Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


33. vfgh

Kenzies POV

   Zayn hugged me, "I cant believe it" i whispered to his chest, "shes strong and she can get threw it."  We sat there till 6am, "Uhm Briana is waking up." Niall came out, I stood up with Zayn, "Hey sis." i said hiding my face, I hugged her "We are gonna go to the cafe in 30 with Ben and Harry okay." i told her, "we are?" ben asked, "yea we are," "Daddy?" harry was about to say what but stopped, He held his mouth. Louis rubbed his back, Ben sat up to Briana,  "Yes sis." he asked, "never mind." Ben stood up again walking to the couch.

     I held Bens hand and Briana in his arms, Harry trailed behind, We sat at the table and ben went to the buffet stand "are we telling her?" harry asked, "Yea," i nodded, Ben seat Briana in a chair and sat down. Harry sat next to Briana watching her eat. "Are you sure your not hungry harry?" Ben asked. He nodded, "Mom im done." she pushed her plate at me, "trash is over there." i pointed, she groaned getting up. Harry laughed, she sat back down "Sis." she looked  up at me, i took her hand, My heart was pounding and i couldnt even think about ben right now what he is feeling, "Im gonna tell you something, and i will try to put it in the best words for you to understand." She nodded, "Ben.. Isnt your dad." "Well sure he is." She smiled "Briana, Harry is your dad." Ben spoke, "harry?" briana asked. "I know this is hard to understand Bri, But Harry is your dad, he is the one that held you when you were born." She was speechless, Say something, i mouthed to Harry, "Briana." Harry asked she looked to him, "So Ben isnt my dad." she asked him, "No i am. " "then how come you arent here, since i was this many." she held up one finger. "Its hard to explain and you wont understand," Harry spoke silently

  We spent the next hour trying to explain everything to Briana Harry walked in front of us with Briana, talking smiling laughing, "Im glad we did this." ben said i rested my head on his shoulder. "me too i think." Harry turned into the room followed by us. "So your famous." Briana smiled sitting on his lap., "Yhea im in the band with these losers." Harry pointed, "You guys are one direction?" her smile turned wide,  "she loves the band." Ben spoke, "thats why i love you.. your my dad." she laughed, "Now you cant think he is cute anymore." I said with a smirk. Harry laughed hugging her. "I didnt, " she said in a fake angry tone, We all laughed, The doctor came in, "We are scheduling surgery to remove the cancer, whats the best day." I snapped back to reality, "Who has cancer." Briana asked, Everyones face dimmed down."oh, " is all the doctor said, "uhm, Briana," i spoke "Briana, you do.," harry finished, 

    "Ready Briana." The doctor asked moving her to a new bed. I leaned down to hug her in tears. "I will see you tonight, i love you briana rose kaye." i smiled. Harry moved to her side, "Ill be right here when you get back, i promise." He kissed her forehead, "I love you both," she smiled, Everyone else hugged her in tears, Louis hugged Harry, Harry was holding back tears, I stood in the hall watching her be moved down the hall. She dissipated in an elevator, I came back in and evertone was sitting, i sat by ben, "Babe, my brother is going im gonna drop him off at the airport," He kissed my lips softly. "Call me if any news comes okay, i love you." "love you too." he walked off, Zayns body replaces bens seat, He put his arm around me, 

   Kenzie wake up" i heard, Zayn pushed me a little, "good she is awake, Briana is doing good at the moment we have most of it out but we are still working," A doctor spoke, "Whats all that." i pointed, "Oh, she was bleeding out but we saved it." She walked out at that, "Thats good i guess." Niall spoke, There was a long silence, and then my mom came in, "Oh Kenzie." she whispered i stood up hugging her, "Ben just called and told me," "Did he say where he is," i asked, "No, he just told me that and hung up." i nodded, "harry." my mom said, harry stood up and hugged her, "havent seen you in a while," she laughed, "does he know." my mom whispered in my ear, i nodded, "oh glad." she laughed, 

      "Briana is out of surgery." the doctor said coming in, "she did good she had ups and downs, but she is fine and will do good, we got it all of it out and it shouldn't be a worry" "can we see her?" i asked, He shook his head, "maybe in an hour," he said nodding and walking out, I walked in the hall calling Ben, "You reached the box so left your message," "Hey babe, Briana made it out good i cant see her for an hour.. hurry back. and thanks for calling my mom, love you." i hung up and turned around Harry was behind me. "hey," i smiled, "Ben?" i nodded,  "Kenzie, i was wondering if you wanted to go to lunch.. Not as a date i know ben, but to catch up." I smiled softly. "Sure." i hugged him and sat in the hall. he sat besides me, and the doctor walked to us, "Briana has woke up and we thought it would be longer but you can see her." We both stood up walking with him, "shouldnt we get the others," i whispered, he shook his head. 

