Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


19. Fight and Gates

Zayns POV

   We sat at in outdoor cafe' it took a second for her to say anything,, "So You know my dad." she whispered. "Urmm, yes." "How." I took her hand. "First....." i looked up and back at Kenzie. "What are we. Why do you keep kissing me." i asked. "Zayn,, Your soo stupid." she smiled. I shot a confused look. "I like you." she said looking down at her free hand, I seen her cheeks getting more pink. "Oh," i smiled I lifted her chin, "So,, My dad?" she asked. I took a big breath, "Your dad a few years back crashed his car into my mum, he killed my baby cousin, she was about 10 months, I was in the car and he came to my mums side tried helping her out and she said get me, and he did and you could smell the beer and mary jane from miles away,, it wasn't that bad but my cousin was already weak. After that night he kept showing up everywhere we were, and i remember .. It was 7 years back and he was in the house threw a broken window,, he got my sister and.." i stopped at the thought. "That man is connected with your father and he wants you dead Kenzie." I looked up at her and she was just sitting. "mm." she said thinking, "Why." "because, he said when you were a little girl you threw a vase at him,, stupid but he also said you became very "Evil" to him and he was drunk when he said all this." "So people are out to get me." I nodded, "What do we do, we have to call the cops." "Kenzie, Calm down, the cops know and are on it just we dont know who is out for you. Thats why i didn't want you out here they know you are with us and they dont know where you live so i wanted you to stay there." "This sounds so chessy." "Yes but Kenzie, Chessy could kill you." she nodded slowly. "So please dont talk to anyone who looks unofficial or you just think you cant trust." she nodded again, she took a sip of her coffee and i took a sip of my tea. "Kenzie." she looked up mm. she hummed, "You like me,, but your having a baby with Harry.. " she nodded, "Yes, soo." "Nevermind." i said, "Zaynn C'mon ." "I like you.. You likee mee,.." i said nodding, "yeaa," "God your annoying, Will you go on a date with me." i said smiling., "What about,, that baby." she asked, "and the fans./"  "oh yea. Soo." i smiled. "yes.." she laughed, "btw, You look gorgeous." "Sht it Malik,, "

  We walked up to our hotel and i guided her in my hotel room, the boys were still up, "Its 4 am shouldn't you b asleep." Kenzie asked them "Shouldn't you be in your own room." Harry said giving her a hug, "Hey, Uhm You should ask Erica out on a date." I said. "Why." "Kenzie told me so you dont have to be dumb." "What about Kenzie,, she needs me for the baby." I looked over at her laughing with the others "She will be okay." i smiled. "Oh my god,, you have a thing for Kenzie." he gasped. "She knows. so dont bother." i said biting my lip, I walked over to them and told Kenzie id walk her back. She nodded and stood up, as i closed the door i took her hand "Should i worry." she asked me. "No, Im here." i smiled kissing her cheek. "But what if i leave and im killed on the plane." "Ill fly with you." "You cant miss the tour." "Stay for the tour." "Your the best you know." i gave her a cheeky smile. "Zayn." she asked holding the back of her neck and stopped walking, "Yea." "What if  something does happen though, I mean, My life is just starting, and it could be over before ive lived." "Kenzie, Ill protect you." "What if you cant." " I will." "Zayn your a bubblegum boyband,." I started laughing, "Zayn," "Ill stay with you tonight then and show you i aint no bubblegum." i said kissing her nose. We started walking again, A few girls were in the hall so Zayn let go off me,

    "Your Zayn." one said, "Yes, and you." "Gabbi and Hayley" the girls said, "Can we get a picture," We smiled and took probably 10 pictures funny and serious. I kept looking at Kenzie and she was smiling at me, "Bye." they said, I gave them one last hug and walked with Kenzie, You could hear them screaming down the hall,

