Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


12. You cant

 Harrys Pov

  "Im pregnant" she whispered I stood in silence. "You gonna say something." She asked cocky.  "Its not mine. We used pr- SHIT." i cursed, Harry how could you be so stupid. i mentally slapped myself. "Well you can puke and claim your pregnant," i defended. "Harry. We had sex Im puking and i missed my period." i whispered as people walked past. I pulled her to the car and we sat on the boot. "Should we maybe go see if it made it threw.. Josh." i asked. She nodded slowly holding her head with her hands. I pulled her into a hug when i seen the boys staring at us. I looked at her and kissed her head. "We are gonna be fine.. I promise." i  whispered. She looked up with tears in her eyes and streaming down her cheeks falling to her legs. "What if its dead. Ill be the worst parent." she sobbed I put my arm around her and put my chin on her head. "its not i promise." I said slowly. "Dont keep a promise you cant keep. im still pissed at you." she said hopping off and going in the building, She came out with the boys and her refilled drink. I sat on the boot and lou came over. "Whats up with you too." he asked. "I think she can tell you this time." i said getting in the car next to Zayn, Kenzie sat by Liam and Niall. Louis drove. We sat in silence, "isnt Our lives together just a bowl of drama Kenzie what up with you." Zayn asked. She looked at me. "Im pregnant." she said calmly Louis stopped the car turnin back looking at me 'Im going to kill you." he mouthed.  "just drive." i mouthed back.

  "didnt you protect the nickers' Liam asked. "It was the heat of the moment" Kenzie sighed. i zoned out.. 

 The fans are gonna be so disappointed, Kenzie will have so much hate,

  "Harry.. Harry,,,, HARRY" Louis shouted. I snapped back. "Get out were at the hospital." i looked around Kenzie was no wheree. "Dont worry she is inside. But Really how could you be so stupid." Louis said smacking me upside the chin i bit the side of my cheek "and dont think about going with kenzie jus bcos you have a baby. Now take my hand." louis said harshly as we walked in the room. "How was the talk/" liam asked. "I Didnt talk much." i said grinding my teeth. "Okay boys if you would step outside so we can yhea know pull up her legs." Kenzie looked at.  "Harry wanna stay." She asked. I nodded. then Louis slapped my back. "you know i really have to pee so have Liam." I said She looked at Liam. "Im here." Liam said taking her hand. 

kenzies pov.

    Liam took my hand. the door shut. "You know, i have feelings for you." he whispered. "Mrs.Kaye if you would, put your feet here and here." Dr, Mic said. I looked at Liam putting my feet up and she guided them down. "What about Dani." i asked. "We broke up ages ago. i just kept it a secret." He laughed. 

  "Your baby is fine, it has a bruise but its healing rather fast." Dr.mic said "is it a boy or girl." Liam asked. Dr looked at me I nodded. "Well its hard to see but in my eyes it looks like a girl." I smiled down to myself. 19 and pregnant whoop. "Would you like your friends back in." Dr.Mic asked. "I shook my head i think im good" Liam looked at me pulling a chair and rewinding our hands. "I like you too." i said as she walked out. He smiled at me leaning in. I turned my head. "But." he looked at me confused. "i dont know what i want ive had sex with harry, a baby with harry, kissed Lou and I like Zayn. Im confused right now.. Can We... I just find what i like first." I asked in a way. He nodded slowly and kissed my cheek. "Want the boys." He asked."Uh,  Actually.No." I smiled. "Id like to be alone... If that's okay." I said. "okay just text me ill be out in the hall." He said leaving.. 

   I pulled my legs over setting them on the ground, i wiggled my toes and slowly raised putting all pressure on my good side. I slightly put more and more weight on the other and took a step. Painful but bearable. i took another and another giving myself physical therapy. I let out a little cry when i stubbed my toe causing myself to put all pressure on my bad side. I bit my finger standing up again. I walked to my phone holding in the scream that wanted to escape my lips.  I stood thinking on what that number was, i shoulda followed my gut and saved it. "810-777-5499" i dialled "Hello is this Joey Kaye." i asked with a girly voice more high pitched. "Yes who is this." he answered. i smiled. "This is Crissy Macinda calling to recall the address." "What." "A man called David Kaye has ordered a beer pong set and he didnt record his address." I said in the voice. "Ohh i shoulda known he got another. Well Our address iss 1111 hill rd." "Thanks so much tell David his package will arrive in 3 office days. have a good one."

     I hung up and turned around to 5 boys standing upon me. They both started laughing. "SHUT UP AND HELPP ME TO MY FUCKING BED, IM IN SO MUCH PAIN YOU CAN SUCK YOUR OWN TITS." I  groaned letting out a sob holding my hip. the laughing stopped. "You should get different pain pills while your here." Niall said setting me down. "No they are fine we need to go now." I said "Why, who was that," liam asked.  I took a minute and smiled. i was so happy inside, i finally talked to joey. i mean im not fond of him but he is my brother i miss him so much. "Kenzie." Louis asked. "it was Joey." i said smiling.

  We drove off putting 1111 hill rd in the GPS. '3 hours and 19 minutes.' it said. I sighed and leaned on harry ready for another nap. "Kenzie." Harry whispered. I looked at him. "We are gonna keep it right." he asked. I looked down and everyone looked at my but Louis who was driving but was well aware ready for answer. I sighed. i looked at Harry. "Yes? no? maybe?" he asked. I sighed again. "maybe." i looked down at my hands. "i just dont want her to grow up and miss her dad bc famous gumdrop boyband." everyone laughed for a second. "She." Harry smiled. I nodded. "Darcy." i looked up and smiled. "Yea.. NO i hate that name, i sounds like a grandma, like 'hey this is darcy she is 7 years old and has a 78 old name.' NO harry." i defended. "Damm i love her." Niall laughed. Harry sighed. "We have 9 months to think of another." i said smiling wiggling his chin He kissed my hair line and rested his head on mine and soon snoozed off.

  "Kenzie." i looked at Zayn. "So, is this your brothers house." I nodded. 'O and what exatly are we going there for." he asked. "My mom is in ohio and they are there also." i sighed. "Zayn" He looked back at me "what about the concerts." he sighed "post pone them" i sighed with. 

Everyone fell asleep but me and Louis. "Ayye didnt he get your left side." Louis asked. I nodded. "Wanna drive." He asked. I nodded,, He pulled off to the side switching around. At first it hurt but it went away. I just wish this damm leg would heal.

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