Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


1. New Place New Friends.


    I stood looking into my door mirror applying my last of lip gloss, i threw the bottle away. I grouped all my hair pulling it to the left side. I hopped down the stairs to the main floor of my apartment. I had my bag and keys in my hand. Off to my first day of collage, Im sooo nervous of what people will say to me or just give me a glance and just think they know me. I miss High school i knew everyone and was friends with everyone. Here.. im alone.  I gathered up my purse and luggage and went off on my adventure to becoming a collage student. 

  "This is your dorm." One of the student helpers said. 'Thanks.' i said "My room is just down the hall D46. And your D43." She Smiled. "Lunch is in 1 hour, If you want ill get you and we can go together?" she asked with a not so sure smile. "Id Love that, Id get lost otherwise." She laughed and waved. I was alone in my dorm. I Pushed everything in a corner and got my laptop and plugged it in.  

   *New DM. @IssacTheGreat : Hey how was moving in to collage? Is it as bad as you thought?."No, Its great... Lies. I hate it and the girl that I met is a snob. uhh, she thinks we are friends. Im judgmental" i wrote back. "wow. No its just an opinion.., She probb thinks your a snobby whore but is hiding just like you c: " Issac wrote. I let out a puff of air. How nice... "Ain't that nice. So What you doing... getting another tat?" i joked. "LOL. No actually im sitting with Jake, Lyric and Austin,, Frank is sleeping doee." "Funn;. Well i better goo. Lunch in 30. Ill write you later." I pushed my laptop on my empty bed. I Started unpacking. I just got out the needing things Toothbrush hair products bed covers  phone charger etc.

  There was a knock. I peeped in my peeping hole. Uhh That girl. I opened the door. "Heey. I never said my name. Its Gemma." I smiled. "Im Kenzie." i introduced myself. I let Gemma In, "what are you doin here?" i asked. "Got bored. Thought id help unpack." she Said with glee. "Ohh yes. its fine i can get it." i said moving my hands in an X. She laughed, and headed to the boxes. Uhm did i sound to unsure cause i said get the fuck out bitch. "Oh and Apple laptop, and an Iphone5, and in Ipad. Are you rich.?" she asked. I laughed, "you could say.. My dad works for apple." She smiled "My dad died two years ago along with my two brothers." Her smile was so fake. "Oh im.. so sorry I know the feeling My brother died a few years ago i was so young. ." What else could i say, "Its fine,, im okay now. Still got my Mum and Sis Id feel lost without my mum, Shes a mum she shows you life and has the past advice and is the best pillow as a child." I nodded. "Thats so true.

  After 10 minutes my dorm was perfect. I had all the Wanted posters up along with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Gemma is actually cool, we both really have a in common. We like One Direction, Miley, Demi, She loves Taylor Swift, Im not fond of her. "Lets start heading down get there early." I nodded and grabbed my phone and purse. 

  We sat down with her group of friends, "Thats Jenn, April, and Alex. April and Alex are twin sisters." "Yes. We are." they spoke at the same time. "we do that alot." they did again. "Im Kenzie," i let out a laugh at the twins they took a bit at the same time same thing same chew, awkks. We al started eating and having small talk. Me and Alex were talking about my classes. We have 6 classes together and me and Gemma have 3 together, Me and Jenn have none.. Shhe but i dont like her,. ha bue. We gathered our stuff and went our ways. I went to my first class with Alex and April.. Drama. 

  My phone went off in middle of drama, I put my hand over it to cover the noise.,Alex nudged me "Shh, Mrs.B hates phones." i nodded. "So Remember when Speaking to..Is that.." I hid down in my seat. "A phone." My phone finally shut up Mrs. B walked up and down the isle. Pwhh. If my phone was taken. id die. She went on with her lesson. I couldn't stop thinking about who called. No one calls me. 

  "Dismissed." Mrs.B Sang and woke me from my thoughts. Once i was outta class i looked at my phone. *Missed call from UNKOWN.* I shoved it back in my pocket and went to medical class. i wanted to be a Surgeon. I just love the adrenaline. When i was younger my brother died in front of me. I tried with my all to help him but what could a child that age do. 

  After class i went to my dorm for the night.  i got on twitter an Dmed Issac. "Heey Broo. Guesss whaay.(:" i checked my TimeLine for anything interesting. "Whaay(:" A dm popped up.  "Nothing just seeing if your on.(: you iss.<3." I wrote. "Silly goose. Soo you know how me and Jake, Lyric and Austin, and Frank have been singing? Well we got signed on a contract todaaaay(:" I jumped with joy for them but then turned into a frown. "Soo, your gonna become famous and stop talking to me and we will never meet????)"; "NO NO NO KENZIE NO. ill never stop talking to you.," "HA i love you boo.c:"  "Love you too.<3" I closed my laptop and got ready for bed. 



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