Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


18. Pain on Pain

Kenzies POV

   We sat on a little bunch in the gym it was an awkward silence for a good 2 minutes, "Im really glad your here." he whispered taking my hand tighter. "HmmK." i said figuring out what to say. "Why." i asked. "Because i never see you." "Not that,,/;" i said looking at the ground. "Oh... Well, when i was younger 14 to 16. I was that kid. Once i met Louis he made me promise never to do it again.. He caught me when we lost Xfactor." he said trying to find other words. "Oh. Uhm,-" "Kenzie." i looked at him "I dont wanna hurt yo-" "Harry your hurting everyone around you." i said blocking his words. "Gemma left last night." harry said. "I know. Dont try to turn the subject harry.. I mean what does it do for you..'' i asked almost in fear and hate standing up, "If you were to,, you know.. Died harry, do you know who you'd hurt, The fans, Your Family,, The boys, Your friends,, ME." I whispered. He looked into my eyes and pulled me into a hug "Im sorry," I nodded slowly. "Promise me NEVER again." i said pulling away. He nodded. "How have you been." He asked pulling me to sit on his lap. I let out a little laugh, "Pretty good. You." "Im better now." He said kissing my cheek, "So, i was thinking.. Adoption. If we do it we can still see her and stuff just so when your on tour.." i said. "Why can we keep her." He smiled. "i dont know. Do you wanna?" i asked slowly. I put my legs around him in a straddle. "Yes." he said resting his head on mine. There was a long pause, "I missed you." He whispered. I smiled and kissed his cheek. "Miss you too........ So You and Louis?" i asked "Idk.. Friends. which im fine now,, i have you .." A smile grew on both our faces. "Lets go back." i whispered. "Or," he stood up taking my hand.

    He ran down the hall and into an elevator, "What." I asked. As soon as the door opened he ran out hand in hand, He knocked on a door and we dragged me down the halls. "Harry. Your gonna get in trouble." I said laughing, He looked at the door we stood in front of let go of my hand and knocked on it running away I hid in another door "Hello.... HEllo. That was funny.." the woman said.I heard the door shut and i came out of my space "Harry." I called. I walked down the hall, "Harry." I was grapped and pulled into a room, "Hello Love." "Harry you almost gave me a heart attack." "OW." i heard, which was Niall. Harry kissed my cheek and walked to a couch and sitting down, Erica was talking with Zayn and Louis, and Niall was no where i could see and I sat with harry, we both sat to each other messing around with each others hands. I looked up at him and undid his sleeve, i felt his eyes on me and i looked down, i pushed his bracelets back and starred at the healing cuts. I looked up at him and he was looking deep in my eyes.

  He pushed everything down on his arm and took my hands I straddled him resting my head on his chest. He wrapped his hands around me and pulled me closer to him i driffed off into sleep,

Zayns POV

  I watched as Kenzie fell asleep in Harrys arms, "What do you think." I hear Lou say i looked back at him, "Yea sounds cool." "Zayn Did you even listen." Erica asked. "Dinner and a movie all of us yes," i said getting up and getting a class of water, Louis nodded, Niall walked in sitting next to Harry and Kenzie, I walked over to them and sat on the floor, "Hey zayn." niall said, Harrys arms were wrapped around Kenzie he rubbed his hands on her back. "Hey, have you two talked on the baby sitc." i asked. Harry nodded, "We are keeping her." he whispered I let out a fake smile. Kenzie is really pretty. "What are you naming her." Louis asked sitting down. I stared at kenzie. "I dont know yet Kenzie and I haven't talked about it yet.." Kenzie opened one eye then the other, "Huh." She asked with her groggy voice, She sat up lifting herself off me, "What are you naming her." Erica asked. She looked at Harry, "Uhm Bo?" She asked, It was perfect, "I like it." Harry said "How far are you." Louis asked. "3 Months Now." She said more asking herself. We all started with small chat

  We all sat on the bed playing truth or dare "Uhm Zayn, truth or dare?" Erica asked "Truth." Everyone groaned at my 6th truth. "What are you and Kenzie." She asked.. I looked at Kenzie, "Friends." She smiled biting her lip. "Erica truth or Dare." i asked, "Truth" "Who do you like outta the group?" i smiled as i already knew. "really zaynn.." she groaned i smiled. She looked an evil glare, " Harry." she mumbled under her breathe.. "HMM." I laughed. "Harry." she said more clear.Harry sat up a bit more with a cheeky grin and blushing, "Kenzie Truth or Dare." Erica asked. "Truth." Everyone groaned again. "Are you okay with Me liking Harry." she asked. "Yes," "Niall truth or dare." "Dare." "I dare you to... Start a fight with Biebs." i said, "NO." Niall screamed. "Do it." Louis whined. Niall grabbed his phone, "To Justin,, I heard what you said about the boys and I and i wanna say You a fag muffin who pisses in buckets to twist nipples. I would love for you to stick a dick inside your mouth.. thanks have a good one.. Niall." he said,, I checked twitter,, "Im gonna get loads of hate ya know".."Say you were hacked.." Louis commented. I looked at his reply. "@JustinBieber: Woaah.. Where did this shit come from." "OMG let me see your phone. NIALL>" Kenzie almost screeamed. Niall did as she asked, and smiled while typing, I checked twitter, "@NiallOffical: Dont play dumb.. I know you called Directioners wazz lickers. and i dont like the was your fans talk to mine, We have done nothing to you, so why play dumdd to us." i read on twitter, Everyone laughed but Niall, "What did you say." Niall whined "@JustinBieber: cant you call instead of fighting over twitter," In matter of seconds 'Justin' was calling, Kenzie answered

