Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


39. fights to leavee

Kenzies POV

   I stood in compete shock, i felt and arm around me and a pull it was Zayn,, I pulled away,, he stood  by my side. "d-dad." i asked, he pulled me in a hug. "good to see you kid." Zayn pulled me off him, all i could do was stand in shock, Harry wrapped a arm around my waist, i looked at Zayn then back at my dad, he guided his arm to the seat and sat, i sat down across,. Im looking at my dad that i thought was dad for years, harry sat next to me and Zayn had no choice but to sit by my dad. "Um how are you." my dad asked, i reached over the table forcing my hand in his cheek, and sat back down, They all sat in shock for a second even my dad. "Kenzie." Harry said, "i deserve it.. How have you been Kenzie." My dad asked again, i turned my whole body sitting the wrong way on the booth facing Harry, i looked at my dad, "Yaa know, good," i smiled. He nodded, "you?" "Uhm not doing much." "why,,,, in hiding?" i asked, Zayn smirked to himself. "no im actually married, i have one little boy names Jace, i live in Italy and im perfectly good." he said, the little devil on my shoulder was telling me to jump across this table and slam his face into the brick wall next to us, buy the angel said not to, to discuss it.. Withen seconds my hand was across his cheek again leaving a red hand print. "Kenzie stop." Harry whispered, i jumped over his lap walking out, i basically ran corners back to the bus, it felt like hours till i jumped in slamming the door on accident.

   They all were sitting there looking at me, with tears falling off my face my eyes were puffy and i didnt wanna even look in a mirror, "What did Harry do." Louis asked, i ignored him, "Did harry do this." Niall asked, i shook my head snuggling up to Liam trying to hide my sobs, I heard Zayns voice, "Kenzie, he wants to talk to you." "whos he?" Liam asked, "uhh, just someone." i looked over at Zayn. "He wants to just say bye first." Zayn whispered, i nodded standing up, i seen him standing out the door, Zayn nodded walking in with Harry, "im going back to Italy." he said, i nodded staying back from him, "how is your mom." "she is fine." i wont tell him about how Lyric shot her. "I guess ill see you soon." "why did you leave." i blurted, he turned back, "So Lyric wouldnt find you." "he found us though, he found us and now he is everywhere." i whispered, "i know that, but your strong, and you have Zayn." "He raped me and eleanor." i said holding in tears. "i know." he frowned, "you sicken me." i spat. "how so." "you stand there,, i know.." i mocked, "like do you even give a shit." i asked, "i do kenzie. just you have to understand, if he finds ME, im dead." "its always been about you huh, when mom was laying on the ground that one night WHO HELPED HER., WHO CALLED THE COPS and who was drunk? who was out partying who was high on meth and god knows what, who, saved her live," i asked throwing my arms around, "i was so close to committing suicide because Lyric is everywhere, while you stood feet away watching lyric everyday, watching me suffer then marrying and having a baby, does your wife know about your double life aye? I bet she doesn't.. and when mom was in the hospital and i was so close to be put up for adoption who was there to tell them, that my mom is the best mom ever.? THE FUCKING NIEBORS.. While you were out doing god knows what." i said holding back the tears, he opened his mouth but nothing came out, "so go fly back to fucking wife and son while im here struggling with everything, " i shouted, "LEAVE." i shouted. Harry came out grabbing my wrist, i pulled back, running at my dad, "while i was taking care of mom you were acting like a little bitch." i pushed him back, "while kids went to see movies, i had to stay home with mom because you were drunk and high." i pushed again, i could feel Harry watching, "while i was stuck growing up i had to give my life up because you beat her." i pushed again, "LEAVE." i pushed again. "leave." i heard Harry whisper as he took me bridal style.

