Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


11. kenzie say whaa


   I sat with Zayn while the others went to get food Bri was in the room next with her family. i just wanted my mom. Where could she of went. "Um, can you hand me you phone." i asked He nodded and placed it into my hand. I quickly called my mom. "Who are you calling." i whispered my mom;. "Im sorry the number you are calling has been disconnected." i hung up in tears and tried again. "Im sorry the number you are calling has been disconnected." i tried again "Im sorry the number you are calling has been disconnected." Tears were falling like buckets now. "KENZIE STOP." zayn shouted.  I tried again not listening. "Im sorry the number you are calling has been disconnected." Now im just hurting myself. "She S-She isn't answering." I pushed the covers off and threw my feet over the bed other side of Zayn, He stood up. "No." he said. I forced my body to stand. i let go off the bed and stumbled, Every step was painful a mini shock of reminder. "I.... Can.....Do.......This." i said with every step. I fell onto the door fringe. Zayn held my there. "GO back to the BED NOW." he shouted. "NO." i shouted in his tone. Doctors rushed to my side causing my to fight back. "LET GO OF ME." i shouted in pain. They all stepped back. "GET ME CRUTCHES NOW." i yelled.  They stood there. "You need a wheelchair." one said. "I SAID CRUTCHES." i yelled again. the same walked off with a okay look.

  She came back with my size. "Do you kno-" "YES." i shouted at zayn. I crunched down the halls of the hospital doctors flooded behind, "Doesn't she need to be released." Zayn whispered, "If she just walks out like shes doing no." one whispered back. "Yes she is just leaving." i heard Zayn I stopped to turn. on the phone. of coarse.. 

   I got out of the hospital and the doctors left us.  "Louis is coming with the car right now." "Can i see your phone." Zayn sighed and handed it to me. "Im sorry the number you are calling has been disconnected" I tried again but her work. "Hi Sherry. Is my mom there." i asked. "Uhm, Im sorry sweeite did you try her phone." I let out a sob. "It said disconnected." "Oh sweetie she is fine, She was just here last night." "What was she doing." i asked calmly looking at zayn. The car pulled up and zayn took my crutches in the trunk. "Well she packed everything and told me she is quitting." I sighed "And not to tell you but. i think you need to know, she is going to Ohio." I let out s silent sob 'Did she say why." i asked holding my hip. "No im sorry sweetie." i felt her sorrow through the phone. "Is everything okay dear." i felt her smile. "No. Everything is bad its my 2nd worst day of my life." Sherry was my moms best friend more like an Aunt she knew my 1st and knew everything about me. "What happened." She asked. "I was shot in the hip by Josh." "Why dont you come up here and you can tell me everything you want." i smiled threw my sob "Okay." "Bye dear." i said my good bye and told Louis where to go. 

   I crutches into Sherry's office with the boys. She looked at them "Your one direction." she smiled. "Yes ." Niall said. "Do you have a daughter." "No, im a big fan."She smiled we all laughed. "Oh no my son, is a directioner." she said "Garret is a doll he is gay." i said. "The cutest darn gay guy too." i laughed mocking him." Only me and Sherry would know" 

   After telling the story again to everyone "And your out." she asked. "No i left. i want to find mom." i said holding in every tear. "Well she said she is going back to Ohio. I dont know much but.  Your dad." she whispered taking my hand. "I thought you dad is dead." louis said. "Dead to me." i harshly said. He sat back down. "And Joey, so maybe she is going back to them." she said. "Joey is dead too." Harry said. I looked at me then at louis. "He was the only you told it to." louis defended "I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU." i shoated. My throat was becoming groggy and hard to talk again. "Now Now, Kenzie its fine." Sherry said.,"We need to go." i said grabbing my bag and crutches. "thanks again." i said walking out with the boys behind Zayn and Niall helped my side. Harry and Louis were far behind and im glad bc i may hit them with this death stick. Liam walked behind me. 

  We drove back to my house and got my phone and packed for the ride. 

   We got on our way and i fell asleep in Liams arms. 


