Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


6. What, and How.


       We arrived at my house and went straight to the kitchen I got 5 ice packs and sat on the counter top. Louis groaned as i put an ice pack on hip then limped away."You guys your concert is in less then 42 hours. and you look like you were hit by a bus." Niall laughed. "Omg did you see the way i put him in a head lock." Harry said proud. "Ive never even been in a fight." he laughed. i put in ice pack on his knuckles same for and liam and zayn.i sighed looking at them "Kenzuhh." i heard. "Shit." i moaned. "Go down the hall and turn left theres a door take it all the way and it leeds to the hall for my room" i whispered. I walked out to find my aunt with my cousin Tina."Aunt Jen Moms not here." i said loudly "Come in the kitchen." is said in the same tone. They looked at me weird. "Im in a good mood." i said entering the kitchen. "What you guys doing here." "We were bored and in town. Well i gotta go run places so Tina stay here?" she asked "Yes." i said  She waved good bye. "Tinaa, my room.Ill be there in a sec." i grabbed a few waters and chips; 'AHHHHHHHHHHHHH." i heard. I raced up the stairs and barged in my room. "What the hell." i laughed. "Whos this." "My cousin." I kneed down next to her passed out body. I dumped water on her head. She opened her eyes a lil. "I forgot she is IN L.O.V.E with you all." i laughed. she perked up when the sight of one direction. 

    After many questions and me almost falling asleep she stopped. "OMG." i groaned. Everyone looked at me. "Nothing." i laughed and put down my laptop.Harry grabbed it I pulled it away. "NO." i said laughing. "Please." He begged. I handed it over. 

    "Harry Styles protective over local teen of Flint Michigan.  Sources say Styles was hand in hand in the mens bathroom at the local mall then soon seen taking a punch for her when things got outta hand in the parking lot. Jay Hamming said "Idk what happened He just punched me when i took my girlfriends hand." Harry read out loud . His face went red. "Teen fans seen harry give Local a sloppy kiss upon the lips." he read on. Louis walked out the room calm but we heard lots of talking. Liam walked out for about half a minute and came baack in pale. "harry." Liam whispered as he stood up. "no." liam shook he head. "Nahh aww. he is.." liam stopped as i barged out. 

  I pushed him over down the hall to the bathroom. "why are you so mad." i asked. "Bc i wanted you. I only talked to you bc i wanted to be.." "In harrys spot." i finished. "kinda." I looked in his eyes. they went from bright to pale in seconds. He closed his eyes. OH god. he came closer. oh noo. closer. stop lewis. I closed my eyes and 'puckered' up it was just a simple peck. I smiled at louis as he pulled me into a hug. "Sorry." i whispered. "its fine."

    In middle on 'Dark skies' I found harry checking on me ever couple minutes. "its not scary." i whispered. he laughed and nodded. The lil boy grapped his crushes boob and we started laughing. Harry placed his hand around mine. "HAROLD." i screamed. he removed his hand faster then ive seen anything. I started dying. Harry and I were laughing so hard Liam stopped the movie. 'I...... CANT.... BELIEVE..... YOU." i said pausing and laughing., Harry was literary rolling around on top of me. I kept kicking Tina in the thigh becos of my uncontrollable laugh. We both stopped then harry looked at my boob and we both started laughing again but harder. "Your such a dick wound," i said  laughing. Evveryone questioned us. I shook my head.. "NO." harry laughed. Liam played the movie. "Have you even kissed a girl." the movie said.. harry grabbed my boob agian. "Nice." I pushed him away and stood up laughing. "I ..... CANT... SIT..... NEXT TO.......HIM." i laughed. I switched with Zayn I leaned on Zayns shoulder. 

  I woke up and the movie credits were on. Everyone was sleeping. "gonna get tina tomorrow your mom said she is with June." my aunt texted. i threw it aside. and woke harry up. "hey come lay with me?" i asked. "Shure." he throat was froggy. and it was hot. i lead him to my room. I got in Pjs and didnt mind changing in front of Harry. When i turned he was fast asleep in my bed. I pushed him over and lay down,

   I looked at the clock it was now 5am, i couldn't sleep. All i could think was Harry kissed and now he is dissing. I turned to Harry and nudged him a few times till he woke up. "Harry, What are we?" i asked. He looked at me for a second "friends." then drifted off. 

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