Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


14. .


    I woke up around 6 in my own room. After leaving Gemmas i realized she cares for me and i should care back. i mean i am having her niece. I took a shower and blew dry my hair i put on light make up and got in to sweats and and one of Zayns tees i took from him.

 Zayns Pov.

   I searched my bag for my Nirvana shirt for today's concert. I smiled as i remembered Kenzie took it. Harry stumbled into my room "Hungover." i said coldly He groaned. "You really hurt Kenzie last night, She non stopped texted on how she hates you and an abortion." I lied in a way. He looked at me. "I was drunnk i couldnt stop myself." "NO HARRY YOU COULDA, I WORRIED ALL NIGHT THAT I WOULD NEVER SEE HER FACE AGAIN BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU SAID, SHE CALLED 3 TIMES CRYING SAYING SHE IS READY TO DIE." i said telling the truth "I GOT NO SLEEP BECAUSE I WORRIED SHE WOULD NEVER WAKE UP."  i yelled at him, Louis walked in "Hey calm down." he whispered. i rolled my eyes. "harry tell Louis what you did last night ALL OF IT." i said. Louis stared at us wide eyed. "Cara Delevingne and I sorta had sex. and i told Kenzie to get an abortion." He whispered. Louis sighed slamming the door on his way out. "Kenzie is tearing us apart." He sighed slamming his bum on the coffee table. I slowly nodded. "But i like it in a way." i whispered to him. "Same."

  We walked off stage its been 3 days since we've heard from Kenzie and Harry wont let us call her. "She needs a break from us." he claims. I dont get it. She is holding his baby wouldn't you be by her side during everything. i would. 

  We sat on the tour bus talking about everything, We are getting more to our self's day by day, I texted Kenzie keeping eye contact with Niall who was talking to me about the football game tonight that i could give two shits about. I turned down my ringer and put my phone down on the table. "So what do you think." i zoned into reality again. "about the game." i nodded. "I thing yankees." "Your not listening. that's baseball." I sighed. "Sorry im really tired. i said going on my bed."

Kenzies Pov.

   4 days have past and me and Gemma are going shopping tonight, She convinced me not to get in abortion. I redid my make up and changed into  more outing clothes, High heels leggings and a loose forever21 top. I let my hair flow in waves. Gemma walked in "Reeady." she cooed. Nicole stood up. "Gemma." i rolled my eyes behind here causing her to laugh. I told Gemma Nicole's whole story. God she annoys me asking all dem questions.(lol) 

  My hands were full of new clothes and a Starbucks coffee which reminded me of Louis. We past a group of girls who stared at me. Me and Gemma gave each other odd looks. One girl walked up to us. "Will you sign this." she asked holding up a Magizene "KENZIE KAYE FRIENDS WITH HARRY STYLES PREGNANT." I felt my fist clenching and my heart pounding. I took it from her and signed. "GO AWAY. love kenzie." i threw it to her as nice as i could. I took out my phone and dialed Harry.

"HARRY FUCKING YOU." i yelled in the phone not saying his last for the teens passing us. 

"Kenzie what a lovely surprise." 


"No one calm down doll." i felt his nasty smile threw the phone.

"harry im not joking tell me, cause its all over the news and such." i said lowering my tone.

"Really i didnt tell anyone."

:What about the others" 


i hung up the phone. "We need to go." Gemma said before i could pointing at the group of fans running our way. We turned around booking it. "Im so done with fame." i said for her to hear. She grabbed my wrist pulling me in an ally. We started walking but as fast as we could we turned a few then we stopped. "I cant believe this." we said on sync. . "Nicole." she whispered. "Does she know?' she asked. I shook my head. "No i never told her." i said defending her. Wait what, why am i defending Nicole the skunk. 

  Gemma and I barged in my dorm "HOW DID YOU FIND OUT." i yelled pulling Nicoles Hair "OWW WHAT ARE YOU SAYING." she yelled back. "HOW DID YOU FIND OUT IM PREGNANT.'' "easy, you went to the bathroom, and i easdropped." she laughed. My body was pumping i was ready. I wanted to slap the shit outta her. I let go of her hair by pulling her to the ground. "Get your shit out." i whispered in her ear. She stood up. "i got 400 dollars from the press." she bragged. Gemma and I just watched her, She just got the things she needs. "Ill come by tomorrow." she said as she walked by i put my foot out like a 1st grader. She fell over as i shut the door. "i cant believe this." i said sitting down i grabbed my laptop to check twitter since i haven't been on since the boys came..

