt talking ither. She is awake and moving and such but please i need someone to talk to, to know who it was, what he looked like, Kenzie we need clues, the cops dont know what he looks like, only you and eleanor." The door popped open. Zayn didnt bother turning around and nither did i, "i mean at least say a word. " i looked over, zayn turn around, please, zayn please, just turn around,, he stepped closer, ZAYN turn around, i kept thinking. He took another step closer and this time his smile crept on his face pulling out a knife, ZAYN TURN AROUND, "please kenzie.. say something." I looked at him again, he stood over zayn,, DUDE HOW DO YOU NOT FEEL HIM LOOKING AT HIM.

    The door popped open again, "ZAYN." harry yelled. Zayn turned around and jumped up. "WHY DIDNT YOU SAY ANYTHING KENZIE... OH YOUR BEING A BITCCH." i let tears roll as i moved as far away as i could. "Jimmy." harry asked, The man turned around, "harry.. harry... harry." "WHO IS HE." zayn yelled. "Jimmy Delcot, the man that couldnt hurt a fly." harry stopped, "Harry Styles, The schools PIMP." harry laughed, "Yeep cause kissing your sister is being a pimp." he laughed, Zayn grabbed me gently walking me behind him, Jimmy walked to Harry, "Why?" harry asked, "Lyricc." he whispered. I hid my face in zayns jacket. "And here we have, The Famous Kenzie Kaye " Footsteps came closer, "stay back." Zayn warned, I grabbed zayns jacket harder bitting my lip, I twisted my hands around gripping tighter, "So you did this." harry asked getting him to turn around, "You Raped Eleanor," "Well i didnt want to, But she could of got out. ya know." Jimmy said stepping to harry, Zayn wrapped his arm around me tighter kissing the top of my head, "Your a sick man." harry pointed, i finally peaked out, i couldn't see harry Jimmy was taller and bigger covering his whole body. Zayn started walking me away from where we stood to the closet, Jimmy turned around throwing the knife, i grabbed my thight, "Just a reminder." Jimmy laughed, pushing harry away and running out the door.

   I held the knife in my thigh, why me, why the messed up life,, maybe i should just pull the knife out and push it somewhere else. I rested my hand on it,, Zayn and Harry stood in shock, i gripped it tight with one hand holding Zayn with the other, I yanked it out holding in a scream, I looked at it for a second and put it on my chest, i twirled it around. Who would care, i mean, Harry doesn't love me, Zayn doesnt care anymore, Liam... Liam is different. Mom, She wouldn't abandon me. No one would really suffer over my death. Maybe i should.

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