Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


24. ,

, Kenzies POV

   "Yea just meet us there." Louis said to Zayn in the phone while driving, he hung up and both hands were put on the wheel. The GPS told us to turn left, "So are you gonna miss the concert tomorrow for this." I asked, "Kenzie we are gonna find her today." louis said taking my hand. Harry cleared his voice in the back, "We aren't broken up." he said removing our hands and taking mine, i snatched it back, "Yea but i can be mad at you." i said. Louis let out a smirk, The GPS spoke again telling us we are at our destination. "are you sure this is his house." I asked, "Zayn said it was." louis sighed,  We waited about 7 minutes and Zayns car pulled up. He pulled up next to ours rolling Liams window down, "Park farther down aways," and drove up farther. We followed him and we got out, Harry wiped off a few tears of mine, and took my hands in his holding them to his chest, "What ever happens.. know i love you,, fighting or not." he kissed my cheek softly. I let a few more tears slip and rested my head on him as we walked to the house, "Remember the plan," Zayn whispered as he knocked on the door, I stood in suspense,

   The door opened rather fast hitting the wall behind it, Some woman stood there, i starred in her eyes, as soon as noticed who she was holding, "BRIANA." i screamed as i lunged towards her. I felt a tug and i was pulled back, "ZAYN, LET ME THE FUCK GO.'' I screamed as the woman laughed, "Angie, just give Briana to us." Zayn said with a slow tone she laughed again and the door opened wider, "Lyric, why are you doing this." Zayn asked "YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHY." Lyric screamed, Angie as pushed back by Lyric, I wiped a tear off my cheek, Harrys hand entwined with mine. "Oh, how sweet momma is crying," Lryic said pushing Liam and Zayn out of his way to me. He took a peace of my hair and pushed it behind my ear, I pushed him away, His looks changed and he grabbed the hand Harry had and squeezed it tight, I felt my fingers numben, and i let out a tight sequel, Louis took Lyric by the  shirt pushing him back. "You touch her again, and ill kill you myself." he said in an evil tone, I clung to harry once more. he wrapped his arm around my neck holding me safe kissing the top of my head, He whispered "i love you." before letting go. He pushed his way threw the boys and barged in to his house, Lyric was in shock at first but soon had harry laying on the ground from a punch, Louis and Liam took there place on holding Lyric, while Niall threw some punches i had tears rolling and seen Angie run upstairs, i did what i had to and ran upstairs, There was only 2 doors one was closed and locked, i threw my body at it multiple times, i did one last time and fell to the ground, "OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR," i yelled, getting on my feet again, i had tears in my eyes and blurred vision, i heard movement again in the room, i slammed my fist in the door, "GIVE ME MY CHILD." i yelled,  I threw my body in to the door falling again, Footsteps came and Harry was beside me he had a bloody lip and first were full of blood and his eye was turning blue, "he is out cold." he smiled, "your face," i whispered, He threw is body in the door and it burst open, I ran in and seen her hanging her feet out the window, i grabbed her throwing her back, she layed on her back, harry grabbed Briana, "you ever, EVER touch my kid again it will be the last thing you do." i said , i stepped on her stomach kicking her side, she rolled over in pain, "kenzie, that wasnt the plan you can go to jail now." harry said shocked, "SHE STOLE MY BABY WHILE I WAS SLEEPING IM NOT GONNA LET HER GET AWAY WITH IT." 'jail maybe." harry said after, "I DONT CARE SHE NEEDED IT," i snatched Briana away kissing her nose and forehead and holding her tight to my body, Niall came storming in, "We have to go." he said in a rush. I held Briana close to me as we ran down stairs and out the door, Zayn had the car already pulled up i got in holding Briana, "Car seat," i said "Its okay." 

   We arrived at the police station,  Zayn started talking to the cop at desk, i sat with Louis playing with Briana, she started smiling, I had tears streaming as i kissed her and she would make a loud happy screech. Louis and I would laugh, "How old is she." Louis asked, "almost 3 months." i smiled. Harry sat next to me, "We are gonna post pone the concert tonight and it will be our last show." He said, i didn't bother listening to the rest of it.. Niall bent down in front of my asking for Bri,  i gave her a kiss and handed her off, I stood up and walked off to find a bathroom, "Kenzie where you going," Louis asked following me, "Ta pee." i sassed, He laughed and gave me a hug,. "What that for." i asked, "because i feel like since we met, we dont talk as much as we did." i nodded, "yea, how about i go pee before i burst, and we can go to lunch me and you."  he laughed and pushed me away to the bathroom, 

   I stood in the mirror looking at the bruises on my side, if the slightest touch i would let out a whine of pain. My side ribs looked mutated, my shoulder was in pain every move i made. i walked in the stall and pulled my pants down with my good side... I washed my hands as best as i could,. i opened the door and Louis stood there, "you okay," i smiled, "Never better." "Your lying lift your shirt." I gave him crazy eyes, "Kenzie ill do it my self." I slowly lifted my shit to my bra. "Kenzie." he whispered. "Im fine." "Kenzie you were almost in tears,. i heard you whine in pain.," he said, "and i hugged you,.... tight." "It didn't hurt," he gave me those eyes, "okay it hurt so bad i wanted to cry." "you could have broke ribs," he ran his fingers across my ribs i bit my lip to hold in a scream, "Kenzie," Niall whispered as he turned a corner, "Shut up about it k." i said, "NO Kenzie, you have to go to the hospital." Louis sighed, "Louis.. Niall. im fine. i can walk... and breathe, its not broke." i smiled. "we are going to the hospital ." Niall said, "NO. IM FINE." they stood for a second. "what did you do." Niall asked. "I slammed my body against the door, Angie locked." "how many times." Louis asked, "till i couldn't see straight." i sighed, "can you walk." "what have i been doing." i said fierce. Louis smirked, "are we done,  im hungry." i said annoyed, they nodded 

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