Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


15. finally



  I sat in the airport with Gemma, the last couple days were the best im gonna miss having her around, "FLIGHT 186 READY FOR BOARDING." Gemma stood up, "Im gonna miss you." i stood up giving her a hug. "Call me when you land." i whispered in her ear. She nodded. she let a tear fall "I love you." she yelled waving back to me. "I LOVE YOU TOO." i yelled back as her small body left my sight. Its weird how you can fall in love with someone in a short amount of time. Getting out of the airport was a mess, Teenage girls and boys bombed me, Paps took several pictures blinding me. I finally got help from workers and they guided me to my car . 

    * 4  Days Later*


"mom." i asked, "Yes." "Im going to Erics." i said turning the tv off, "who is eric." "Erica mom." i said getting a tad annoyed as she knows i call her eric. Erica was my middle school high school best friend, i haven't seen since my first college at Baker. I kissed moms cheek goodbye grabbing my phone and purse heading out the door.

    I knocked on the door and Erica opened up, She looked so different, She had snakebites her hair was white with cotton candy pink and wore a Jack Daniels mussel tee with leggings and combat boots, heavy makeup and lots of bracelets. I was kinda shocked as she was the popular girly girl in school. "What did you do. You look amazing." i smiled hugging her, "Change." she laughed. The New Erica fit her perfectly, she really did look good. She let me in and took my stuff and put it in her room, "You here alone." i asked. "yes, Mom moved out so im her with my boyfriend Chris. But he is outta town till tomorrow." She smiled. "Urgg i need to move out but, i get free money food clothes. Im spoiled." i smiled. "Yes you haven't changed a bit" I smiled. "I heard your with 1D." i laughed, "Noo, I am done with those fags."  She laughed, "ive never liked them..So chessy," i laughed at her, and nodded, "So i was thinking, we could just go out an eat, I dont feel like cooking." i smiled. "Okay."

  "Yhea so she just came up to be a started yelling about high school, COOLEST thing." Eric laughed, as she told me her encounter with Brittney from school. "OMH remember that one day where you split your coke on her when she made fun of Courtney." She started laughing, "Ohh God, that day was the best for me, suspended and my mom was proud." she smiled sipping her coke. The bill came and we split it half, I drove back to her house.

      My phone went off during the last song, Gemma, "i have to take this you can keep the movie going." i said walking outside.

"GEMMA, you never called when you landed." 


"Oh, hi harry.." i said harshly.  "Wheres Gemma?"

"Sleeping.She wouldnt let me use her phone."

"Why dont you use yours." i spat into the phone

"You wouldn't ans-"

"NO SHIT I WOULDN'T ANSWER, CARLY OR WHOEVER THE FUCK SHE IS AND YOU CAN KEEP HAVING SEX GET HER PREGNANT AND HAVE HERS, CAUSE IM DONE, IM GETING AN ABORTION." my voice started cracking my throat was killer painful "and to think, i trusted you." My voice sounded so different. i was crying, but i couldn't talk. "bye harry."

"KENZIE WAI-" i hung up. I sat outside thinking of how this baby is going to die. and soon, im a murderer. I cant give this baby up but i can, or adoption. "ADOPTION" I called Harry back on Gemmas phone, "Harry i know what we can do."

"Kenzie its Zayn.." Even better, i thought sarcastically.

"Wheres Harry," i spat. 


"Adoption. We can do Adoption." i sighed through the pain of talking.

"Uhm, Your voice."

"NO SHIT ITS FRom yelling at you," I said as my voice gave out.

"Uhm, okay." he said.




"Will you come out here,"

Harrys POV

  "Will you come out here." i asked, Everyone stopped what they were doing at looked at me.

"Harry." Zayn said, I looked at him. 

"I dont know harry. i hate you." she came out and said that, I sighed at the response 

"Kenzie please. I miss you." i said walking out of the room. 

"uhmm, ill try." she whispered in the phone. She hung up after that. i walked out and put Gemmas phone back where it was. "what did she say." Zayn asked. "She'll try." i said throwing myself on the couch. "Harry," Louis cooed. I looked up and he stood in the hall pointing to talk. I stood up and walked to him "Im i just a toy to you, when you get board you throw me down and go to someone else." he whispered . "What do you mean." "I mean Cara,, Kenzie.. who is next, cause it sure aint me." he sighed. "Ive dealt with this for long enough, and i just cant take it harry Do you love me or Kenzie?" i looked at him. "Are you jealous." "What i thought." He said walking back to the group. "LOUIS. PLEASE." He stopped in the door way. The promise ring i gave him was pushed off his finger falling to the ground, He walked out of the house. Everyone looked at me as i stood looking at the door... I finally ran after him grabbing the ring. I seen his tiny body walking across the road I ran to him going around cars and other people./ I grabbed his wrist pulling his body to me, I let go grabbing his jaw softly pulling him closer to me, Our lips met and i didn't care if anyone saw.... I pulled apart, "Anything." i asked. He pulled me into a hug, and Paps came running. "Sorry harry. i love you." He said gliding away from paps.

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