Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


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  That night was pain.. Every side id lay on id wanna cry out in pain. Louis noticed, so he silently took me to ER, i didn't want anyone coming or realizing i was gone till morning, we took along Briana. I just dont want Harry to panic, ill be all good and out by sun rise.. I think.. 

   "I grabbed a, muffin, chocolate muffin," he smiled. "and a bananana. Two large fountain cokes as asked, and 5 packs of sour skittles." I took a sip of coke "i ran into the doctor in the hall, the x-rays just came back and someone is reviewing them as we speak."  Just then a man came in sitting on a rolly chair. "im Dr. Shepherd, As you can see here." he pointed to a spot of my ribcage, "Its broken, there is no casting we can do. So you are on bed rest for 3 weeks, " Louis stopped him there, "You do realize she is going on tour with us," "Then she can stay on the bus and use a wheel chair to go in a hotel." "I am NOT using a wheel chair." "walk." he said painfully, "here is your drugs. i was also told to offer medical marijuana?" Louis laughed at him, "just the pills." i laughed. He nodded leaving the room. "the sun is about to come up." i said looking out the window, "its fine." Seconds later Louis phone went off, "its Liam."  He answered, "Its fine we are at the hospital, Kenzie has a broken rib cage." Doctor came in, "here is your perception, 3 times a day, after each meal." i nodded, "and your ready to go." He walked out Louis locked his phone. "Liam is the only on awake. So we better go."

    Louis took his hand away from me to open the door to the hotel. Liam was feeding Briana with a bottle. "Kenzie are you okay." liam asked, i nodded, "i need to eat, so i can take the pills." i told louis, i kissed Briana, "Ill come with?" liam asked, i smiled. "sure," 

  We sat down at the table in the hotels resterant, "how are you and harry?" he asked, i rolled my eyes. "thats not good." he laughed, "Well he is just getting real care free of me and doesnt care any more... like zayn." he nodded, "and while i was on twitter last night, reading the hate. This girl said, Zayn Harry and Louis all in 10 months, hows next Niall. and i realized,, she is right, ive kissed 3 of 5 and 4 of 5 like me, im just so messed up right?" "Niall likes you?" i grabbed my phone and showed him the messages from a few weeks ago. "how do you feel about him?" "he is like the brother i never had. " he smiled to himself, "I just think im gonna tell Harry that im done dating EVERYONE for a while." I took my pill after my plate was clean, "Remember that day i texted you saying i was over you" i nodded, "i lied." i smiled to my self. "I seen that." he said taking my hand and rubbing with his thumb.

       "Bye babe." Harry said leaning in to kiss, i turned my head and he hit my cheek, "you okay." he asked. "yhea, never better." "then can i have a kiss." he asked i kissed his cheek, "see you later." "whatever, i love you." he said, "yeep." Everyone was gone but harry,"what did i do." he asked raising his voice, "the only reason we are together is because of Briana." "What makes you say that."  "Because, the only reason you had sex with me in the first place was to make Louis mad because of Eleanor." "Dont get me in this."El said coming out of the bathroom, i forgot she was hear.  "Shut up, its true and you know it Eleanor." i said "maybe, but that doesn't mean i fell in love with you." he said grabbing my hand, "and did you." he moved his head around, "not yet.. bu-" "see not yet, when i spill my heart out to you and when i say it i mean it." "it takes longer for me to fall in love." "HARRY, its been 13 months, almost 14 ONE YEAR AND 2 MONTHS. THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH TIM-" "Harry you coming." Niall popped his head in. He gave me one last look, "We are talking about this later." he kissed my cheek. 

   "You really love him." Eleanor asked as i put Briana down to sleep, "Really its been 2 hours since they left and you now talking." she nodded, "Yes." i answered. I layed down turning the light off, "Question, Uhm why do you hate me so much." i didnt wanna answer, there was no answer i didnt know why i hate her so much she never did anything to me till last week. she cleared her throat, "i dont know." i said "Then why do you be so mean to me.'' i laughed, "dont know.."