 "Im gonnna kill da child, dats my spot ffor my boo/@/someperson..naoldjf .." i read.

 "Im so happy for you stay strong.@ddlovato"   my face went to a shocked 'O' "Whats wrong." she said putting her phone down. "DEMI LOVATO FUCKING TWEETED ME. i screamed. "OMG. WHAT DID SHE say." she said back. "she is happy for me and to stay strong." i answered. I pushed my laptop down and did a lil happy dance. "Fucck yhea" i smiled

    I woke up and did my thing. All Nicole's stuff was gone she came in the middle of the night. I went to first hour and sat threw math and on to science my best class/ A student from another class came strolling in. "Sir i need Kenzie Kaye. She is leaving." I stood up kinda sad, what could be so important. I followed this kid who is Jay, "Why am i leaving." "O your not, someone is here for you. and it could take all day. Thats the only way to get out of his class." he smiled. He smile was bright, and beautiful. My phone went off. "Zaynnnie. : Hey you okay(: i misses you." i shut it kinda furiously. "Boyfriend?" i looked up "Nope, Friend." He laughed. "Harry." "Zayn." i sighed. "tell me." "Well When they left Zayn was the only one that said bye, Not even Harry My 'baby daddy' and i haven't talked to them in like 4 days. i mean you could text after a show during make up and just find time." i let a tear roll off my cheek. "They are changing me, I was the bad girl never cry girl, Now im soft girl gimme a teddy bear." i laughed, We turned into the office, Derek stood before me wearing his cop costume 'Hey whats up." i said hugging him. He hugged back "Nothing thought id stop by take you out I seen what was happening."

  We sat at Apple bees and just caught up and got to know each other, we have alot in common<3 ."I better get back Gemma probably needs me." i said as i finished up. He nodded. 

 As we drove back he kissed my cheek goodbye, I walked in and Gemma was there. "Hey whats up." "Nothing My room was boring." I laughed, "well its harry, he wont answer my texts or calls. "Did you try the others." she nodded. "Not even Liam?" she nodded."Concert." No Lottie went to the concert tonight with her boyfriend. and she texted me after." I nodded. "I dont know." I tried calling Zayn. No answer. Hmm "He never disses my call." i sighed, I tried Harry, It rang once and ended. "Harry totally hung up on the 1st ring." "He did that to me too." i sighed. I tweeted to Harry "If you wanna act like kids we can do it over twitter ayye?" It instaly had 400 RTs and 300 Favs and over 1000 reply's i sighed none where harrys. my phone buzzed it was Derek i ignored it and went back to talking to Gemma..

   Its my last day of school HOLLA, i had everything packed up and my posters down. In a way i forgot about One direction ive been so busy with everything else. Derek and Gemma. Jay and I are getting close. I drove off with gemma. "So where do you stay now." i asked. "im flying back in 3 days." i sighed. "I have my doctores thing today,, wanna come." i asked. "Duuh." she laughed

   At the doctors they put a type of LUBE lol on my tummy. Ive been getting bigger but im not sure im keeping it. "Im Dr, Coffee." She said smiling "kenzie." "Gemma."  i laughed at her. "What no one woulda asked me." She said. Her phone went off, "Ill be right back." She said walking offf, The doc showed me her head, and then you could make out the body your self. She printed pictured and wiped off the lube. (lol) Gemma came in. "Hey im going to New York instead of England. For The boys." She said. "Oh okay." Zayn said he would get me to New York. Well maybe he will call later.



 guess what...

 okay ill tell you

im going to Michigan Adventures,, For you who are in England or wherever its a rollarcoaster water park place. and i wont write for a few days. BOO 

Im really like drawing a lose to the ending and im close to it so if you want get me ideas.(: ayye. I wiish we could write on the app cos id write all day while im there.LOL

soo FOLLOW ME TWITTER im so close to 1K,(: @_WheresLarry_    Yes i ship larry so hard(: idfjiefr DM me if you want. ilysmm*:


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