Kenzies POV

  "Hello." i said in the phone. "NIALL..... Uhm whos this." "Whos this." i asked "uhm,, Jared.." I started laughing, "Hello Jared.. I found this phone on the sidewalk do yoou know whos it is." "My friend Niall." he answered. "Well. his picture for you is justin bieber,,," "UHH." "He is ugly dont you think,, and his fans are just... soo.. Blaah." "LEAVE THEM OUTTA IT." Niall snatched the phone. "Hey, its me." Niall walked out of the room explaining to justin. In matter of minutes. "@JustinBieber @NiallOffical was hacked..... Great prankk." we all laughed at Niall as he walked in. "Your a real ass you know." He said  I smiled and bowed. "Can we stop im BORED." Louis groaned. We all nodded, "KENZIE.... YOUR HAIR." Liam gasped.  "OH YEA, Erica pierced my lip and did my hair." i smiled.. "Do you like it." Erica asked playing with my hair. "Different.. but its cutee." Zayn smiled..

  We lay in bed,, I was with Erica in a different room, "I think harry like yooou." i laughed.. "Really." she sat up. "Want me to ask." i asked. She let out a puff of air "suure." i grabbed my phone off my charger and dialed Harry

"Harrry." i cooed in the phone.

"Yes kenziee." 

"I have a secret, that everyone should know but you first, YES or Yes.,, Do you like Erica." i smiled

"Uhmm, i dont really tell girls my crushes but a little yes." i nodded to Erica, 

"Okay, cool."

"WAIT did you tell her."

"No, Ive been dying to ask." i lie. walking in the hall

"good, if anything i will tell her... So whats up."

"Nothing just walking the halls of the hotel."

"So's Zayn.. (HARRRRYYY,)" i heard in the back, "I better get off, see you later."

"Byee," I hung up and stood up Zayn is out here. PERFECT.. I dialed Zayn,

"Hey, Where are you."

"the uhm swimming. why."

"Well im bored.. i thought id come see you." 

"OKay ll see you soon bye," I closed my phone getting in our room and changing,, I started walking .I seen Zayn with another guy his age mostly i walked over and as i got closer it looked like they were fighting, "Hey,.. whats going on." I asked. "Stay out of it." the man said, Zayn grabbed my wrist, "She can stay, its da due with her. right." Zayn fake laughed. "What do you mean." "I said Stay out of it." "Listen here cock licker, if someone says im in not gonna stay out of it, so how bout you leave me the fuck alone." i said getting annoyed by his voice. He grabbed my other wrist and before i knew it Zayn had him on the ground Punch after Punch. We were the only ones in here im glad, "Zayn." i yelled. "ZAYN." i yelled again, "ZAYN GET THE FUCK OFF HI-"Zayn grabbed me pulling me away,

    i looked back as he struggled to get up. "We have to go." I stopped him ,," Who is he," "Doesnt matter." "IT DOES MATTER WHEN YOU BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA HIM IN FRONT OF ME." "His name is Dave Parker. He knews your dad. Thats all i know." He started walking, "Your not telling me something...... Zaynn...... ZAynn.. ZAYN." i said stopping. "I KNEW YOUR FUCKING DAD OKAY." he yelled. I pulled my hand away "what do you mean."  He reached for my hand and i started walking away, "Like Really Zayn You Say You Know my dad beat some guy up and not tell my a thing," i turned around. "When im with you boys nothing but hell happens." "kenz," he grabbed my hand and we went to his room,

   All the boys sat on the couch "Go get one of my shirts on and we will go for a walk in town," he yelled from another room. I did as asked and i got a pear of basket ball shorts on as well I teared the shirt back and walked out, "You look hot.." Harry jokingly gasped. "Shut up." i said harshly. "So why is Zayn going for a walk with Kenzie." he asked me, "Your drunk i can smell it." "Just a bit." he said holding me against a wall kissing down my neck. "Harry get off me." "Why." he said sucking harder, I struggled to move and my only way out is... I kneed him in the stomach he fell down "Sorry hazz," i said as Zayn came around the corner. "Uhmmm." "Doesnt matter he wont remember it in the morning." i said.. We walked in the living room area and the boys were talking. "Where you two going." Louis asked. "Walk." "OH uhm check on harry, make sure he isnt hurt." Zayn laughed. pulling me out.






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