Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


7. Who and How.


  Heyy, im like screaming bc of how much you guys like my story. So Favorite it and shuff,(: ilysm. 


Kenzies Pov.

      I woke up and did my daily thing.. Shower, Blow dry hair, straighten hair, make up, got dressed, and watch tv.. Niall and Zayn walked down stairs laughing and smiling like idiots and seen me sitting and kinda chuckled at me. "Whats so funny." i smiled. They shook there head holding in smiles. "oookay, well i was thinking since you leave tomorrow we could just stay here my mom is inviting her friends over so we can just chill and say i met you yesterday." They both nodded. "Uhm Lunch is on the table." i said leavin to the backyard. I stood by the cracked door and listened. 

  Zayns Pov

       As soon as she left we both busted out laughing. "And.. and,, annnnnd when Harry kissed her when she moved. Damm she will be pissed." i laughed. "Why is this so funny." Niall said holding his hat on has he fell back. "Ohh booi. I cant wait to see this cat fight." I said calming down. "I wonder if she will even react,"  I stated "Oh yeaa.  Tina is her cousin Zayn. Course she will. The best is she doesnt even know WE know they kissed the first time." Niall said Biting his lip. I chowed down on the hamburgers left in the kitchen.

 Harrys Pov.

     I woke up alone knowing i went to sleep with Kenzie. I sat up ripping my hands into my curls, Kenzie popped her head in, then her full body was almost slamming the door. "Uhm Hazz we need to talk." she said roughly. "Doll come here." I said Patting the bed next to me. "No. Im fine" she choked. "Well okay what is it Doll." i asked. "Uhm Well, Last night when i woke you up i asked what we are, and friends was your answer." i said shyly then straightening my voice out. "Did I?" he said more as a question to himself. 'What do you wanna be?" He continued, "Well your going on tour so we cant be anything." i sighed walking to his side. "Come and  we-." "School." i interrupted "Ohh right." He sighed. "Well then i need to say." He said pausing "You kissed tina?" i suggested "How did you-" "Zayn and Niall.. i heard the convo ,, they are waiting to see if we fight.. me and tina." i laughed. Harry scratched his neck "Thats stupid." He laughed "Im not mad if your wondering." I smiled. 

Kenzies Pov.

    Tina left earlier then Auntie said and i was kinda happy the way she looked at Harry and Louis. She just screamed whore. I love her but she can take a chill pill and calm her hornyness. Louis shook me outta my thoughts "Kenzie its almost 4, what you wanna do." "Lets swim?" i asked. "trunks." Niall said. "You can use a few of my brothers." i said walking to get them. I tossed them at them and went into my room and got in mine. I felt eyes on my and as soon as i turned around with my suit fully on i seen Harry smirking. He wrapped his arms around my waist "Your so fit." he whispered in my neck sucking on my collar bone. I tilted my head back allowing him so. His hands found the strings holding my top on and unwrapped them, "Harry." I teased. He let out a mmhm. My hands found his buckle and undid it letting his trunks fall to the ground.Harry walked me back to my door locking it and stumbled to the bed never letting go of my collar bone. "Harryy." i moaned. He laughed into my neck and moved to my lips. He took my top that was hanging around my neck and slipped it off and i the same time pushing my bottoms off. He pushed me on the bed a bit harsh but it felt right. He took my legs and leaned them on his shoulders and let his tongue find its was down yonder. (wut..  I twisted my fingers in his straight curls. My back arched up as he tongue explored inside me. He exited and licked from my stomach to my neck "What a tease." i  said pulling him close to me. He looked into my eyes and I knew what i was in store for. 

Harrys Pov. We were laughing like lil kids as i tied her bikini top. She forced a straight walk for the door. I laughed at her. "Need help." i laughed holding her side, We walked out as Liam did in the room ahead. "Uh," i laughed Harry let go laughing and i stumbled into the wall. Then i was laughing, i was on the ground laughing, harry was bent back laughing clapping like a seal. Liam had no chose to laugh. "What just happened." he asked when we calmed. "Nothing." harry said pulling me along. "I promise you ill come back." he whispered in my ear. He held my waist as we walked into the back yard. "Fuck its like our house but better." Niall said then pushing Louis in. Louis came up laughing and pulling Niall in, Harry pushed Liam in and Zayn tried pushing me in but i pushed him in first. Harry and I fought over who was getting in first When i was free i jumped in leaving Harry laughing. 

  After a game of Marco Polo like lil kids we all just sat in the hot tub talking about tomorrow, "Wait, tomorrow is the 8th right." i asked. Louis nodded. "Uhm." i said starting to count. "I have one week left of collage." I said happy. Harry laughed and winked at me. I think i knew what he wanted to say. I looked away from in and at Louis He was talking on the phone to i think he said Paul. "No No, We are down town we just wanted to escape everything and become normal teens." he almost shouted. "I dont care, we are staying till tomorrow,"  Everyone heard Paul yell "Louis get your asses back here today." Louis didn't answer only hung up. "Why didn't he call me." Liam asked "He always calls me." "You didn't answer the three times." he said. "We have to go." Louis spoke again. I sighed Now i have school and then ill never see them again for a while. 

  Harry found his way to me and knew for some odd reason I was dying inside. I didn't want them to leave, They made me forget everything and i like that feeling. "I offered you to come." he whispered. "School and id have to ask my mum. She wont let me run off with a boy band." I whispered back. "Kenzie just say its a collage trip." Niall whispered. Harry an I both started laughing "Harry sucks at whispering." Louis whispered for everyone to hear. "KEENZZIE." i heard in the house. I jumped out knowing who it was. "Oh MY FUCKING GOD WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE." i yelled 

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