Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


28. Reminder to Death

Kenzies POV

   Zayn grabbed the knife, "ARE YOU STUPID." Harry yelled, i looked down embarrassed. Dont they get that my life isnt fun anymore. I wanted to finish school and going straight to internship. Not having a baby going on tour. Zayn lifted me to the bed while Harry ran to get a Nurse. She came in, "Okay, im gonna," She pushed buttons into her little pager. Within seconds a team of doctors where in my room pushing Harry and Zayn out, i looked around, A male nurse shined a light, and my line was going out of control, "She is coding." "okay tell me why." Oh great a intern working on me. My body started seizing, Another nurse stuck a cloth in my mouth to stop me from biting my tongue off.

Liams POV

  I stepped out of the elevator with McDonalds. I seen Zayn and Harry pacing the floor of the hall, they were talking... Awful fast. I ran to them, "Hey, what happened." i said sitting the food on a chair. "I cant right now." Harry walked off, I turned to Zayn, He took a deep breath, "The man who.. raped kenzie showed up shit happened he stabbed kenzie, they kicked us out." "WHY DIDNT YOU GET HIM...  ATTACK HIM OR SOMETHING,. HE DOESNT DESERVE TO GET AWAY.'' I shouted "kenzie took out the knife and held it to her chest," i started to feel the tears, "she killed herself." i whispered sitting down. Zayn sat down, "No, but she tried." I let my head fall into my hands,

   The Nurse came out and i stood up I looked back at harry who was sitting on the floor hugging his knees, "Kenzie is going back to surgery soon to stich up the wound, i had a intern call the cops, and the-" "did she talk to you." i butted in,. "No, but we are also having a therispest come twice a day till she gets out." I nodded, "Can we go in," She shook her head, "Not yet, Kenzie seized then flat lined,," "Shes dead." i whispered. She rested her head and looked back up, "No, if i could finish, She flat lined twice today and we saved her twice. I promise we have the best team working on her today." i nodded, "You may go." She turned to walk off, "Will you tell that boy down there. Harry." i asked, "And send him down." She nodded,

   I walked in seeing Kenzie, there was blood on the floor, i guess thats were she was when she was stabbed. I pulled a seat to her side, She turned to me, "I got the food." i said through tears, shut up liam, stay strong dont cry. She let out a smile short smile that lasted 5 seconds. "Thats good, progress. uhm wanna say hi." she looked at the bag, "Hungry." she looked at me, I got her food out, "I got a chicken nugget, a hamburger, fries, and a chicken sandwich, I didnt know what you wanted." I laughed, She took the fries and took a sip of coke, "Can i have the nuggets."  Zayn asked, I handed them off, "wheres briana." zayn asked, i looked at kenzie, "Louis and Niall have her, Dont worry." I looked at zayn, "im gonna get her." Zayn walked off, "So Kenzie," She looked at me, "i know you can talk. But i just wanna know why." She looked away. "please. kenzie, we are all worried,."

Kenzies POV

  IM EMBARRASSED "what ever it is, im sure we can help you through it, dont you trust us?" liam asked, no i dont, i do, but just dont pressure me. i thought "i can tell you answer in your head. You move your mouth but dont open it." Liam smiled. "Like you say it without talking.. idk, you know." i do know what you mean, "See." he pointed, i gave a small 3 second smile. Harry came in, "she talkin" he asked, "Nope." He sat on the bed with me at my feet, "Kenzie, please.." harry you dont understand," Liam went to say something but closed his mouth, "You know we love you." you dont know how much i love you. "you dont know how much i love you." liam spoke, i looked at him, "what," Harry asked, "you dont know how much i love you, thats what she said." "She didn't say anything, " "nevermind," gotta stop doing that, Liam smiled letting out a laugh, "your right." liam whispered to me, i gave him a small smile.

     Zayn and Louis and Niall walked in, great louis, the bestest friend that sits with his 'girlfriend' instead of me Liam smirked and smiled, "Want Bri." Niall asked, "Ive been hogging her." YES give me my child, "She said yes." Niall looked at Liam, "Zayn said shes not talking, " Niall said giving her to me, "Oh, yea, shes no-" "then how do you know what she is saying." Harry asked, "because, when you talk to her, she answers in her head, she talks, but doesnt open her mouth see, Kenzie you want a sip of coke," ..... "Really, your not doing it." ...... "Well she was. She moves her mouth and its easy to see what she says." ...... 

  i haven't talked in my head since Liam gave up our secret. idiot, "Im going to check on Eleanor." Louis said standing up. Its been 10 minutes Louis pretty sure she is still sleeping, "Liam, your right." Damn it, "She did it again." Zayn laughed, Louis turned around, "what she say." Your a fucking idiot, that is seeing Eleanor behind harrys back, Yhea bitch i know your secret, you dont want harry finding out, guess what fucker,, he knows now. Everyone went silent, oops. "What did she say." Louis asked, Harry stood up pushing Louis into a wall on his way out, "Thats a dick move on Louis' behave." Zayn laughed, "What," Louis asked in his 'cute' voice,  I shouldn't of said that. "You didnt," Liam spoke, I fell bad, harry didn't need to know now, with all this. "harry will be fine, he has you." Liam said taking my hand, "WHAT DID YOU FUCKING SAY." Louis shouted, i sat up holding my stomach, "Eleanor." i spoke. His face went blank. So did everyone's. Louis opened the door slamming it, but then came back , "and to think, you where my friend," "HE DESERVED TO KNOW LOUIS" Liam shouted defending me, "Its not your fight," Louis pointed at Liam, "Since when do you care about Kenzie." "Dont push it," Zayn stood up. "No, really, because, we all like Kenzie but Liam,... Liam even said, he is gonna play with Kenzies feelings to get her off tour with us," I looked at Liam, "Its not true." He defended. "Dont listen to him, i have it in texts." He threw his phone at me, I read slowly. I gave him back his phone with tears falling , "Kenzie Surgery time." My nurse opened the door, "Oh is it a bad time." She asked, "Kenzie, please dont listen to it,"/ you texted it, Liam i trusted you, i was falling for you, you tricked me,, "i didn't mean to-" "Whoa whats going on," The nurse asked, "Nothing"Louis said leaving, Niall stood up kissing my cheek, Zayn waved leaving Liam stood up, "Do you believe me." Liam asked, i looked away, "Whatever, but when you wake up and no one is here, you will wanna believe me. Your gonna wanna be dead this time."


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