   We arrived walking in the room, she was stuttering at words, "i-i-i-it h-hurts," she cried, Harry took her hand and i took the other, "We have pain meds coming right now," the doctor said leaving, We just sat there with her, it was like we were all a family again, she closed her eyes and was soon snoring, "i thought she would never stop crying." harry whispered. i nodded removing my hand from hers and sitting down, "ill go get the others." he said walking out, 

       I sat watching Briana, it was nearly 10 oclock in the morning and she opened  her eyes, "morning sis." i whispered sitting on the bed, i was the only on awake, she didn't answer but thats okay she never does. She sat up like a zombie. "food." she said, "stay here and ill get you something." i said walking out,  I put a dollar in the machine and picked F6 and Cheez its fell down, i opened them for her she eat them slowly trying not to move fast, "Guess whats in 2 days." "My birfday." she smiled, i nodded.

     Everyone started waking up. "Uhm, ill be right back,." i said walking in the hall,  "You reached the box so left your message," "Hey, where are you, uhm im getting worried, i love you." i hung up sighing, i sat down not caring to go back in, i closed my eyes i havent slept in two days. I felt myself drifting off.

     "Kenzie wake up." i heard, i opened my eyes and seen Liam sitting in front of me. I started crying instantly. "kenzie why are you crying." he whispered, i shook my head, "your right i wanna be dead this time." He looked at me in confusion then he went blank. "i didnt mean it. it was the heat of the moment." "but it was right." "whats wrong." "Ben wont answer and Briana has cancer." "had." Liam corrected. "You know when they get it all out it grows back." he went silent, "See." i whispered in tears, "Briana wants you, your mom left and Ben called Harry." I looked up, "Where is he, did he say." "ask harry"

   "Ben called?" i asked walking in, Harry didnt answer, "Mommy your crying." i smiled, "im fine." i reassured, "Kenzie." "where is he, is he okay, harry tell me.," "kenzie.." he looked around the room, taking my hand sitting me down, "Kenzie, Ben is leaving you." "no he isnt. your lying." i stood up. "and even if her did, he would do it in person." He just sat looking in my eyes. "He didnt." i walked out, i cant believe him even telling me in front of Bri. I walked outside and it was raining, "Hey Ben Harry said your leaving me how stupid, please call me back. i miss you." i held my jacket close to my body sitting on cement walls, I dont even see how he could say that, my phone buzzed, "Benny Bear." "Hey, how come you havent called, ive been worried sick,." "Im in italy with my brother." he spoke softly. "How come you didnt tell- omg, harry was right,." i held my mouth. "Kenzz, im sorry but the way you looked at harry, and he looked at you, and Briana." "Briana loves you, i love you. Nd not even telling me in person your a dick." i laughed of pain, "Kenz,-" "No ben your childish." i hung up crying. i held my knees to my chest and hid my face with my hood..

  3 years with Ben, all wasted because of me and harry.. How stupid, i didnt even look at him lovable. "Keennzziiiee." i lifted my head up and seen two boys looking for me. i hid my face, "there she is." i heard i held myself tighter crying harder. "Kenzie." it was Niall. As soon as he hugged me i was done, my crys were harder and louder and tears came faster, I looked up and Niall and Liam stood by me, I pulled niall closer to me, he felt just like Ben, same height same mussels. Is that bad? "Wanna go in?" Liam asked i shook my head. " He was a jerk anyway." niall whispered, "can one of you get Louis." i asked, Liam nodded walking off, "are you okay." i nodded, "We love you and we are here for you." he whispered,

    "Kenzie." i looked at Louis. "Ill be in the room." Niall kissed my forehead, Louis sat next to my awkwardly, "We havent talked alot." he whispered because kids walked past us. I wiped tears, trying to calm down, "Im sorry about you know." i whispered, "Yhea, We broke up a few days after." "I know i talk to El still." i mumbled, He smiled, 

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