Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


8. Why, and How.

Liams Pov.

    Kenzie jumped out of the hot tub running inside you could see her petite figure jumping on someone "OMG Your here , WHaaay HOW." She laughed. "I know, I just thought id stop and say hi, i miss you." We heard a man speak.  We all looked protective and got out Harry walked up to Kenzie Wrapping his arm to her waist. "Whos this." The Harry asked. "Oh this is my uhm ex boyfriend Josh." She laughed. "After we broke we just became bestfriends." she finished.  "Whos this" the man Josh asked. "Really." Harry sassed. "Im Harry Styles." he said Josh looked confused "One Direction." i said standing by Harry "Biggest Boyband in the world" Louis said taking Kenzies hand. "Man im just shitting you. I know, my sister is like a big fan," He said smiling. "You saved her life.. Actually." Kenzie gave him a hug. "Oh, And thanks." He said. We all looked at each other and knew. "Kenzie can we talk." I asked pulling her. "we are gonna stay another night." "YOU CANT  PAUL.-" "We know but she is more important can we meet his sister." Louis asked. Kenzie looked at Josh and back at me and told us to stay walking away, they started whisperering and then hugging and she kissed his cheek. she grabbed his hand and pulled him over to us. "Thank you." he whispered to us. "Lets go." Zayn said. Josh rode with Kenzie and then the boys in another car. "I dont like her riding with him alone." Zayn said. "I dont thing any of us do." Harry said with anger slipping threw his teeth.

Louis' Pov.

     "Harry Uh, Mate i dont mean to be rude but, Please lay off." I whispered. "im just saying i came to meet her and well you know." I finished. "I cant help she likes me Harry whispered back I mentally slapped him. "Ohhhhh," Zayn laughed "Harry thinks she likes him" "NO, i knoow she likes me." Harry said proud. "Oh Yea mate, hows that," I said annoyed. He smirked. "NO YOU DIDNT," I Yelled. His smile grew. "Harry." Niall Said. "Good job."  '"Niall." I yelled. "What, Anyone would love to get in with her." he defended. "Hows that?" i fake laughed. "Shes fit, great personality, funny, sensitive" Everyone said "Nice Bum" Zayn laughed. I rolled my eyes. "Fuck you." I mumbled, "Louis you cant be mad, You said we could have an ope-" I DONT CARE. I WAS JOKING." I laughed. 'You cant date her ither." Harry said.. "I WASNT GONNA, I WAS JUST GONNA PROTECT HER. you dont know her like i do." i defended. Everyone went quite. "Protect her then bc im done." Harry said holding in a tear. "Fine see if i care." i calmly said turning to the window. You could feel the tension it was strong and scary, Harry couldn't be real about this he had to be joking. I looked down and harry removed his hand off my thigh looking towards the dashboard. I felt my eyes sting and tears started flooding. i didnt make any sound but tears streamed. 

Kenzies Pov.

    We drove down to Joshs house and as we pulled in i seen louis slamming the car door."Hey one sec." i said running to Louis. "Hey whats wrong." i frowned grabbing his hand. He pulled away "As if i trusted you." I stood in my place confused and watched him walk away following Josh "Harry." i cooed running to his side. "Whats up with Lou?" i asked. "Us." he laughed. "Why," "Sex." he answered. I sighed. walking into joshs. "BRRI." i cooed. Bri came running down stairs. "Kenzie, I missed you." She laughed. Bri was only 2 years younger then Josh so 17. Josh went outside. "We have a surprise." i said. holding her hand. She looked down at it "Trust me." i whispered. I opened this door and walked her out.. "Bri this is Harry Zayn Niall and Liam." Josh spoke. "Wheres Lou." I whispered to Josh. "One Direction its you. at my house. Without Louis." The boys looked down the line."Wheres Louis."Harry asked worried. "Larry Moment." She Almost screamed. "UhM" i said pointed down at the end of the drive way. "Louis phone." Niall mumbled. I pulled Harry away from everyone. "What the fuck really happened." I yelled. "I broke  up with him." he whispered. "Larry is real." i asked. "Not anymore." he sighed. I punched his gut and and stomped away. "Why have to look for him." i sighed. Harry stumbled back "Get in the car ride with Josh Please." i asked bri nodded

  Whil we pulled out i started yelling every stupid thing about harry. "YOUR SO IMMATURE," i said finishing up my scream "You had sex with me." he said. "IT WAS A MISTAKE." i yelled. "THEN WHY. YOU SHOULD THING BEFORE YOU ACT," "Youd know much about that ayye." "IM DONE. WERE DONE." He said "WE HAD NOTHING." i reminded him "you can break up with Louis but not with me hun." Everyone looked at me "YES I FUCKING KNOW NOW TURN AROUND." i shouted, the ride went silent. "Turn down here." i said pointing down an ally way. "he isnt stupid he wont be down here." "Stop the car,": i said getting out.

    I ran to the end of the narrow ally and turned down another, "Louis, I know your here." i said calmly. "I want you to know i love you. and harry and i meant nothing." i whispered. A shadow started walking to me. As he got closer i seen it. "Oh sorry." i said as he passed. "I thought you were someone else." He looked at me "What is a pretty girl like yourself doing down here, aint no place for rich girls, rich girls die back here." he laughed. I stomped away from him. "Louis." i yelled. "Kenzie he isnt here" harry yelled from another lane.

    "Louis." i seen. I kneed down to him. he held his knees to his chest. "Im sorrry. I just need to be alone." He whisperd. Harry found his way to us. "Lou,.. im so glad your okay, you had me worr-" 'Shut up you snob." Louis growled.  "Louis. He loves you, what we did was stupid and YOU know if i knew we two were a.. thing id pushed him away." i whispered, Harry put his head in his hand. "Kenzie go." he whispered.

    I stood up and went a few feet away, Zayn stood inches away so i walked closer, He had a ciggerate in his hand, I snatched it away and put it in my mouth, "Woah you smoke?" he asked. "Now i do," i laughed. "What a crazy fuckin day."  Zayn nodded. "You really had sex with Harry?" i nodded letting out a puff of smoke and handing it back to him. We both stood in silence, Louis found his way to our circle and Harry pushed past us. "What happened?" zayn asked. We both looked at Lou. "Uh, We are taking a break." he laughed holding  his neck. I gave him a hug. 

Harrys Pov.

   I stumbled to the car and told Liam to sit in the back, Everyone was in the car Kenzie drove And i sat in the passenger, Zayn Liam and Niall sat in the back and Louis went with Josh and Bri. It felt awkward in the car like everyone was downing my option on leaving Louis. Its just a break, i mean ill be with him again. I promised myself. 

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