   She opened the door with her key,  "You dont have to stay." she said holding the door fringe, "Yes i do." i said pulling her in while kissing her neck,  I dropped her on her bed falling beside her, "I sleep in my boxers if you dont mind," i said stripping, "Not at all." she smiled pulling me back down i fell on top of her small petite body she started kissing my neck up and down, "Zayn?" she asked, i looked at her "Nevermind." she smiled reassuring me. i smiled down at her, I rolled her over and began kissing her jaw line, There was a small knock on the door, I sighed and rolled off her giving her one last kiss, I put on my shorts and opened the door, "Zayn. Come with us." "who are you." i whispered not to alarm Kenzie, "Hotel manger, " "Uhm can i get a shirt, " i asked She nodded, i closed the door, "Kenzie, its the manger and she wants to talk to me,." "Are you sure." she said getting up, "Ill be fine, its a girl>" i smiled. I put on a shirt and opened it again, I stepped out and we began walking, "So earlier this evening a camera spotting YOU beating a man," "Did you watch it really cause he touched a girl." "I wasnt finished,,, anyway," she stopped at my room, opening the door, "You are under hotel arrest." I began laughing, she gave me a evil glare, "YOUR SERIOUS." i laughed harder,  "okay if you dont mind, " i said closing the door, "Whats up mate." Liam asked concerned. "Nothing," i looked threw the peep hole and she was gone.

   I slowly opened the door and walked back to Kenzie, I knocked on it and Kenzie opened it, "What happened?" "Nothing dont worry, we should sleep its 4 30." i said, she smiled i undressed and layed down, Kenzie didn't say much after that, she knew i was hiding something, and that i knew she wasn't the mangers, "You mad at me." i whispered. She turned to me and nodded, "Why wont you tell me. " "You dont need to know. You cant know." i said she turned back around, i sat up "She isn't the manger, she is one of the people your dad talks too." i said, "k." she whispered harshly "I told you, so stop being mad," i said getting tense. "I Cant just forget it. i cant snap back to happy in 2. 3 seconds." i snapped, "Im sorry.. " "Okaay.," she said in the tone.. I layed down and closed me eyes, 

    I woke up and Kenzie was gone.. I walked around the room "ERICA,... Kenziieee." i called, I got dressed and ran to my room, Kenzie and Erica sat with the boys watching the news, Kenzi shot me a glare and walked past me getting a drink, and as she passed i grabbed her wrist making her drop her water, "Damn it Zayn." she said, "Its fine, " everyone looked at us, I pulled her in the bathroom, "Stop it." i said, "Stop what. Your the lieing piece of shit." she whispered in hate, "Still mad,?'' "Duuh," she sat on the counter top. "I could of dyed if i opened the door," she said, "I knnow." "ZAYN THATS WHY IM MAD." She yelled.  "SHH, Im sorry, But thats why i wanted to stay," "SO YOU KNEW." she said in the same tone, "Kenzie, Please stop yelling, and Yes, i knew,I know everyone thats talking to him and where they are." "Im done." she said walking out, "Erica, We need to go know." Kenzie said, "Go where." "The doctor.. im pregnant. You know this.." she stabbed a glare They both left at that, I sat down on the single seat and held my head in my hands. "Whats up with you two.?" Louis asked, "Nothing." i said, Harry looked at me funny, "We are fine okay Harry," "Zayn, whats going onn,." Louis asked, "OMG! i knew her dad from 7 years ago and he is hiring people to get her so he can torture her." i yelled  standing up, " and one tried last night and thats why i stayed with her." Louis and Harry stood up. "WHAT," They said at the same time, "Hush it louis, you dont even care for her,, since she got her you dont even care." I  said. "HOW CAN I BE FINE WHEN HARRY HAS HER PREGNANT." we all went silent, "whats going on." Liam asked, 

   After i told them the whole story i made them promise they will protect her, "This is Lyric he is the main guy, he is the only one who can kill, so make sure if you see him you get her away." i said pointing to pictures. "Angie, She is the actor, she can get you to believe anything to get Kenzie in her reach for Lyric, they are a couple. This is Helen and Frank they are master in costumes. Angie is Kenzies Aunt from her dads side, Lyric is her uncle, Kenzie knows him from one memory  last year, so he is fresh in her brain." "What did he do." "nothing big stole her phone." i answered Nialls question. 

