Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


13. Why cant I


     i stopped at a rest stop so i could get some sleep, Dads house was right down the freeway."Kenzie." i shook my head. "Kenzie wake up." I opened my eyes "Go away."i said." Kenzie. Come on we need to go." i sat up and Harry was the only one awake. "I have to pee." he said. I got out and went with him, i bought a can of monster and took my pain meds. Harry walked out and sat on a type of half bar, "Do you really wanna keep her." he asked. "Well, Your gonna be gone and you wont see her." He nodded. "So, We can Skype face time you can come on tour with her." I shook my head, "Ill keep her unless something happens down the road." He nodded. "I dont want you going mad at your dads, for her sake." I looked at him "Its my mom, im gonna do what i can." i said sternly. I walked back to the car and woke everyone up, Harry sat in the passenger.

   As we drove he put his hand on my thigh i forced a smile and kept on. "turn left on hill rd." my heart dropped as the gps spoke. "turn left to 1111 hill rd." it said again. My body started tingling. i took out my phone and dialed the last number, "Hello." it was David. i hung up quickly. "Talk to him, act like a salesperson i cant. Sell him a beer pong table." i said handing it to Harry. he put the phone to his ear. "Hello sorry lost connectivity." harry said looking at me. "Uhm, can i sell you a beer pong table." "Yes and uh, are you home sir." Harry nodded his head to me. My body was pumping and i couldn't feel my legs,  "Okay sir thanks for your time." harry hung up. 'He is home." harry sighed.

   I got out. "I can go alone, park in the next drive way,, if i go in for more then 10 mins call the cops pleasee." i sighed Harry got out walking to my side. "Keep her safe." i nodded as he kissed my softly on the lips "and you, dont do anything stupid." he laughed. Harry got in the drivers and Louis got in the passenger. I stepped to the door way and watched them drive to the driveway. My heart was pounding. My breathing was going harder and harder, What ever i do can change my life, possibly forever, I knocked three times and the door swung open. I flinched covering my face. "Hello." i heard i peeked my head up slightly. "Joey." i asked. "Yes. I lifted my head all the way. He pulled my wrist into the house, i caught a glimpse of harry He looked pissed and was getting out of the car. I was fully in and i was shaking. "Kenzie." He whispered playing with my hair and boobed my nose. i kept my eyes closed. "Kenzie, its fine." I opened my eyes. and David stood upon me and Joey, "dad." i whispered. His frown turned to a smile in a way. "Your not,,, gonna. do anything." i whispered in fear. "Kenzie." I looked over and Mum was in the kitchen. I pushed Joey out of the way running to mom. "Mom your okay. I was so worried, you had me sick Sherry said you would be here." i said holding her face in a hug, "I love you" she whispered i smiled. I looked at joey. "Joey." i said hugging him and pulling in dad into a hug. "Im so sorry i Missed you all so much." i said letting out a little sob. David picked me up and that's when i knew i should of never did this, He twirled me around. Oh never mind i laughed at myself. We sat down and talked. I looked at the clock "Wheres the bathroom?" i asked David. "down the hall left." he answered.

  I ooked at the bathroom and and pulled out my phone, 1 text. "is it okay. im calling the cops." harry texted I called him "Im fine. Just mom is here and i dont know, She looked like she didnt want me here." "Just, be safe i called the cops. i didnt know." I frowned a bit "Okay ill come out soon." i hung up and flushed the toilet and walked out. "Hey i want you guise to meet someone." i said. Dad looked at me and smiled. "No thanks." he whispered. "What." i said hanging the T. "your not leaving us again." Joey said, I looked at my mom and a tear slipped off her cheek. "Why did you come here mom\. you knew id come for you." i half yelled. There was a knock on the door. "COme in." i yelled. Harry and the boys barged in. I ran to there side "What going on." Niall said "Leave pretty boys." David said. "How original." i laughed David pointed his finger and guided it to him. I shook my head. "GET YOUR ASS over here." he yelled. "Did you call the cops." i whispered Harry nodded. I slowly walked his way. I looked back and They stared at me, like how much of an idiot i am. He grabbed my arm and threw my to joey. Joey took me grabbing my waist. "Its okay ill get you out." He whispered I sighed at him because how could i believe him.. 

  He took my hand and walked us backwards, he pushed me into a room "Window." he whispered running back. I took out my phone while climbing out, Once i was on the ground i texted zayn." get out." Cops were lined up out the door. One ran to me. "Get them out. One direction are in there." i said calmly. He lifted his hand making a peace sign. The cops at the door barged in. Screams and "Get on the ground. The cop took me to a car, The boys came running out. Harry grabbed me pulling my waist running away. I heard a gun shot, Me and Harry both went behind our car. "LET ME GO," David yelled. "Who did he shoot." i yelled. looking. We stood up and took a few steps up. They pulled Joey out on a gerny. My mom was by his side pushing his hair back. "I dont trust him." i whispered as Harry pulled me closer. "I know." he said.. We both watched as the drove off. The boys came up silent "The cops wanna see you." Zayn said. "Oh harry they are taking us to the airport and we are going to The next concert," Niall finished. "Now." i asked. Louis looked at me and nodded. I backed up holding in tears, I turned around walking to the cop. "ready boys." a cop said passing me. I slowly wiped a tear. "looks like we are going threw this alone." i said looking back talking to the baby. Harry didn't even look at me after the cop passed me Zayn came running to my side. "Next break we are flying you to the tour." He said Hugging me. I smiled "good." i smiled.I watched harry get in the car. " Hes not gonna care for the baby is he." i asked zayn. "Truth, Probably not." He said kissing my cheek. "Your a good friend." i laughed kissing his lips softly, He smiled "Ill call you soon." he said walking away. 

