Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


23. fighting with kites

Kenzies POV

  I scattered around the hotel mumbling cuss words, Louis came in, "WHERES BRIANA." i yelled he questioned for a second then dialed Niall, "Are you shure." he asked, his face went blank and hung up, "he said he is with Liam and Zayn and they dont have her." The tears streamed faster, "harry doesn't have her either." i said falling to the floor. Louis bent down to my size, "Babe, Shh, When did you see her last," "Right b-before, i-i Fell asleep.'' i stuttered.. "And when you woke. She was gone." i nodded, "Oh my god Kenzie," he said standing up pacing the floor, I hugged my knees and Harry came through the door with a cheeky smile. i looked up at him as he stared at Louis pacing the floor. He looked at me, "Whats wrong," he asked banding to me. "WHERE IS YOUR CHILD." Louis screamed at him, Harry looked at Louis then at me, "You dont have her." he said keeping calm, He stood up, "W-Wh-What about Niall Zayn or Liam." he stuttered, i shook my head hugging my knees tighter at this thought, "Uhm - Call the police." Louis rolled his eyes and Harry, "Dont give me that look," harry defended himself, "Ill look at you anyway i want you dirty cunt." louis said back , "Oh really, dirty cunt.. SAYS THE ONE SHOVING HIS TONGUE DOWN A BEARD." I started sobbing as they yelled stupidness back and forth. I slowly stood up pushing Harry back, "MY CHILD IS MISSING. AND YOU TWO CANT EVEN THINK WITHOUT YELLING."i yelled aggressively punching Harry in the chest, Harry grabbed my fist, "and we arent gonna find her unless you calm the fuck down." he said in an evil tone. "Did you really." Louis said calmy pulling me away "Why do you care." Harry said pushing Louis out of his face, Louis came back with a fight, giving one punch to harry in the jaw. "LOUIS." i yelled I pushed him away, Harry came back going for Louis but missed and punched my in the gut. I let out a squeal before falling to the ground holding my stomach. Everyone went quiet. "kenzie,." louis whispered falling to me. i groaned at my pain. "Your such a dick." Louis yelled to harry, "GET OUT ." he yelled again, "kenzie." harry whispered, I stared at him not saying a word, he kneed down to me. " im sorry, i didnt mea-" "GET OUT." louis yelled again. 

  but i didnt care if harry was by me anymore, all i wanted was Briana, i dont care for the pain in my gut i just want briana safe. Briana ran through my head , louis and harry yelled at eachother again but i just layed there thinking of Briana, where she could be, if she is safe, i slowly regained myself and balanced on my feet again. I slowly grabbed my jacket and slammed the door, it was opened again and Louis and Harry followed me, "You both can stay and yell but im done with both of you, I'll look for her myself." i said without looking back. I felt a tug on my wrist and turned around by force Louis had my hand while harry stared at us. "We know who has her." Louis whispered, "Lyric, i know."  




short chapter.. sorrrry, i broke my thumb and my whole right arm is casted, its harder theen  youd think to only have one thumb, i cant even eat with a fork or spoon in my left with out dropping it..


ill post as much as i can with my one hand, ilysm 

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