Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


20. ; sick of concerts

Kenzies POV

  I lay awake talking to harry and louis, "im tired." i said, "sleep." louis said, "no im to awake." "then dont," "fine then." We started laughing, "When are you going back home?" harry asked, "I dont know, soon though," i frowned, "how come zayn isn't coming up." i asked "uhm he doesn't wanna see Briana." Louis said getting quite, "Why." i almost said screaming, "Because its harry's." he answered, "and because he said you are calling off the date."  "YOU TOO WERE GONNA GO ON A DATE?" harry yelled standing up. "Yeaaa. Why do you care," Louis asked, "Because... I dont know, i just,, Zayn isnt like boyfriend type of guy,, and you know it Lou." Harry said sitting down, "True but, she could find out." "She is Kenzie, You and I both know we dont want her hurt." "Hey  Hi Remember me, Care if i join in." "Not now." they said at the same time. I got up and slowly walked down the hall to the little baby place, I seen Briana threw the glass and smiled, Another woman walked up "Who is yours." I pointed to Bri, "Wheres yours." She pointed to a boy. "He is beautiful." i said adoring him, "She is Pretty, who is the dad." "Harry Styles." i smiled. "Ohh fancy.." she laughed, i nodded, "Yeaa,, he is something else." i laughed "Jamie my husband is just the same there is no word to explain." I laughed, "every mans description." "Kenzie." i looked over at Harry. "Hey Haz." i said "I better go, I look for you," "OKay see you soon." Harry wrapped his arms around my waist, "You tummy is still huge," "harry." He made a humm sound, "Your behind me and i can still move and jabb i wouldnt say that again." "Sorry. Erica left this morning." Harry said, "i know she came and said goobye, Her Brother broke his arm." He rested his chin on my shoulder, "She is Beautiful." he smiled and kissing my cheek. "Just like you," I felt myself blush, "Louis fell asleep." he smiled, He started kissing me down my neck, "Harry. NO." i laughed. "We are gonna go on a date." He said turning me around, "Do i get a say in it." i smiled. He shook his head. "OKay." i said kissing his soft lips. "Why were you gonna go on a date with Zayn." "Well, i 'fancy' him you could say." He let out a sigh, "His last girlfriend Perrie." "From Little Mix." i asked, He nodded, "He hit her, he said on accident but. they were in a bad fight that night." "Well i can fight for myself Harry." "I know. Lets go." I took one last look at Briana and nodded.

   I woke up to baby cries. Louis held Briana up in the air. "What are you doing." i panicked. "She wont shut up." "YOUR GONNA GIVE HER WIPE LASH YOU FUCK." i yelled. "Give her to me." "You cant hold her." he protested. "GIVE>> HER>>TO>>ME!" i spaced, he set her in my arms. The second i had her she settled down. The nurse came in. Louis smirked, "Oh Kenzie." she laughed taking her from me. "This is gay." I almost yelled. "When can i hold my baby." "The tests came back and your clear but we are making sure. Wait 1 hour to leave, and you can hold Bri." she smiled to Briana. Harry walked in with Starbucks. "I want Wendy's." i moaned. He stuck his tongue out and handed me a cup of coffee. An hour passed and the nurse took my release papers and gave everyone a hug. She handed my Briana with a smile,Briana smiled looking to me. "Ready." Harry smiled i nodded and he helped me up Louis took Briana in a carrying car seat. We walked slowly to the car were Liam and Niall stood, "How are you today." Liam asked, opening the door, "Fine."  I sat in the passenger and Liam walked over to the drivers. Everyone was in the car and He took off.

  I couldn't carry the Bri in the seat so Niall did. I walked in and Zayn sat on the couch, "We have to go soon the bus will be here in an hour." Zayn said ignoring me. "what a child." louis mumbled to me. I let out a laugh, Niall took Bri out and held her "She needs food." Liam said, "Ill make it." i said standing up. "Its fine we can." Louis said pushing me down softly. I rolled my eyes. Zayn sat down on another couch and flipped threw the channels. I texted my mum saying im fine, and seeing if she landed safe. "Mom; Ohh can i have a pic of you and bri for facebook,. I landed 30 minutes ago. Me; Niall took her to make food ill send one when i get her back." i locked my phone and watched what ever zayn was, "OMG, MAKE IT STOP." i heard i walked in the kitchen and Briana was crying, I took her from Niall and she instantly stopped. "Wheres the bottle." i said harshly. He handed to me and i put it in her mouth "We have to go shopping for more baby stuff soon." i said sitting on the counter. "We will when we get to the next state." Harry said, i nodded. Bri fell asleep while feeding, i put the bottle down and kissed her small head. She had a full head of brown wavy hair, her eyes were bright blue like mine, and she had a petite little body like mine. She had harrys smile and dimples. 

