Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


4. Woahly Hell


     Kenzies POV

  I gathered myself at the door, waiting to see my mother again. When i opened the door she was sitting on the kitchen counter. "MOM" i screamed she jumped off and hopped in my arms. "Ohh kenzie i missed you." "I seen you 2 weeks ago." i laughed, "I dont care, Im tired i think im off to bed ive been waiting forever. I love you, g'niight." 'Love you too mum." I whispered. 

 I looked in the fridge  for any  type of snack food and soda cans, I got as mush as i could carry and wondered up stairs, "Louis?" i called. He opened the door for me. I set everything on my bed. I stood and looked as one direction was standing upon me. Louis Hugged me "We got off to a bad start. maybe restart?" he whispered. i nodded

   "Hii im Niall." The blonde one said. "I know all of you, im a Directioner." "Well im Zayn, and i think a proper meeting is nice," I laughed, "Hello Zayn." i said as he kissed my hand, :Hello love im harry." I turned around and made a inhuman face, fuck.. that voice., i turned around. "hello harry," i smiled as he pulled me into a hug, "Im Liam. Nice to meet you. Louis talked a shit ton about you." I looked at Louis and he was completely red "Well Hello Liam." He kissed my cheek. "FUCK, British boys." i moaned. They all laughed.

   "Whats the plans for tomorrow?" Zayn asked. "Uhm Whats good here." Harry asked. "Well nothing really, We could drive to Ohio and go to cedar point?" "NO" Louis moaned, "Fans would eat us." Liam laughed. "Niall spit some ideas." Louis said. "We should go to a costume shop and get some stuff and go see a movie and such," Niall said "That sounds fun." Harry clapped. what a goon. 

   "Okay Grown Ups, Norbit, or Life of Pi,." I said throwing the movies at them. I sat down and let them discuss. I started eating my pringles."Life of Pi," louis said. "K....." there was an awkward silence, "Put it in." I said hanging the n;  Niall laughed. Louis groaned and stood up starting the movie. He sat next to me snuggling up in my lap. I didn't mind id rather not be so close. I really dont wanna grow REAL feelings. 

 "AAaHH." Harry screamed. "keep it down my mother is down the hall." i said. "that tiger scared the hell outta me." "you know something gonna pop out the music stops and he starts shaking. so theres no need," I said sternly. "Well Louis, you got a control freak." "Im not a control freak."i said getting annoyed. "Dont loss your temper." harry joked. "Your a snob." i said under my breathe, Harry paused the movie. "a snob. snob really thats the best you got." "Really you would never be this way to a fan," i fake laughed. "Your not a fan." "Okay, yep im not. cause your in my house, staying the night for two day. a fan would never let this happen." "she got a point." Louis said. "Shut up." harry said pissed off. "Harry." Louis gasped. "Really this is stupid start the movie" Liam said. "No," harry said. "Why, theres no more to be said. Start the movie Liam please." i said. "No, i have loads to say," he stopped "Say it." "Uhm Your a crack baby." 'Thanks. You know." "Kenzie stop." louis said. 'No." I stood up "I am a crack baby. My dad did crack fro 19 till his death. so thanks. You know he did acid weed. and anything else.So  your right. you got your point threw." i went to the bathroom next to my room. i sat on the counter and stared at my teary eyes. and seen the little scar poking threw my shirt. I remember it like it was just days ago. 

  A knock threw me out of  my thoughts. "Kenzie come out.," Louis whispered. i wiped the last falling tear and shook my head. I hopped off the counter and opened the door. Louis pushed me in the bathroom almost slamming the door. "Why on gods green earth would you say that. You just met them-" i stopped him there. "I just met you too.... ISSAC," He frowned. "We are not gonna get along are we?" he asked. "No. Were two different people." He stepped back to the door. "Please just stop.. Try to get along with Harry,, and the rest." "If he says anything. Im gonna back fire. you should know me. Everything i told you was true.. Besides my pic." He laughed. "got that right." 

  We both walked in my room together. Louis raised a brow at harry, then at me. I knew what he ment and so did Harry we both shook that thought. I layed on my bed. "Were are we sleeping. "Four doors down on the left or right." I turned on the Tv and grabbed my laptop. Everyone walked out the door.

    Harry shut the door. "Uhm." i said. He stomped over to me and grabbed me chin looked me right in the eyes and kissed me. It was.. like i read about in Imagines... It felt right.. Like sparks were shooting around us. Are lips were in sink and our heads were moving left to right, I wrapped my fingers in his hair pushing my laptop aside with my legs. My hands fell to his cheek as i got on my knees. I was towering him as he sat on my bed. Never breaking. "harry," i whispered out of breath our foreheads were touching still he gave me one last peck on the lips. "Ohh Uhm Im Sorry I Should Of Never Said What I Did." he said before leaving me.

   I sat down on bed catching my breath. i starred at the door hoping he would come back for more. I finally layed back down and got my laptop. "Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have followed you." My mentions were die bombing with hate and love. "Im SO HAPPY FOR YOU.. A LARRY FOLLOW." or "YOU DIDN'T EVEN TWEET THEM YOU DONT NEED IT." My followers went from 2,000 to 10,000 in seconds. @IssacTheGreat" Deactivating. (: Got what i wanted." i RTed it. 



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