 I stood on the porch of my dads house my hip was healed and i had the boys behind me, I knocked once. The door opened and i flinched back wards falling to Niall and Zayn, they pushed me back up and i stood in front of my brother. "kenzie." he whispered. He came in for a hug. I put my hand out. "Where is mom." he looked down. "Where is Dad." i said harshly. He looked at me. "Come in side." i walked in and he guided me to the basement which was a den. He pointed in a corner. "YOU LOCKED THEM IN CAGES." i shouted "THERE NOT ANIMALS. Well dad is and can stay in there, But MOM." i yelled. He grabbed my harshly and threw my in with Mom. He took the boys hands and put them in too. I clung to Liam and my Mom." Liam kissed me in the cheek "Its fine." he whispered. I started crying and screaming. "LET US OUT CLINT LICKER. I KILL YOU." Liam whispered. "Your fine." I started crying and pushing him away and pulling myself to the front of the cage, I grabbed his ankles causing him to fall he stood up and looked at me He yanked me out by my hair, i stood up i  front of him, He pulled out a gun, "Im not scared." i whispered. knocking it to the ground. He bent down and grabbed it i knocked it out again. "Stop it" he whined stomping his feet. "Pussy." i whispered. I bent down and grabbed it stepping back. "Ill do it." i whispered.. He charged at me I shot and shot and sot closing my eyes. When i opened, he stood towering me, he had bullet holes in his chest. i could see right threw them. "What are you." Louis asked. "Shut up maggot." i yelled.  "Faggot." he corrected. " I meant maggot you slimy bitch." I said not leaving my brothers gaze." he took the gun and quickly shot Liam. "LIAMMMM." i cried. He fell closer to the ground leaving his lifeless body. I turned to my brother who was chuckling, I gave him a death glare jumping at me. "your gonna pay illl kill you,. ill kill you and make you suffer, i loved him" i grinded my teeth. was i dating Liam in this dream this is confusing. "Is it so." he laughed. We both fell to the ground he took my hair pulling me upstairs. 

   he pulled my lifeless body down and threw me in front of the cage. Liam cried out. 

 -end of dream-

 I woke up in a panic, Everyone looked at me. 'you okay babe.' Niall asked, 'yu were screaming.' i kept silent everyone kept questioning me, i didn't say a word i pulled out my phone. 

 'what was i screaming.' i texted zayn, 'liam.' he texted back i looked at zayn who ignored all eye contact.  I looked at Liam who had his hand whined in mine and his other holding me tightly. 'You okay.' he asked with sorrow. i looked down not answering. 'Can you get food.' i asked silently to Liam. he nodded. 'mate can we pull into this burger king.' he asked Louis who was driving, without answering we pulled in, i ran inside and into the bathroom, i had my head over the toilet puking, there was a knock, 'Kenzuh you okay.' that was Zayn, 'Now you wanna talk ayee.' i said then puking again, he barged in locking the door, 'You were screaming liams name like you were in painn.' i nodded. 'it was a dream.' i said. i think i was finished puking. 'You puked.' Zayn asked. ;that why a ran in here like a bat outta hell' i said pissed off at him. i washed up and zayn left asking what i wanted. 'Frys and a Coke.' i said harshly. 

  Zayns Pov.

     I walked out 'What does kenz what?' Liam asked. 'Fry and a large coke.," i answered 'whats wrong with her.' Niall asked, 'She is puking,' i answered  coldly. Liam ran to the bathroom you could hear him knocking. 'Did she say her dream.' I shook my head to harry 'She will tell us when shes ready.' Louis answered. 

Liams pov

    kenzie opened the door hugging me i pulled her to a seat 'Whats wrong.' i asked. 'My dream?' 'No your puking.' i answered, ' Idk my stomach hurts and now my hip, i didn't use my crutches.'  she answered. i laughed a bit. ' use them.' i said hugging her, 'What did you dream love.' i asked she looked up and the boys were walking to us with the food 'Ill tell you later,' i said. 

   We all finished up, i kept silent to avoid questions. I took a sip and harry broke out 'what did you dream its killing me.,' i looked up and sighed, then looked at Liam who was dying to know also. i looked at the floor and started, 'We were at my dads house.

  I finished up telling and i finally got to the end. "And i cried Liams name because we were a thing, i think.' i said answering everyone's next question, Liam smiled to himself taking a fry. 'shushh.' i said smiling to him. Everyone looked at Liam and I, "He has a girlfriend.' Louis said harshly 'I know Shit face.' i said in his tone. 'And you have a boyfriend and a girlfriend.' i said in a pissy tone. 'and im single.' Niall said winking at me. Niall and i starting laughing 'Hey whats the date?' i asked scrolling in my phone,. 'Uh, the 26.' Liam answered. 'oh my god.' i said under my breath, they all looked at me, 'harry.' i whispered everyone looked at harry. 'fuck harry.' i said standing up. i had my hands in a fist. 'Come here now.' i said. he stood up walking to me. 

Harrys pov.

 I stood up and she pulled me outside. 'im pregnant.'





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