   The door opening woke me up, im glad because i was in middle of a nightmare, I felt the bed indent, i sat up, "Harry im sorry, i know yo-" there was a hand covering my mouth, i moved it, "harry just listen." i whispered. "im sorr-" the hand covered my mouth again, "Harry stop.," my eyes finally adjusted, "y-y-your not harry." i moved away, "ELEANOR." i scream, she busted up on her feet, "ELEANOR." i screamed again, the man lunged towards me. "ELEAN-" i was on the floor being straddled, "HELP." i screamed, the lights came on, "ELE-" "BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP." I had tears wanting to free themselves from my eye lids, Eleanor stood in shock, he got up and went to her, i crawled my way to my phone and hid behind the bed, i called Liam knowing her would stay calm, "STAY ON THE BED," he yelled in eleanors face, You could hear eleanor crying, Liam answered, "kenzie we are on stage." he whispered. i put the phone on the bed 

Liams POV

  "kenzie we are on stage." i said into my phone, which went through the whole stadium because my ear piece, "TAKE YOU SHIRT OFF NOW." i heard, i look to the boys. Louis came to me first and took the phone "kenzie." His face went pale. he handed it back to me "Kenzie." "liam.,. this guy,, he is raping Eleanor." she whispered crying, I looked around and louis was talking off stage, "EVERYONE WE ARE SORRY BUT WE HAVE TO FINISH UP EARLY." i said in the microphone. i looked at the boys who were off stage, i took my ear piece off "Kenzie where are you," "i.. am.. crawling to the door... with bri." "What about El." she didn't answer. "kenzie." i heard screams, "LIAM." "KENZIE." men guided us to the car, "Kenzie," i asked again, "no this is Brad." "Dont hurt here." i sat in the car, "Please dont hurt her." "its already done." he breathed. The line went flat. i froze with the phone to my ear listening the the flat line. "What are they saying," "Who was it,?" "LIAM." the boys shouted questions to me. i put the phone down letting a tear slip. "its already done." i whispered letting another. The car went silent, "DRIVE FASTER." harry shouted.

   The car stopped "here." I was the first running to the room, i moved my hand around in my pocket for the key. i slipped it in and out. I pushed the door opened, Briana was crying in her crib i grabbed her looking around, i opened he bathroom door and Eleanor was naked in the tub with Kenzie half clothed. I bent down to kenzie, "el." louis whispered grabbing her shoulders, "Kenzie. come on wake up." she moved her head slightly. "Kenzie im not playing get up." harry moved me away, "Kenzie, wake up " "Niall call the cops." i said pointing him out, I rubbed my head walking to to the beds i sat down but standing up slamming my fist in the wall. How could we let this happen. I looked over at Niall who kept his eyes on me, harry walked out holding kenzie bridal way, then louis same with Eleanor, Louis covered her up in a blanket, Harry sat her down putting her bra on and he shirt and pulling her pants up all the way, Kenzie sat up, i moved to her slowly, "kenzie, what happened." i asked in a calm voice "shes not talking." harry sighed, she looked towards me and at Briana then at the hole in the wall,  "cops  are on there way." niall said putting his phone away, I looked at Eleanor who was struggling to sit up. i looked at kenzie, her eyes were black and her lip was busted, she had scratches up her arms, "kenzie please talk." she looked away from everyone.

Kenzies POV

   i was lifted on the stretcher, "ma'am. i need your name." i didnt answer, "kenzie kaye." Liam said for me, "Shes not talking?" the man asked, i nodded, i looked over and seen eleanor being drove off to the hospital. "shes gonne be okay." Liam told me, i didnt answer or change my facial expression. I was  lifted in the ambulance, i screamed out in pain as it moved my body painfully, "Kenzie its okay.," i let tears fall. "her ribs are broken." harry said behind, "only 1 person." Liam looked at harry and harry looked at Liam, "ill stay. and drive up in a minute." Harry said, liam nodded taking my hand.

Liams POV

  I took kenzies hand as they put oxygen on her, "its just in case." the man said, i looked back at kenzie. "Your gonna be okay. i promise." Thing was i didnt know if i could keep this promise, so much smut has happened since we met. i can try though, 

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