Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


10. The 2nd worst day.

Kenzies Pov.

     I sat with Bri waiting fer Josh to return from the store with food. "So you like Louis or  Harry?" Bri asked turning down Girl Code. "What makes you thing i have a thing for them." i asked.  "Louis told me EVERYTHING." she laughed. "Well if you must know. i cant choose I love them both." I said thinking about it a bit more. Louis was the one i found first, i opened up to him first, he knows EVERYTHING about my life. But Harry and I just click ya know i mean i dont know what to say about Harry we are just the friends that get along and can be funny with and can have a kiss here and there.  Josh came in locking the door, "Hey josh," Bri said jumping up looking in the bag, i turned up Girl code and resumed. "Josh," Bri whispered. I turned around to Josh holding a gun to his sisters head. "Josh put the gun down." i said walking slow to him He pointed it to me, "Stay." He choked. "JOSH, put it down." i calmy said,"I said stay." he said grinding his teeth causing to spit a bit. 'Why are you doing this?" i said walking closer. "You, left me." he said. "You were a dick i had to." i said he cocked the reload back, "Josh, stop your gonna-" josh turned to Bri and quickly shot her foot. "I can do it to my sister i can do it to you." he said gripping the gun tighter. "What did i do for you to become like this." I whispered. "Our first date, you clinked to Brad." he said. "It was forever ago, drop it. i chose you in the end,, didn't I." i said taking two steps closer.  He lowered the gun a bit, "And remember our fun times, kissing at the top of the ferris wheel and taking all those silly ass pics. or my favorite, When we fell in the lake because of a bee." I said laughing He put the gun down to the ground. "Come here." i said We had a big hug then remembering Bri. "BRI." josh cooed. She was laying on the ground with tears streaming, the shock of being shot left her body and was in full aware mode.

   "Remember when you hit me because of your brother." he laughed. "Yhea and when Bri was jealous of me and ran sacked my room." we both laughed helping Bri to the bathroom. We sat in the tub with bri, he barley hit her pinky toe but still skimmed it. "and when you stabbed me because i shot you with a lil nerf gun." i laughed. He looked at me. Something snapped and he zoned out looking in my eyes. "and when." he stopped and slammed my body into the door. "When you cheated on me WITH Brad." she spat. "Im sorry." He dragged me down the  stairs in the kitchen 

 Bri Pov.

     I crawled out of the tub and forced myself to stumble to a room, I scattering looked for a phone. I heard a shot and fell to the ground. Josh walked in the room knowing i was in here and grabbed my hair. I kicked a screamed as he dragged me down to the kitchen i held my nails in the walls and grabbed anything near to hit him with, he slammed me on the ground next to Kenzie he struggled grabbing the table to stand. She grabbed a bowl and fell tossing it and hit the TV. "STOP STRUGGLING." josh yelled. "SHUT UP>" i spat at him. He kicked his foot into my gut. I groaned in pain. 

Kenzies Pov.

    He kicked bri and caused her to moan in pain i reached for her hand, Josh grabbed Her and pulled her in a room. She screamed and you could tell she fought for freedom with the throwing. I just wish Mom came home last night where could she of gone, i know she wants to see me i have school soon. School soon, s-school like this. Josh came down as i tried my best to crawl, every bone of mussel was growing into pain. He sat and watched me, i crawled away into the kitchen. i heard footsteps walking towards me this is it.. He held to gun to my hip, "Shoot me. But shoot my in the head. i dont even wanna be here anyway." i whispered in pain. My throat was becoming groggy and harder to talk. 

      Josh walked away leaving a bullet in my hip, i was in shock and all i could do was hold my mouth open and hold the wound, why me, i thought my life was fucked up enough... Guess not,

  It felt like hours have past and Bri was screaming my name since Josh shot me. I felt to cold and alone to respond. I just wanted my mom, or my auntie Tina. 

   Pounding on the door made my thoughts stroll in, my mind pumped up and my eyes still close. This is it, this is my end, ive waited so long. my mind wondered out till all my movement stopped i  was taking long breathes then not breathing at all. My eyes fluttered open to the sound of the door breaking. That must of woke my body up. "Why did you come i could of made it with my family in heaven? I asked zayn "I didn't wanna be rescued.." i let out a sob. He looked at me weird like 'What has happened for you to wanna be dead' kinda look. 

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