  Erica came in our room, "Kenzie said she is going for a walk." I looked at the boys "Where to.,," Niall asked, "Im calling her," Louis said, "Ill go look" Harry said running out, I stood still thinking, "She is walking to the outside cafe." Erica said a bit scared. I ran out of the hotel knowing where to go, "Have you seen a girl about nay tall. teal hair snakebites." i asked a woman, She turned around, "what," "never mind," i ran in the cafe' "zayn MALIK." "Not now, im sorry i love you all."  i said looking around, "MCKENZIE." i heard i ran out and seen Harry, "HARRY." i called, and followed, He turned down a alley, "KENZIE, are you okay." i asked she turned to me, "Yes why." "God your stupid." Harry said, "WHAT." "Come on." i said taking her hand. As we turned the ally way i seen him, "Harrryy." i whispered,, "i see it.," he said, "Kenzie lets go this way," harry said turning around, "Excuse me." I heard, "its him, lyric." i said, "who." Kenzie asked, "Excuse me." I turned around to see the tatted man he was bald and his eyes stuck to you. "Yea." harry asked, I held Kenzies hand tighter and tighter, "Do you know a good hotel." he asked, "Yea Uhm Palm woods," Kenzie said, I pulled her arm a bit. "Kenz dont give him false info, That hotel is the worst we stayed there last year,, I think Green Bay, is my fav, we are staying there," harry said, "thanks." he said, "stupid cunt." i mumbled. He turned to face me, "Zayn... good to see you," "Harry mind taking Kenz and buy a Coffee." Harry did, 

Kenzies POV

  Harry took my hand and pulled me in the cafe' "WHO IS HE." I yelled causing a scene, "Shhhut up. He is Lyric on of them." He said, What what did he mean them.. The guy that wants me, "He looks so.." "familiar" Harry said finishing my sentence, "He stole your phone last year," he said paying for my pop. "How-w did you know." "Doesn't matter, Just stay here." He walked out I sat at a little table and sipped my coke and took small bites of my sandwich. i looked out the window and Zayn was yelling at that guy... whats his name... "LYRIC." i said out loud, "oopps." harry looked in shock zayn went to turn around and Lyric said one thing i didnt know, Zayn turned around and blasted him fist to face, Harry ran in grabbed my wrist, "Go to the hotel NOW."  "NO. WH IS HAPPENING." i yelled, I fought harry to get to zayn, Zayn was on the ground while Lyric kicked and punched, "ZAAAYYYNNN." i yelled, "harrY LET GO." i said jabbing my knee into his gut, He fell to the ground "Soorry haz." i said I ran out to Zayn Lyric ran off when cops came He wasnt badly hurt just a busted lip, "Zayn your so stupid, why.. what.. Fuck . the fans zayn did you think of them." i babbled to him as he sat against the cop car "Shut up would you, im thinking." "excuse me. Here's something new to think about, that little date we planned,,, its off." he nodded slowly. "Hey dick face, did you hear me." "what do you want, " he said calm, i let out a loud painful groan, "Zayn." i said, "WHAT." i grabbed my stomach, "harry." i whispered. i looked down at the puddle of water beneath me, "Harryy." i groaned louder, "what" zayn asked, "My water," I whispered. Zayn snapped back to reality. "HARRYY." he yelled taking my hand, harry was by my side dropping the waffle. "oh my god. we need to go to a hospital." a cop said, he sat my in the passenger of the cop car and harry and zayn got in the back, "How far are you." zayn asked, "7 months." I moaned "harry." "yes" he asked getting in my view, "is it to late to ask.. if we can do adoption." i asked. "What,, NO." he almost choked, "Your famous and what just happened" "NO/." they said at the same time. 

   "Let me see." i whined as Harry held Briana May Kaye. It was just me and harry, Ive been in the hospital for 5 days now because Briana is a little sick. "Harryy, Please," "You know you cant hold her." he said, "I dont care it my child.," "Mine too." "GO THREW THE PAIN I WENT THREW AND YOU CAN CALL HER YOURS." i joked. My mom came in and smiled, "My turn." she said taking her, Harry burst out laughing, "I hate you both." i said smiling, My mom loved Harry, she said he is perfect. "What," she asked, "I cant hold her." i whined, "Duuh, she is sick and so are you." she smiled at Briana. I groaned, Louis came in with Niall and Liam, i haven't Zayn since the birth. "Hey babe." Louis said kissing my cheek, My doctor came in with a bright smile. "Hello again, Visitation is over." "WE JUST GOT HERE." they whined, "You know the rules 2 can stay, and Kenzi picks." she said leaving, "im leaving so its easy." mum said kissing my cheek, "love you." i called she said it back and was gone "Louis and Harry." i said, "What a scam." niall said kissing my nose. "Well at least tomorrow we can open the gates an leave," liam said "Ugg i hate hospital, im glad," he gave me a hug and were gone, i couldnt stop thinking. Tomorrow is the day.

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