   A cop called Derek guided me to his car. "Uhm you can sit on the hood." he said. "Im new at this so im just gonna ask like limit of 5 questions. Maybe." he smiled "Well if you job is making me feel comfortable after what just happened your doing good" I smiled "Well, good. Buuut. Did your dad ever have a 'villen' past?" "Yes." "Oh, explains, What happened." I smiled a little "Just you know murder, got away with it. Rape got away with it. the usual." "I can see you make a laugh out of it." "Yhea i dont like it to depress me." i lied "I think that's all. Here is my number ill call if anything happens." he winked.  I smiled walking back to the car, I checked my phone No text or calls from Harry. 

  I slowly drove back home. i have school tomorrow. I walked in packing all my stuff and instantly leaving in depression I  called mom to make sure she is safe. "Hey hunny." she said smiling through the phone. "Are you home." "Pulling in right now. You okay." "yea im off back to college sorry i didnt wait up." 'its fine call me tomorrow love you." i hung up saying my good bye.

   I pulled into college putting my stuff i brought with in my dorm, "Hi your Kenzie." a girl said as i walked in. "Im Nicole Your new room mate." she smiled. "Hi," "Your Kenzie, The one that was with One Direction and got a Larry follow." "Yep that me. The boy band that broke my heart."  She frowned. "im in love with them. What happened." "You wouldn't believe me if i told." She frowned again. "im off to sleep " i said changing and drifting in my bed.

  i layed in bed awake. Nicole was on the phone all night also. "No I swear Its Kenzie She is my room mate." she said laughing. "Yhea she wont budge." BUDGE ON WHAT. you dont need to know my life story with them snob. "Yea ill try more. Bye boo i love you." she said hanging up I closed my eyes forcing myself to fall asleep.  *beep beep* My phone caused me to open my eyes. "You awake." Nicole asked. I didn't respond but opened my phone. Zayn: Open the link . he said. I opened it 

    "Harry Styles And Cara Delevingne one night stand after leaving the Bar."

 i closed the link and called him hopping off bed, Nicole watched "Zayn what is that." i said closing the door. 

"Didnt you read it."

"Yes but, Is it true."

"Kenzie, Im sorry." I slid down the wall of the halls. 

"Your lying." I whispered letting out a tear. I never cry anymore, What had happened. these boys are changing me.

"No, She is right next to me." he whispered. 

"Wheres Harry." i asked standing up walking. "Miss you need to be in your dorm." a woman called. I pointed to the bathroom." walking in. 

"He is here wanna talk to him." 

"NO, id rather die." he repeated it to Harry. "ZAyn i didnt mean tell him."

"Kenzie." harry asked.. i sighed  letting go.

"Im getting an abortion." i said into the phone. " if you really cant act like your gonna be a dad, im not gonna go threw with this." I sighed in the phone. 

"i dont care i dont wanna be a dad." he said, His drunk words slithered in my head. repeating it "Because you child will be hideous." 

"Your gonna regret that." i said letting tears fall faster and faster. 

"i only had sex with you so Louis would be more into me." "Kenzie." that was Zayn,

 "I hate him." i cried in the phone. 

"Kenziuh. He is just drunk. I will regret it tomorrow."

"NO IM DONE WITH HIM." i cried out. "Can i call you later."

"Dont do anything stupid. and dont give the baby up." he whispered.

i hung up "Miss..... Dorm now." i nodded walking down the hall D46. I looked i knocked on the door and a wide awake Gemma opened pulling me in. "KENZIE." she yelled. "your crying." she whispered. "I heard you meet one direction." she smiled. I nodded. "Harry. " "No please dont say his name." i laughed wiping a tear. "He is my brother." she laughed. I looked at her. "what happed?" Could i tell her she is his brother, but she could tell his mom. "Promise." i asked. She smiled "Harry and I had sex.... and im pregnant." She looked at me shocked. "and im getting an abortion." "NO you cant." i laughed "You shoulda heard what he just told me.... and he just slept with Cara Delevingne." i almost yelled standing up "I mean he has the nerve to call and say my child is hideous." i yelled waving my hands around. "ill give him a call." she  said sitting down. 

 I sat while she talked to Harry i didnt listen. I could get an abortion i mean i can always have another kid with a man i love. But i love harry. No i dont he is just a womanizer. I cant, its a child... But why cant I.

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