Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


31. Lyrics to god

Kenzie POV

   I put the phone down and sat up on the couch, "Briana." i called, she came in walking slowly, I smile. "Hand mommy her drink." i said, she picked it up and gave it to me, I took 2 aspirins and took a drink, "Hunny." I stood up slowly. "In here." i said, picking Briana up, Ben came up to me kissing my cheek, "ew." Briana laughed, "Oh," he smiled kissing me again, "icky." I set her down, "Sis go play with your toys in your room yhea?" She ran off stomping her feet as she did, "So, Briana's birthday is soon." i smiled. "Yhea, what are we doing?" Ben asked, "I was thinking, well she doesnt remember her dad well, so we could give him a visit in England." Ben looked a me, "No." and walked off, "Why?" i said walking after, "Harry left you two, and i dont want her to get the hopes up, did you see his last spot on the news, yhea im not having hER MEET THAT KENZIE." he said raising his voice, "I talked to zayn again, he said he is sobering up from everything for this tour." " STOP TALKING TO HIM, I TOLD YOU THAT MANY TIMES BEFORE." "STOP YELLING AT ME." i yelled back, "She isnt meeting him, and thats the end of it okay." He turned around walking in the backyard. i grabbed my phone again, "hey, Ben isnt letting us." i texted zayn., withen seconds, "really you need to stand up to him." I called him up going in the bathroom locking it,

"What happened this time." Zayn asked,

"He started yelling at me because I said i want Briana to meet Harry, you know so she remembers him." Zayn sighed

"At least your not cryng this time. Have you talked to anyone else"

"In the band, i talking to Niall a few weeks ago but no one else."

"Oh kay, i told Liam i was talking to you again, oh boy,"
"what happened."

"he broke down."

"Oh bad boy aint so bad." i laughed, "Kenzie im sorry."

"I gotta go ill talk to you later bye." I hung up and opened the door. "Im sorry, but you realize what im doing, i dont want Her meeting that again." "Zayn said he isnt doing anything anymore." "I know, and I will let you go if i can go and briana never leaves our sight." I smiled hugging him, "THANK YOU BEN. I love you." thing is ben and I meet at a bar few weeks after i moved out of my moms; Ben is really nice but has a hot head side, "Ill go get plane tickets online." he said walking away, I called back Zayn,

"WE ARE COMING." i said a little to happy.

"Ill tell harry."

"NO, i want it to be a surprise, briana looks so much different then a baby he wont realize her."

"OKay can i tell Niall."

"NO. bye," I hung up walking to Brianas room, "hey sis..  we are going on a plane," i said sitting in front of her, "why were you and daddy yelling," she saaid in big breaths. "Oh we were yelling about how cute you are." She took a deep breath. "Mom, when.. *deep breath* are we going *deep breathe* On the plane." "Bri are you okay does your chest hurt," i asked, "Right *deep breathe* here." she pointed on my chest, "briana thats your lungs." i smiled, "thy hu-*deep brethe*rt" I picked her up, "BEN." i called rushing down the stairs, "Momm*deep breathe*y." "Sis, hold on mommy is gonna get her shoes on. BEN we need to go to the hospital." ben came around to Bri, "Yo okay," he asked, she pointed to his lungs, "it hurts *deep breath* right there." I picked up briana, "Uhm, we are going to the hospital." he asked, i nodded, "Okay ill get my shoes go get the car started." I ran out with bri buckling her up to her car seat, I turned around and ben was in the drivers, I sat in.

    "Take a deep breath." the doctor said  "hmm, i think im gonna  give her a mri and a cat scan, I think its asma." I grabbed bens hands tighter, The doctor left, I went back to brianas side, rubbing her head, "Whats asma." she asked, "Its when, your chest cant get enough air to breathe and you have to take medicine." i said calmly. The doctor came in, "briana, did anything happen when you were at home when you started breathing funny," he said handing her a lollipop. "Some man was in my room. He held my mouth and nose till mommy came in." "w-who was he Sis. " "He had tattoos on his neck." I looked at ben, and mouthed, Lyric. "i think im lost." The doctor said. "Sis, mommy is gonna take to doctor berken in the hall," i smiled kissing her head, Ben took my spot by Briana,

   "when briana was born there was a man Lyric who always anted me dead for my past, on what my dad did to him." After explaining everything, he went to the front desk, "call the cops. Lyric wheeler. " I called Zayn in tears,

"Kenzie what happened,"

"Lyric is back, he almost killed Briana."


"When i was on the phone with you he was in her room holding her nose and mouth shut."

"dammit, " in the background i heard harry ask whats wrong. "Nothing, Do you need me to come out there, i will, Ben cant protect you from this kenzie," in the background i heard harry saying my name, "YHES HARRY IS KENZIE."

" idontknow zayn, i dont want this to happen again, i cant my life is just coming back together."

"m coming kenzie, just can you stay at the hospital for a day or two, or go to your moms where you two are safe, i could give two shits less on Ben."

"ill try,"

"just stay safe. i love you.."

"love you too." i hung up "Briana is going to get her stuff done," Ben said, he grabbed my hand pulling me into a hug, "She is gonna be okay." he whispered, I rested my hands on his chest "i just wish i had a different dad. I dont even know what he did to piss Lyric off," i whispered in cries.  "kenzie." I turned around and seen the doctor, "we are taking her to The MRI" i let go of Ben and took Brianas hand as we walked down the hall, "Whats gonna happen." "We are gonna put you in a tube and see what candy you have snacked on at night" "I didnt mean to mommy i wanted the milkyway." she pleaded, "Oh, Now we have to take it out." Doctor Berken played along. "but." "No buts Briana," Ben said, she slumped down crossing her arms. My phone went off, I took it outta my purse, "Cant you call him back." Ben asked, I nodded putting it in my purse."Mom and Dad wait in the lobby," The doctor said, We took a seat, i grabbed my phone out, 

"Hey whats up." I asked,

"Im getting on a plane in 30 minutes i got the earliest flight, one problem"


"The boys are coming." I looked at Ben with a worried face, "what." He whispered

"do they have too" i asked

"One minute i need to walk away,...... I told Harry and he was going to the bar so i asked if he wanted to, and then Louis over heard and you know Louis' big mouth." I sighed into the phone,

"Well listen, the doctor just came back, Briana is getting a catscan and MRI, so call when you land." i lied, hanging up. "Harry and the boys are flying out with Zayn, btw, Zayn is flying out." i said fastly, "what." "i told Zayn and he said he is gonna fly out, and then Harry heard and Louis did to and Louis has a big mouth so they are all coming to Michigan." i said slowly.  "So Bri is gonna meet her real dad." I nodded, "Well okaay.," he slumped in the chair, I took his hand, "When willl they be here," "Some time tomorrow." 


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