Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


5. Kicking and Screaming


           I texted the boys they could come down to the kitchen once my mom was for sure gone. In seconds Harry Louis Niall Liam and Zayn were in my kitchen eating the breakfast i made, i was mentally screaming. Harry looked over a few times and then at Louis. Louis looked at me then at Harry. Soon I was looking at Harry then at Louis. "What the hell is going on." Louis spat. I couldn't help but laughing and same for Harry. "You two sure did say sorry." Liam laughed. Harry and I looked down at our plates, everyone gave us a questioning look, and we both ignored them. You could feel the annoyance of that.

       "Zayn come on." Liam yelled walking down the stairs. Zayn came bursting out of the bathroom. "Your hairspray is for shits." "Sorry i dont use hair spray." i nagged. We all barged out the door and into the car i sat on Louis' lap and we kinda had a cuddle session.

   "What about this green suit.." harry asked. I laughed at the crotch. "Theres a penis." "Perfect." I just got a fedora because swag dilly doo. We checked out on we were on our way. "are we going shopping or movies." I asked. "Shopping?" louis questioned. I nodded. 

     We we all dressed in our crazy gay outfits Zayn had on a wig and a beard and a Hawaii bra. Louis had a wig and a Hawaii skirt.Niall had on glasses that said Irish drinker and was carrying a fake glass of beer and had chalk in his hair. Liam had on girl glasses and a girl wig. I put on my black fedora and we hit out first shop

   Pacsunn I grabbed a button down collar shirt and elephant leggings harry followed behind with a shirt a skinny jeans. I opened a door to one and Harry pushed me in. He closed the door and pushed me against the wall. "You look gay with that hat on." "I thought your dick was bigger." i back fired. "Youve been teasing me." he said bitting my collarbone. I let out a small moan and tilted my head back. He let out a tiny laugh in my neck He pulled my head down and left a small kiss on my lips. Then it turned into a wild animal kiss, we became sloppy. "Get up on the bench sweetie." i did what he told me to which i knew why, in case some one came looking. He pulled my shirt half way till i caught him there. "Harold we are in a store>" i laughed. "So." he said coming back. I Jumped off making him fall forward. "Out." i commanded. 

      "Mom look who it is." a little girl almost dropped dead. "Shit Shit Shit." Liam mumbled. "ONE DIRECTION." another yelled. "What do we do." i panicked  Harry grabbed my hand and bolted. We were all split apart. Me and Harry ended up in the mens bathroom He pushed me in a stall and locked me in there alone "Love." i heard Harry was peeking his head over from another side. i stood on the tolit top like harry he left a lil kiss on my cheek. "3 2 1." harry whispered. the door flew open. "Where did he go. Wasnt he in here. I swear i seen him come here." girls said in a very out of breath way, "THE Mirror." i heard harry ducked down and so did I. I couldn't help but let out a load laugh. It sounded so un-human so i laughed even more. harry kicked me from underneath. I held my mouth. "lets leave." one said all the breathing stopped and the bathroom was empty.   I opened the stall and waited for harry to come out, "is it clear." "no." i said. he came out and Three boys my age came in. Harry grabbed my hand. "owe this one is taken." One said eyeing me "No." i mumbled. Harry squeezed "Look at this cunt licker harry styles." I let out a lil laugh at them. One grabbed my hand. "Erm mind if i take her for a day,"He said pulling me to him. harry was forced to let go but soon had me again. "Sorry but no thanks." i said wiggling out of his grip and into harrys arms. harry pulled me away and we were walking back to meet to the boys. He kissed my temple. "Your gonna be mine soon." he whispered. 

       We each had almost 6 bags full of clothes or useless shmut. I was ready to drop. "that mob was crazy. Harry Where did you go." I laughed at the thought. "Must of been fun." louis said looking at me strangely.  "Mens bathroom." i answered They all laughed. "Errm." harry said Looking past everyone i turned around to see. Harry pulled me to him. Soon they boys from the bathroom were in out lil group.

   "You got the whole gang ayye." The one that had me said. I looked up to harry and he was giving him a death glare. "Ayee." harry said mocking him "We dont want trouble so leave." he finished. "W=Who are they." Louis asked. "Stutter much." One laughed. "Shut up dirty slob."Liam said "Ayee." the same said. "Ayyeee." i laughed mocking them in a girly tone. The one who had me earlyier was Jay i heard. he laughed a fake one and grabbed my wrist harshly. "Ayyye, " i almost squealer of pain, He knew i was mocking again and gripped harder. I Punched his gut of reflex. He came back up swinging at Niall. i Smacked his cheek as hard as i could. Soon one of his friends had me held up while his friends we swinging at the boys.I tried kicking and screaming but we parked so far from the building so we could change. Zayn had one pinned on the ground Harry had the one harrasing me In a head lock . I couldnt see the others but niall was fighting on the ground weird thing was.. He was winning,."ENOUGH." I yelled kicking backward and elbowing him.. "why didnt i do that sooner." i said. I went to harry and pulled him off him. I had jay by the ear and getting Louis off the ground and holding the other by the cheek. I tossed them skipping them to the ground. "Immature dicks." i mumbles.

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