Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


3. Meet And Greet?


    Kenzies POV.

  i walked into my moms house and threw my bags aside. Im soo glad i get a spring break."Muum." i called out. No answer, i chilled on the sofa and catched up on Greys Anatomy. I didnt watch it much, i studied history here nd there having a D- isnt my goal. 

  I got a text from Issac. "readyy?" I was kinda questioning this so called 'plan' but i texted back yes. i wrote a note to my mum and put it on the tv screen,

                            'Mum im off to run some chores in the city ill be back around 10pm. xoxo love you lots cant wait to see you.. 'kenzie kaye.<3

  I ran out the door gripping my purse, checking for everything,, phone, perfume, etc. I turned on the radio to ck105.5 nd Heart Attack *Demi L.* was on. i drove silently to the road Issac sent.


    Issacs POV

 I drove with the boys to rich road "Please when we get there please stay in the car. Till we talk a bit i wave when shes ready." They stopped what they were doing. "huh. didn't hear that." I groaned. "Stay in the car till i wave you all over.," they nodded. 

   After 10 minutes in the car we were almost there,. The boys were playing with there phones. My phone went off in my pocket probably Kenzie saying shes there. I reached in my pocket and checked., Yepp. I pulled in farther away, "Were here. Please stay here," "Yea yea whatever goo." 

As i was walking to the little park someone was calling.. Paullly. "Hello, Where are you and the boys.?' he asked. 'uhm just walking the streets. g2g fans.." I hung up and pushed it in my pocket. I looked around no sign of Kenzie. i waited by the swings and pumped my legs, i pulled my phone out. "Kenziiee, im here, by the swingss." "Okay i was in my car." i put my phone away. and looked around. I seen her walking this was.. Her head was down and her Brown locks were covering her face. 

  She sat down next to me "Issac," she asked, Her voice was so perfect "kenzie." i whispered. We both looked u at the same time "LOUIS." she screamed. I covered her mouth. "sHh. ive been issac the whole time, please dont.. Whoaa, your not Kenzie," i whispered, "No,, i used a different girl-" "your beautiful." She looked at the ground. "Issac,", "u mean Louis,.. " i corrected "yeah sorry,  the plan. uhm can we do it now." I nodded,  She looked so disappointed, and angry. i waved at the boys, "Uhm, Thats.. The rest. of one direction." "well duh." She squinted her eyebrows. and ruffled her nose. "Meet Niall Liam Harry and Zayn." She looked away. "Hi." she whispered, she moved her hair in front of her face again. "Lets do this"Harry screamed. I took Kenzies hand she moved away. We walked to her car me nd her. "so my mum is home now so your going to have to climb up to my window.." "thats fine." "Why are you soo.. Shy or something" I asked. "i just, Im not so sure about this. your Louis Tomlinson for crying out loud. If your seen with my, im gonna get so much hate-" "who said that," "Really Okay so Zoe,Amy,Dianna. They are so fucked up right now." "Thats Niall." "So who said it wont happen to me." she said, you could tell in the sound of her voice this topic is done,.

  "Tell me about yourself." i asked "You already know basically everything." She snapped. "Kenzie, Stop it. I want to have a good time, im finally meeting Kenzie Kaye," "K." she whispered. I groaned, She gripped the steering wheel after my action. "Your not like yourself." she said "Im not issac." "Your right, Your a dick. I wish the fans knew the dickhead side of you." "Im not a dickhead," I whispered. " K, Drop it." 

  The rest of the ride was full of awkwardness sounds, When she pulled in to her house it was like a mansion, She slammed her car door and walked to the side of the house, the boys pulled in seconds after, "K, You climb up here ONE AT A TIME. or it will fall. My window is open so just get in ill be up in 20." she  stomped off. and stopped at the door.


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