Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


29. no dad no lag

Kenzies POV

  I woke up from surgery in pain, my lag was throbbing and i just wanted to scream, after a minute i finally opened my eyes,.. nothing. Liam was right no one would be here, i looked around again and pushed the alert button, Nurses rushed in, "IM FINE I ONLY NEED MY NURSE." I shouted. My nurse stepped up pushing everyone out, she pulled a chair to me, "Your friends are with Eleanor, do you need them," She asked, i looked down, "No we aren't exactly.. as you'd say friends, can i call my mom," i asked, she handed me her phone,

"Mom?" i asked

"Kenzie your okay, ive been calling you non stop on your phone since i landed, I even called harry and he didnt answer," harry.

"i think we broke up." i heard her sigh, 

"Im in Arizona, what hospital."

"Saint Clare Shores." There was a long pause,

"okay ill be there in 10 minutes," i gave her my room nd exchanged goodbyes, I handed her the phone, "Does harry have Briana," i asked the nurse. She nodded walking out,, seconds later she came in, "Harry has been standing outside your door for a few hours and do you want him " i shook me head, "No," She left again but coming back, "He asked if your okay." I shook me head, She left again.. I closed my eyes drifting off,

  i woke up looking around i seen my mom sitting there holding my hand on her phone, "ew." i whispered, she looked up at me, "Oh kenzie, " she grabbed tighter, "I dont wanna ask how, i will some other day but i just wanna catch up." my mom said," so harry." she sighed, "We talked, and he wont leave the door, he came in while you were sleeping and said hi, but what happened." i took a deep breathe..*skipping it,, you know it all* 

 My mom held me in her arms as i cried, "and worst part i havent seen Briana since surgery, "Oh she looks just like Harry," my mom laughed, "I.. kn-o-ow." i sobbed.

  I finally calmed down, "Do you wanna  see harry." she asked, i shook my head,
"Well im going to get Briana," she said walking out, Seconds later she came in with my baby, "Have we started to stand her," i nodded to her question, "3 months,, almost 4." I smiled, "Yhea, and when i go home she will never see her father again..  I didn't wanna have a child like this, with no dad. I want her to have someone to look up to. Im glad i didnt name her Darcy, or ill think of Harry everyday."  "Dont say that." "No, its true he said when tour is done he is going home to see his family, Im not putting her on a plane in 2 weeks just to stay with a shit person." "KENZIE." my mom yelled, "Its true, he is shit." My mom rolled her eyes standing up, "When you calm down, ill be with Harry," I rolled my eyes..

   My nurse came in checking my meds, "Your mom is pretty, very beautiful for her age." i nodded with a fake smile, "But she shure is a bitch." I laughed, "Uhm, Is Eleanor ok." She smiled. "Yea, she has been asking about you also. Liam and Louis and Zayn and Niall are with her. Niall and Zayn wanna come see you but, Liam wont let them," i rolled my eyes, "What a dick." i laughed, "Harry is with your mom outside the door. He still hasn't left.", "Funny thing is, i forgot why im mad at him." i laughed. "Let him come in." she said. i shook my head, "No, if he wants to talk he needs to." She smiled, "Ill tell him." "NO, he needs to figure it out himself." she sighed, "Well, your therispest will be here in the morning." she left after that.




sorry short chapter, 


let my know what you guys think,(:

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