  I handed Briana off to Harry and she started crying, i sat down on the bus and he was making faces at her, "Shut the damn thing up." Zayn said holding his head, i rolled my eyes, and took Bri, "You know, your a real ass." Harry said. Zayn stood up and went to the front of the bus. "Harry change the diper?" i asked, "Your turn." "Please. im really tired." "I will" Louis chimed taking her. I went to the back and layed on a bed.

  I woke up to Harry sitting on the floor holding Briana facing me, "What." i mumbled. "We are here.. Weve been here for an hour,." I sat up taking Bri. We walked out of the bus and in to a hotel, "We are staying here for 3 days." Harry smiled, "Sooo we can go shopping,, Do our little date and anything else." He smiled kissing my cheek, i felt dizzy and weightless, "Take Bri." i mumbled. "Take Bri." i said again he noticed my look and took her holding me up. "Do you feel Okay." he asked, "i-I feel sick." He led me in the room handing Briana to Zayn, He pushed me in the bathroom just in time, I started puking in the toilet.  He held my hair back and tried braiding it, I finally stopped, and he cleaned me up, "Here." he said handing my mouthwash, and my toothbrush, I nodded he sat on the counter, "Should you go to the hospital," he asked, "Im fine," "Kenzie you just had a baby, you should go." "Harry IM Fine." i said again, He rolled his eyes. "Take a shower and ill call a doctor." I groaned of annoyance, I turned on the shower and he closed the door, i stripped stepping in. The water hit my body in pain, why im i feeling like this.

   I stepped out and Harry had clothes on the bar i dried off and got in the sweatpants and tee i parted my hair and put on a beanie he left. Zayn had Bri and Everyone was gone, I ignored him taking her from him and sitting on the bed. "Did she cry?" i asked, He shook his head, "hmmk. Where is Haz." "They went shopping for baby stuff." i nodded and rocked her in my arms, she fell asleep so i set her down gently, "Im gonna go to the cafe' want anything."  "Pop"  i nodded and left.

  "Your Kenzie right?" they lady said as i sat food on the counter to pay."Yes, " "My son loves one direction." "Im not supposed to do this but, take these. the concerts is tonight and i dont wanna take a baby." i said handing her my free pass. "I cant." "Please, i just had a baby and i cant go plus i dont wanna, ive went to 4 the past 4 weeks." i put them in your hand, "You dont have to pay." she smiled. "Thanks." i nodded to her "thank you ." i smiled walking away with everything, I opened the door and everyone was back holding Briana and changing her clothes every 3 seconds, I stood by the door and Zayn and sitting away from everyone as well. i laughed to myself every few seconds, "Oh god she needs a diaper change," Liam whined backing away, "Not me." i said sitting down. "Not it." Liam and Niall and Harry spoke, Zayn and Louis looked at eachother, "NOT IT NOT IT NOT IT NOT IT. NOT IT." They spoke "Zaynnnn." I laughed, "Shut up." he stood up taking her,

  Harry jumped on the bed that i was laying on, Niall took Bri so i could sleep. "You feeling better?" i nodded. "Im not going to the concert tonight," "Why?" "I gave my pass to a boy" "Why?" "Harry i have a baby to watch and ive went to 4 the past 4 weeks,, its annoying after a while." He laughed, "Fine by me." He kissed my nose, "Be back before midnight" "Harry." i stood up. He turned to me, MMM, "I love you." i whispered,.His smile was brighter then ever, ive never seen a smile like that before, He wrapped me in his arms, "I love you too." he said picking me up, kissing me softly on the lips, "Ill see you soon love." he let go holding my hands.

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