  I wrapped my fists in his shirt as i heard to door open,, "is she okay." i heard louis ask, I pushed my head farther in his chest, "no." Harry gave a short answer, he set me in his bunk, "ill be right back, i took the pillow snuggling up to it, it smelt like harry, and no matter how mad i was at him, i cant right now,. harry came back with out a shirt and in basketball shorts he handed me a pair of his pajama pants and his shirt he climbed up undressing me. he pushed his shirt over my head, then his pants on my legs, he layed me back down and cuddled up with me, "wanna talk," he whispered, i nodded, "but with Zayn." i whispered, he nodded climbing out, minutes passed and Zayn was sitting oppiste side of me, "i should have listened to you." i whispered, "i know." he answered. i moved down next to him,. "should i be forgiving harry?" i whispered, he shook his head, "i wouldn't." "did you guys hear what i said to my dad?" he slowly nodded, "loud,, and clear." "he deserved it though," "how long have you known him." "it was the day, of the uhm, when the guyss, uhm,, " i stopped him. "yhea that day. go on," "well i was smoking with my friend and he just like bought some weed from me and we became friends, not best friends more like business friends." i nodded, "since then we got closer and he told me about you and your mom, and how people.. Lyric is gonna try and get you both. and i told him id look after you.." i nodded, "i was supposed to be in harrys spot, we were supposed to fall in love, he forced me to though, but you like Harry and its fine because im still watching over you." he wrapped an arm around my neck, "im sorry... it didnt go out in your favor.." "eh, its fine. But then when i heard he beat your mom the day after he did it i told him im done looking out after you both if he is gonna do this.." "then he left." i finished, "yep, but he called me begging because Lyric found you, i sorta fell in love with you, we haven't talked and you never even seen me but i wanted you to see me.. looking at you, and you would walk over and say hi and we would fall in love.. anyway,, i said yes only because of you, then  louis said he is meeting up with you, and wanted us to come, i was so lost because i wouldnt be able to see you, but when i seen you get out of the car feet away.." he stopped with a big smile, "when we came over and i had to act like nothing was wrong with me and talk like we just met... oh boy.,." he smiled again, "and here we are now." he finally looked at me. "zayn i." i stopped, i had no words to say, "i know your speechless." he smiled even bigger, "remember when you went to the corner store and someone pushed over one of the selves." he asked. i nodded, "it was me, so i could see your face."  he smiled looking at his free hand, "remember the time someone threw a pebble at your window when you were changing." i nodded, "it was me." i looked at him almost shocked, well i am shocked, "you pervert." i said moving away, "he i couldnt help it," he smiled, "your sick." i smiled, "you seen me naked." i laughed, "you didnt know harry though." he smiled,  climbed out laughing. "i was so young." he smiled grabbing my arm, "your still sick," i laughed, "cant blame a guy for trying." "how old were you." i asked, "uhmm, maybe 17." he smiled, "that was illegal." i said pushing him away playfully, "so, like i said cant blame a guy for trying." he pulled me close to him, so close i could hear his heart beating, "but do you remember when you were dating blake, and you got a letter saying he is cheating on you." i pulled away, "zayn." "it was me." he said, "zayn, i-" "please dont say anything." he pulled me to him again, "zayn i- i loved blake." i pushed him away again, "and you lied." i finished, "no, he really was cheating on you but they broke up 2 weeks in your thing together." he whispered in my neck, "so that doesn't mean anything, i knew he had a girlfriend and they broke up even before me." i said a little loud, "no he lied Kenzie." his voice was so calm., "i-i cant believe you." i raised my voice, "shh kenzie." he smiled, "zayn stop," i pushed him off me. i walked past him, but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me in his chest, "remember-" "ZAYN I DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU DID. LEAVE ME ALONE." I yelled, he let go, at the sigh of harry, "your a sick bastard," i whispered, a smile grew on his face. "remember when you where swimming with Blake and-" i knew what he was gonna say.. i smacked him in the cheek, "i hate you." i yelled, "i hate you, i never wanna see you again." i yelled as Harry pulled me away, "kenzie. what did he do?" i shook my head, Zayn appeared next to me, "i didnt finish,.. Blake was getting out and he 'slipped' and broke his neck...." i slipped down the wall, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT." Harry yelled., "i put the oil there,. it was all me." Zayn smiled. "i hate you." i whispered, holding in tears, "you killed him." i whispered shoving him away, Harry just stood there, "your the reason im not with him." "you would have broken up anyway." i am now on my feet. i didnt know i was crying till Zayn wiped them away, "i did it for us." "Your sick." Harry pulled me in his chest, "what is going on." Niall asked we were all in the same room now. "tell them Zayn, how you would see me naked and kill all my boyfriends." Harry let go pushing Zayn back, "come on, it was before you even knew her." Zayn pushed him back, "besides, Kenzie,, you have a nice body," Louis pushed back harry and shoved Zayn in a wall. i stepped back, what just happened, "dont you ever talk about her that way, dont ever look at her, dont even talk TO her," Louis slammed a fist in his cheek, "come on, no one even knew her." "I DID." louis yelled punching him again, Harry took louis arm and pulled him back, "cmon that all you got." Louis went to lunge, i grabbed his shirt pulling him in a tight hug, no matter how mad i am, he is right i did know Louis. "Louis stop." i whispered, "she is tearing us apart." Zayn said, "dont say that." Louis yelled, "Look at us, we always got along then she comes in and we fight and fight and fight." Zayn yells back, i hide my face the other way, "and here she is holding on to Louis other then her boyfriend." Zayn smiles, i hide my face even more. "you need to leave." Liam points to Zayn, "and go where. we are leaving in 10 minutes." he raises his hands.

   My phone stops the fight,

"hello." i sniff.

"kenzie.. are you okay,"

"im fine." i answer derek.

"i just wanted to make sure your okay,, we haven't talked in a while."

"yhea i know," "is that your other boyfriend." Zayn asked, Louis pulled from my grip pouncing at Zayn, "Louis stop," i cried, 


"i have to go." i hung up. Harry pushed them away, i put my hands in the air and walked in the bunk area, i climbed to nialls top bunk, i screamed out. i couldnt help it. "blake." i whispered in short sobs, "cmon.," i hear. i turn around in the bed and Louis is standing there, "We are going to a hotel.." i nod, he picks me up bridal shower till im on my feet outside.

"I need my clothes.." i say frantically moving my fingers, he lifted up his hand holding my suitcase, i nodded, "uh, the closest hotel." louis said to the taxi driver, i couldnt help but cuddle up to louis. "are you okay." he asked, "no." i answer..





sorry late update not on much any moree:(


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