Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


16. ; love for all

Harrys POV

    I stood in the same spot from when Louis left, The paps were gone and i just stood, How could i of been so stupid, i love him, i need him. I pulled my feet outta the spot and walked back to the house.  sat on the porch and Liam came out. "Louis came back and packed his stuff, he is staying in a hotel." He said quietly. I let a tear roll down my cheek, "3 years." i said to him. "3 Years." i said again. "I had him for 3 years and i played him on.." i said harshly. Liam didn't say a word. "i liked hiding. Thats the funny thing. For 3 years we hid from the world and it was fun." I smiled at the thought. I started laughing. "And every time you would say something to give us out we had to make something up." We both looked at the ground. I gripped the railing and looked at the ground, we were off the ground about 10 ft. "I kissed him.. In front of paparazzi.." Liam looked at me and smiled. "Im glad." he whispered to me standing up and going inside. I turned to the door then back at the ground, a tear fell off my cheek. I turned to the door and walked in. Zayn kinda took a glimpse of me Niall never even tried to look Liam gave me sorrow, and Gemma..... Gemma took my waist pulling me into a hug. I pushed her off a little bit harshly, the second she touched me all my tears spilled.

    I ran to the bathroom locking the door. I gripped the counters edge as tight as i could, my hands turned yellow and i slammed my hands in the the wall next to me. I let out a silent cry of pain but grew my strength. I sat on the edge of the tub sliding down to the ground letting my head fall to my hands, i took out my phone and called Louis. Voice mail. I tried again.. Voice mail,, i listened to his voice, and let of another sob. i dialed Kenzie. 

"What harry."

"Kenzie.. I miss you... I'll. miss you." i said correcting myself.

"Harry.... Harry whats wrong what do you mean." i hung up and stumbled to the draw, my sight was spinning as tears fulled my eyes. I pushed my hands into the draw looking for what i needed. Nothing.. I grabbed a shaving razor and used a toothpick to pry out the little razor. My phone uninterrupted me. Kenzie..  I turned my phone upside down and finished pulling it out. I made a small cut and for a minute there i felt okay, like nothing was wrong like i was happy but soon more pain fulled my body and i made another cut next to the other, and again i felt safe. I tilted my head back and made another cut my hands were tumbling and i couldn't think straight.  

  I woke up on the bathroom floor. I sat up and my head was pounding i looked at my wrist and almost screamed. I promised id never do it again, not since Louis and Eleanor.... Uhh i cant even think about that, and he wonders why i did Cara.... and Kenzie.. No Kenzie is different,.. I stood up and looked at my phone.. "7pm.. Concert is in an Hour... ohh fuck" i said.. There was pounding on the door. "HARRY ARE YOU AWAKE." i looked at the door. and back at me wrist. I cleaned up the blood and but toilet paper around it and slipped on the bracelets and hoodie i took off before. I Opened the door and Louis flung to my arms. He gripped my jaw and almost screamed "Your an idiot i hate you." i let a tear slip and hugged him again.

  I opened my eyes and shook my light head. i frowned as if louis was only a dream i stood up holding the wall as if i felt so light headed id fall over. I sat on the counter till i felt better, i grapped my bracelets and hoodie and put them on, i looked at my phone. 19 missed calls from Kenzie and 38 from Mom. and 1 from Louis. i cleaned up the blood on the floor and put my hand on the door. I opened it wanting my dream to come true. Reality came in and no one flung to me. "HELLO/." i called around the house. I pulled out my phone as a text came in. "Liam: Hey, concert is about to start.. Were are you." i locked my iphone and grabbed a few band-aids and put them on and then bracelets on again to cover it.. I got in my black range rover and drove to staples center. 

 I walked in the front and fans didn't bother looking at me i showed my face to the ticket guy and he let me threw..  "Harry concert started 10 minutes ago." Lou said fixing up my hair a little. i grabbed my outfit and threw it on. I took a deep breath and walked on stage. It was like slow motion, the fans screamed louder and the boys looked over at me. I stared at Louis and he looked at the fans "Sorry everybody i took a longer nap then i should of." i said into the mic. Louis eyes widen and looked at me. I just looked at the fans. "Good, well Harry we are about to sing Teenage Dirtbag." Louis said with hate and sorrow. i mumbles a few cuss words out of the mic. 

  After the concert we did what we always did go to another state. We had two tour buses one for the boys and another for the crew. I layed on my bunk with my little sheet closed and messing with my phone. "Kenzie: HARRY answer my call please." I called her back getting out of the bed and into the bathroom. 

"Hey whats up." i asked 

"Whats up.. Whats up is your stupid and wouldnt answer my calls what happened.. You kissed Louis in front of paps." She babbled. 

"Oh that.. LOL funny story. me and louis are done..-"


"Geez can i finish.. EVEN FUNNIER STORY" i laughed. "I tried killing myself."


"im fine,, i woke up." i said cutting her off. 

"harry im flying out there where are you going."


"Ill be there tomorrow sometime. Please dont do anything more stupid." She said,, you could tell my here voice she was hurt. 

"Bye Kenzie." i said hanging up. I opened the door and Niall stood there. "Hey." i said smiling. He took my arm and lifted my sleeve and pushing my bracelets back ripping the band-aids off. "Shut up Niall." i said. "I didn't say anything." he said not opening his mouth. I put my arm down letting my bracelets fall down and my sleeve . I walked off on to my bed. Closing the sheet. Niall opened it. "Harry, you promised Louis."he whispered. "Well... i couldn't keep it." "When are you gonna realize, it doesn't help." "Niall go away." i said closing it again. it opened 2 minutes later and it was Liam. "Niall told me.." He whispered i closed and letting tears flow. i grabbed my phone putting in ear buds listening to Ed. After Autumn Leaves my sheet opened again and Louis stood with tears in his eyes.. I closed my eyes. I was pushed over and felt an indent. I opened and Louis snugged up to me. He took and ear bud and we listened to  You Need Me I Dont Need You. I felt like this is our song.. I need Lou, But he doesnt need me. "Harry." he whispered. "yea." "never mind" i closed my eyes and pulled him closer to me;


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