Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


9. Where, and How

Louis' Pov.

     We drove back to Kenzies I rode with Josh and Bri. She is pretty cool, she feel asleep on my shoulder while i played with her hair shes only 17.. shame. "Aye uhm thanks for doing this, she talks a shit ton of you." Josh said laughing a bit, "Ohh so she fancy me." i asked He looked confused "She likes me a bit more then others." i asked He nodded i looked down at Bri Her eyes were closed and you could tell she had a bit of make-up on

  We walked in to Kenzies and Everyone was sitting down just silent I held up Bri as she stumbled in tired and weak. Harry rolled his eyes, i let air out of my mouth and sat her down on the love seat and made a cup of tea for myself. I sat down next to Bri and she opened her eyes to me. "Thanks." she whispered i nodded and smiled at her. Everyone looked at us and i realized this is wrong i belong with Harry< Harry belongs with me, i frowned and looked at my hands. "Uhm we better go back to the hotel." Niall said. We all nodded, "But i just met you."Bri said looking in my eyes. "Dont worry ill be back." i whispered kissing her cheek. The boys and I stood up and all hugged bri and kissed her cheek for a picture, I looked at Kenzie and gave her a tight hug, She looked at me with sorrow and held up her iPhone for a picture, 'One more." she said i kissed her cheek and she made a crossed eyed look. "I love you Lou." she whispered 'I love you more boo." i said back 'Im really sorry this all happened, i-" "Shut up and kiss me." she laughed. I looked at her confused and leaned in. I left her side and watched as the boys said goodbye to her.

  we pulled up to the hotel at around 3 am,  "Harry wake up." i wiggled him a bit he jumped up realizing it was me and got out. I frowned at myself and walked into the hotel

  "I CANT BELIEVE YOU LIED AND WENT 4 CITIES AWAY." modest yelled. They threw down pictures of us and bri and me and Kenzie on the table, "Louis," one said as we went out, "Eleanor is outside stay with her till the concert." i nodded. 

  "How was you week?" El asked taking my hand. "Interesting." She looked at me with a tell more kinda look. "Well i met Kenzie." i smiled. "LOUIS.. omg is she just as you imagined." "Yes i guess.  UHm Me and Harry split," I said smiling for the paps. "Louis." she said stopping and pulling me into a hug."im fine. really." i nodded.

  Zayns Pov. "Louis showed up at the concert 20 mins late walking on stage. "Sorry everybody. i got lost." He said in the microphone. "Uhm what song." he laughed. "Ohh Look whos here,,, We were just about to play 'Over Again' harry cooed. " I thought it was rock me." liam whispered to me. i nodded. 'Lets go." niall yelled. 

   The whole song Harry basically sang to Louis and Louis sang to Harry. 

   "GOOD NIGHT MICHIGAN." We screamed. We walked off stage and as soon as we were in our dressing room Harry and Louis started hugging and kissing. "i-im so sorry i didn't mean it with Kenzie." harry said in his ear. "Its fine i just. miss you." he said pulling him closer Everyone was broken apart from our talk from Louis phone. "Wait. Wait. No... Your Joking,,,, Ill uhm,, i cant we are about to leave... But the concert and the tou-........... Finee." he hung up. "Kenzie." he whispered. "What happened." We asked. "Josh., He uh, snapped."  Louis told. "Lets go." i almost screamed 

:We are so getting yelled at." i said as we pulled into Kenzies driveway. We bursted threw the door and kenzie lay there in the kitchen reaching for her phone inches away motionless. We all dropped to her side, "S-S-S-She isnt breathing." Louis said slipping a tear. "Yes she is you norwall." Liam spat. "Kenzie wake up." liam whispered. Harry stood up looking around causing me to stand. "What the hell happened." we whispered the windows were smashed and the tv was knocked down vases where smashed blood cover the couch. I walked farther into the house there were scratched down walls and doors broken a bit beer cans thrown down split in corners. "Niall come here." i yelled walking in a room. Niall rushed to my side. He fell to his knees. "Bri." i whispered. She was covered in blood and a knife in her leg and chained to a bed side table. She looked up with a smile. why is she smiling. well she is being rescued by one direction. Niall tried as hard a he could to get the chain off her wrist. "niall stop." i said. "Ill call the cops." i said dialing 911. 

 i hung up and tried helping Niall a bit more. her wrist was being cut by the cuff and dripped blood. I went downstairs and Kenzie sat upon the couch cuddled in Harry for some reason i was pissed, Harry and Lou are back together and he cuddles to Kenzie did he not learn his lesson. "Cops are on there way." i said taking her hand. She nodded. I hugged her softly "Im so glad your okay." i whispered. "ZAAYNN." Niall yelled. "Wheres Bri." kenzie panicked,. "Dont worry we got her." i said smiling. i went back to Niall. "Shes Panicking. Bri shh. Calm down." Niall yelled causing Liam and Louis to come up leaving harry and her alone. 

   Cops came running around the house looking for any clues. "Uh, Josh Frinky He was my ex and just got back to town." kenzie said to the main cop, Me And Kenzie sat in the Hospital. I put my hand on her thigh and she tensed "Kenzuhh its just me." i whispered as the cop left. "Kenzuhh. I like it." she laughed. "Uhm, Can you tell me what happened." i asked hoping for the story. She looked in my eyes looking for an answer only if i was there only if we didn't leave. only if harry didn't have sex with Kenzie, we would of been there, been there to save this.

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