Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


34. I miss you goodbye

Kenzies POV (I moved the tour a month away/ oops)

*2 days later*

   Harry and I helped Briana in the house, she could walk but after a while she would complain it hurts.Everyone walked around for a minute looking around the house. "Nice," Louis said, "thanks." I walked up the stairs to Brianas room, "I dont wanna sleep in here." Briana said behind me, i turned around and bent down, "Sweetie, i wasnt gonna let you." I picked her up and went in her room, "Can you tell me what he did," I sat her on her bed, "Here put this on." i said handing her a onesie, zayn sent her. "I helped her with her zipper and putting her arms in, I went in my room holding her hand, I closed the door and got on shorts and a tank, I turned around and Bri had the hood on, pikachu hood. "How cute." i smiled, We walked down stairs were the boys were, "Im ordering pizza." Niall said on the phone., "Briana lets go set the table." She walked behind me into the kitchen, I put her on the counter, "Mom, what do i call harry." She asked, "Harry.. or dad. its up to you." "what if he doesnt like me calling him dad." I sat down next to her, "Sis, he would be most happy if you call him dad." "What about Da- ben his feelings will be hurt."  "Briana, he wants you to call harry dad." She nodded, "You sure your not 14 trapped in a 3 year olds body?" i asked with a smile. she nodded with a small giggle, I started getting plates down and giving them to Briana to put on the table then cups. "Im being this many tomorrow." she held up 4 fingers., "4 years of pain." i smiled, "meany." she nagged,.  

   We finished up pizza and just sat talking, nothing special just smut.. "Ready for bed." i asked Briana, She got up walking in front of me to my room, she jumped up on the bed, "Can dad tuck me in."i kissed her cheek, "of course, i love you sis."  i walked down stairs, "Harry, Briana wants you to tuck her in." He jumped up the stairs., I fell into the seat, "How did you become so mature?" Liam asked with a chuckle. "Excuse me." i spat, "Your so grown up." Niall laughed, "How so." "Well i think Briana made you like it, you just know what to do now." Louis said weirdly. "Yhea like, when The Briana thing happened you took her straight to the hospital, the old Kenzie would of fainted," Zayn laughed, "I dont know, Briana." she shrugged, We all looked up at the stairs, you could faintly hear harry singing. "he has changed since he officaly met her." Zayn smiled, "Can you keep him." louis joked, "And you would be fine with that." I asked, "We are just friends." he smiled, I nodded raising my eyebrows, the singing stopped. 

    We all walked up the stairs to find Harry sleeping with Briana. "D'aww." I smiled snapping a picture,"Should we wake him." Niall asked, Louis took that second when no one answered to jump on them, "Dont hurt Briana." i said when he was mid-air. He some how moved his body landing only on Harry, "What the fuck." he said in pain, "Your a bastard." harry smiled to Louis, Briana woke up, "Briana," i said as Louis was about to Kiss Harry. Louis jumped off Harry, "twats." i mumbled, I picked up Briana walking down stairs, "Hows your tummy." i asked, "Im gonna have a scar arent i." She frowned, "Yesa." i said I set her down on the couch wrapping her in a blanket cuddling up.

         I woke up next to Briana i turned and was in, Harrys arms? i pushed him away, i heard him fall to the ground, i walked in the kitchen, everyone was up, i kept to myself, soon harry came in, "Why  did you do that." He asked in his morning voice, He came up to me kissing my cheek "Dont harry, dont even start. You know why." I said a little harshly, "Woaah what did we miss last night." Zayn asked, "Nothing." I said getting the toast out of the toaster, I turned up to get nutella from the cabinetry. I spread it on, and turned around and jumped up on the counter corner, "You can feel the tension." Niall grabbed air. "Yhea. You can." Harry laughed, I looked at the clock, 10am, okay. bri wont wake up for another 2 hours, enough to make breakfast, "Louis will you get bacon and eggs out." i asked, "But your eating toast." he said slowly, "Yhea, i know. get it out." He was right next to the fridge so he just turned and tossed it to me, I threw the bacon to the stove, and grabbed a bowl from above me "Uhm can someone get the sausage." i asked, Harry wrapped one arm around me and set the sausage down with the other. I pushed him back, "Geez." he heard., "After last night, Yhea, im gonna be a dick to you." i whispered in his ear. He kissed my cheek, "whatever doll." He smiled, i cringed, "Dont call me that." i said loud for everyone to here, He backed up throwing his arms up, "Doll." I turned around to face him. I hate that word, Ben called me doll. Harry smirked, "Harry just stop obviously its a sensitive thing." Niall said, he completely ignored him, "Whats the matter.. Doll."  I walked off into the other room, if i would of stayed in there urrgg, i dont even know what id have done to him, i paced around in the living room taking deep breathes holding in tears.

    I opened the door and sat on the front steps, tears streamed faster, i looked up and the guy across the street stood in front of me, he was only 2 years older then me. He sat down, "Wheres Ben?" he asked, "We broke up." I said wiping my tears, he wrapped his arm around my neck, "im sorry." me and him were really close, ben would get jealous sometimes when he would come home and me and Nate would be sitting inside talking. "Why are you crying?" "Harry, Brianas dad, is back with the band, and he keeps calling me doll and Ben called me doll and yhea." i wiped the last tear sniffling, "Did you walk away instead of rampaging." he smiled, i let out a laugh, "Yea, i didnt wanna wake Briana."  "Oh god remember the time you threw a doll at ben for calling you a dick licker." I rested my head on his chest, "dont bring it up." i laughed, he always knows how to make me smile. "Wanna come over later and get away from them, you can bring Bri." he asked, "Yhea, haven't done that in a while." He smile, He stood up taking my hand pulling me up, "thanks." i hugged him, He just smiled, "Ill walk you in." he said opening the door, he let go of my hand when he seen the boys running and jumping on the couches., i just rolled my eyes. "You must be Harry," he said looking at him, "Brianas dad. heard lots about you." "Kenzie told you." he asked, "No the news." he smiled with sarcasm. I couldn't help but laugh, "I'll go, Ill see you later," he said patting my back, "okay." i closed the door, "are you serious why are you guys so immature, could you have made it any more noticeable." i yelled at them, "and Liam, that coming from you."

