Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


36. l

Kenzies POV

  I looked at myself in the mirror i had on my all black chucks and black leggings and a black loose tank with a cross on it, i didnt wanna dress up i tied my hair in a bun and walked down, all the boys were talking, Niall looked over at me and soon back at everyone else, i patted harrys back he wrapped an arm around my waist, "ready." he asked i nodded.

   I met my mom at the funeral, we were the first there, I walked up to the casket she had on the dress i bought for her birthday,,  i grabbed harrys hand when my eyes met hers, "im waiting for her to open her eyes and yell tricked you suckers." harry smiled.  "wouldnt that be nice," Harry and I walked around looking at pictures of Briana, i felt a hand on my shoulder i turned to Ben, "hey." i said, He wrapped his hands around my and took a long hug, he pulled away looking at harry.

   We all sat down, the priest took stand and started talking about how beautiful and funny briana was, i didnt listen much,. My friend Nicole stood up walking to the stand, "I rememer how much of a prankster she was." The boys and i looked at louis who was smiling like a freak to us. "I remember when she teamed up with Kenzie and took all my clothes when i was in the shower when we went to Michigan adventures, and i had to walk in a towel threw the hotel and when Briana switched out my bathing suit with a little kid one, she was so grown up for being 3 years old, " she wiped off a tear, "She wasnt just Briana. She was like a daughter to me, " she sat back down.

     "I need Louis, Harry, Ben, Niall Derek, and Joey." the priest said they stood up walking, "we are taking her to the cemitary, last looks are now." My mom and I walked up followed but most of the room. I kissed Brianas head letting a tear fall to her cheek, i looked at the pink bear that i gave her on her 1st birthday, so many memories.I walked off, and watched the boys carry the casket out and put it in a car. "If everyone who is coming follow the car." A man spoke, we got in the car and it was a silent trip to the crematory,

    There was only about 5 cars parked, I watched the boys carry the casket to a lift, "Before we let her down, we shall say a prayer.... Dear heavenly father Briana was a nice child, she didn't deserve this but we all know you work in good ways, we ask you to look after her. Amen." the man said before pulling a little leaver., we watched Briana being put in the little grave. I held Harrys arm for support as we walked back, "Your gonna be okay." he whispered.

      We all sat on my bed, "Look," i said turning my laptop. "One Direction attends a funeral, along with Kenzie Kaye." Harry rested his head back. I turned it back to me, I logged on twitter, "Whos funeral. Was is someone special, Why is harry with her again, Bitch stay away,." i read all my mentions, 'Rest In Peace Briana Kaye<33" i tweeted, withen seconds the harrys phone blew up, "NO," he said in the phone leaving, "I wont do that. Im not ready." he said closing the door, I read my dashboard. "rip, Bri, We will miss you," one caught my eye, "even though we didnt know you, you were like our little girl two, we love you so much Bri, stay strong Kenzie(:" "Your so sweet, Thanks, im sure she would love you all too." i replyed, she started tweeted smut like"asdfghjkljchcbsdrj okmg; i could help but laugh, I logged off. Niall sat silently, "Niall, you know im not mad, " i said and on cue he boys left leaving me alone with niall. "well i kinda killed briana." "I know but it was an accident, yes i wanted to kill you earlier but, i understand you couldnt help, she is still unsteady on her feet. was unsteady, " i corrected myself. "im sorry, " he whispered, "dont put guilt on yourself Okay, i love you know matter what. " i smiled. he smiled back, with a nod,


  Short chapter again oops.

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