Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


30. nn

Kenzies POV

I walked down the stairs,, ive been home for not an hour. The plane ride was the worst, i cried myself to sleep. "Kenzie, meds. NOW." my mom called. i popped one pill in my mouth gulping it down with pepsi. I looked at Briana who was sleeping on the couch next to Joey, i wasnt really happy with him still. "Joey please watch her, or have mom, im taking a nap." He nodded picking her up "Uhmm, if you cant watch her, put her in the walker so she can learn to walk a bit." i said rushing up to my room, I breathed in my rooms air, i grabbed the bags outside my door and put them in, Eleanor should be back on her feet tomorrow. I grabbed my phone dialing her hospital number my nurse gave me.

"Hey El its Kenzie, just wanted to say Hi."

"Its Liam." i sat down on my bed,

"Can i talk to her." i spat in the phone.

"She is sleeping, i can pass a message."

"No, its fine,"

"Okay But Before you-" i hung up before he could finish. I dont wanna talk to him, i haven't talked to anyone since the day my mom came.. But Eleanor.

  Joey woke me up, i looked at my clock, "Joe its 4 am," "I know, you phone was ringing and i was already up.soo" I took my phone out of his hand, "1 missed call from, 3338246539" which was eleanors room, I called back, 

"Hey Kenz."

"hey El. why you up so late." 

"I stayed up till  Liam fell asleep, damn kid wont shut up about you being a jerk I told him to shut up but he doesnt get that i can tell you everything."

"What did he say,"

"Well its mostly Louis now, saying how could she do this, and i hate her,/ i told him he doesn't mean it, but Harry finally is talking again since you left. He said he misses you and bri." 

"Briana, im sure misses him too. I just hope i have a father figure by time she can walk,"

"i dont see why you just have harry back. and come on tour. Zayn misses you like crazy, he has nightmares of watching you be stabbed,, and... you kno-"

"Yhea i know, what about harry."

"i dont know, he doesnt really talk about, Zayn on the other hand." i laughed, 

"i miss him most out of the boys." i smiled looking at the picture we took on my desk that i put up.

I heard he whispering, and then her saying shut up. "Wanna talk to him. He is right here.

"i dont know what to say, i mea-"


"Zayn, Hi." i moved Joey out of my room, "How are you." i said 

"better, not as good as when you left but ill get there. wbu."

"Im fine, the plane wasnt that great, stupid girl was crying,"

"You were crying." he laughed,

"Duhh, i left my bestfriend with out a goodbye."

"You know Liam, holding me and Niall back, trust me, i wanted to see you... he punched Liam in the gut." Eleanor said in the phone after zayn.,

"Zayn. You bad boy."

"from bradford." We both laughed, 

"i better go, " there was a long pause

''i love you." he whispered into the phone, 

"love you too zack."

"its zen." i let out a small laugh before hanging up. I closed my eyes falling asleep again.



So i started the new story today,(: woohh, so go check it out,,, Make A Wish(:


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