      i shook my head, walking in the kitchen, i started making breakfast, "kenzie im sorry." I heard Harry whisper, "i dont wanna hear it harry, " "Im sorry for last night as well." " no harry having sex with me then breaking up with some other girl 2 hours later, thats not right harry." i yelled from the others in the next room to hear, "Im sorry i said." he yelled, "apology not accepted." i held my teeth together, he stood there while i finished up setting the table, "you can leave now." i smiled with hate, he blew out more air and pushed the door open slamming it.

   I sat on my bed staring at Bri before picking her up, "time for breakfast." i said setting her on her feet. I held her hand walking down the stairs. "Breakfast is ready." i said coldly passing everyone, I set briana in a chair, sitting next to her. The boys piled in, I ignored harry 100%, Louis and Niall tried starting a convo but it would just end moments after, Briana set back meaning she is done, i took both our plates setting them in the sink, i went in the bathroom taking a long shower just standing, i turned the water off wrapping myself in a towel, i opened the door running in my room closing the door, i dropped the towel getting in the clothes i laid out, leggings and a black shirt and a cardigan, i put on my vans, i towel dried my hair and put on make up, i walked down stairs grabbing my phone, "Briana im going over to Nates, wanna come." i asked sitting in front of her, "I wanna stay with dad." i kissed her cheek, "im across the street if you guys need anything or text me, give her,her meds at 3, and she needs a snack before it. " i waved at bri and she gave me a cheesy smile, i crossed the street knocking on Nates door, he opened in basketball shorts and no top, as always.

   "Uhmm, how about, perks of being a wallflower" i said getting off my knees handing Nate the movie, "Yhea, okay." he said, i put the movie in and sat up by him, "its 250 you should call Harry and tell him to give the meds to Bri." Nate reminded, I checked my phone, "8 missed calls 3 texts. Harry harry zayn liam Niall Niall Louis Louis, and texts Harry Louis and Zayn." i said, I called them back

"Hey whats up," i said to Louis.

"Brianas wound reopened." he stuttered. 


"we were playing tag and Niall tagged her and she fell and yhea." he said slowly, 
"Nate can you drive me to the hospital." i asked calmly. "Yhea." "Ill see you soon Louis." i hung up. "What happened," "They were playing tag and Bri fell and her thing opened," I answered slamming the car door.

    I opened the door to the room, Harry was pacing the floor and Niall sat in hugging his knees, "Niall." I yelled, he stood up. "You pushed her." i asked in a yell. "I guess." I walked up to him slapping his cheek. "Where is she." i asked with anger. "Kenz, calm down," nate said, "NO, Where is she." "Surgery." Zayn answered. "Your soo lucky im not in the mood to fight, id have your ass dead." i whispered to Niall. I sat down in a chair, "You dont have to stay." i told Nate, "naah, i wanna." he smiled, which made me smile, I leaned in the chair, "When did she go in," i asked, "About an hour ago." harry mumbled.

     The doctor came in, "You must be Brianas mom" he smiled,  "doctor Hern, so Briana had a surgery today, i got the piece of wood out of-" "WOOD?" i asked in a yell. "uh, she fell on the fireplace." Niall mumbled, I held my hands to my head, "Continue" i said,  "im so sorry but-" "No." i said building tears, "Briana Did not make it. The wood punctured her lung, we had no chance in saving her." he finished, i couldn't see threw the tears in my eyes, "Briana is in a room. If you'd like to see her." He stood up. "When your ready we can find me." he walked out, he shut the door, Niall sat hugging his knees, i rested my elbows on my knees, "Can i have a word with Kenzie." i heard Niall whisper, everyone stood up and left, "kenz, im so-" "DONT YOU EVEN DARE FINISH THAT SENTENCE.  YOU KILLED MY DAUGHTER." I yelled punching his chest, He grabbed my hands pulling me into a hug, "you killed Bri." i cried,  he held me from punching him, i cried in his chest which felt like hours.

Nialls POV

    The boys came back in, "Nate left." Louis mumbled, "Is she sleeping." Harry asked, I nodded, i was holding Kenzies wrist from hitting me, she was cuddled up in my chest, "i cant believe YOU did this." Liam said, "Please dont, as if i dont feel bad enough, i killed Briana, the most adorable girl ever, and she is gone, please, i know what i did and i will probably guilt myself forever, so please dont." i whispered.. All i could picture was Briana landing in the fire pit standing up holding the dagger in her chest. I shook the picture out opening my eyes, the door opened, and the doctor came in, "Briana is getting ready to be shipped. Does anyone wanna see her." I sat up causing Kenzie to also, "cmon, lets go see Briana." I whispered, She nodded standing up Harry took her side leaving me, We followed a long ways behind Harry and Briana. They went in a room, we arrived, i stood there holding the handle. "You okay." Liam asked, i nodded walking in. I walked in to Kenzie laying with Briana crying, We all stood in silence, "If you guys wanna say a prayer we can." the doctor said, after that i tuned out. All i could picture was Briana. 

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